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TITLE: A Symphony of Miracles Book 2 Chapter 16 Waiting on God 8/9/14
By Richard McCaw

Target audience: High School, College, University students or any honest person battling with the “Existence of God” or “Evolution.” Positive statements are fine, but negative statements pointing out spelling, punctuation errors, and text whose expression seems awkward will be greatly appreciated. The technique used is based upon Jesus technique of storytelling leading to His philosophy, a concept also taught in the book “Writing Creative NonFiction.” By Theodore Cheney. Scripture references are at the back of the book. This section of my writing explores the supernatural and miracles in detail. This is chapter 16 of a book that enumerates the miracles of how God leads His people.
Waiting on God

One day, an angry woman a few cars ahead of mine began chasing another driver. As I watched completely stunned, it was a man who eventually escaped only by swerving in and out of the congested traffic, but not before she had bumped his car several times.

Am I seeing things right? Many of us forget God in the pursuit of material possessions, fame and fortune. However, in the rush for “stuff,” anyone in our way must taste our bitterest anger.

Many on this road are complete misfits. The corporate world underpays them and squeezes every minute of work out of them. Forced to do something they really detest, they become like square pegs in a round hole, completely miserable in an unnatural world! No wonder so many die of cancer and suffer from emotional diseases!

A father, whom I knew, once stopped by a park on his way home. A car screeched to a stop on the road nearby, then reversed and a door slammed shut. Suddenly, his daughter came running towards him into his arms and burst into tears.

“I do overtime without pay!” she cried, “but they want all they can get out of me!” He hugged her tightly to console her! She was doing what most teenagers do after graduating from high school: looking for personal security through a well-paying job.

When I left high school, most of my classmates and even professing believers were being herded along the popular path of widely accepted attitudes governed by the acquisition of a bank account and future security. At that crossroads they were not seeking to discover God’s battle plan for their lives.

At nineteen-and-a-half I had graduated from Wolmers’ Boys’ School in Kingston, Jamaica. Would I copy the popular trend, making the same mistakes as my peers? Or would I await instructions from headquarters in heaven?

Firstly, I thought: my mother had always traveled through rough roads and a very hard life. Sometimes she would quip, “Well, children, this Friday we don’t even have two coins to knock against each other, so we’ll be having air cake and breeze pie for dinner!”

I knew that my mother worked like a slave for a meager salary that seemed like beautiful soap bubbles in the sunlight, but soon disappeared. So, I made one decision: I will not live the rest of my days in frustration, working for someone who can discard me whenever they wish. In fact, I remember her telling me, “Your father always talked of retiring at forty with two helpers and a gardener boy.”

Secondly, I thought: I don’t want to be like the red ants I once saw in an old building that were rushing back and forth across the floor. Many people traveled about both in their home country and overseas, building up their businesses, and seemed successful on the outside, but carried a terrible emptiness on the inside. Such people were always hoping to make it big some day and were chasing after money that could take wings and fly away at any time.

No sir! I made up my mind! I will wait upon God and find out why He had placed me on Planet Earth.

I had often been in a restaurant and observed those who were waiters who, after placing a meal before a customer, would always return to ask: “Is there anything else you wish, sir?” or “Is everything alright?” I knew, that is the attitude of a servant in God’s kingdom.

Isaiah’s declaration was very clear to me: “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” While I waited, God was preparing a wealth of experience for me. “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” I knew God had something special for me.

One day, my best friend, Tony Falloon, told me that he had been accepted to teach in two schools.

“Richard,” he said. “Why don’t you take the job at Excelsior High School, since you are better at Spanish, and I’ll take the job to teach history at Kingston College?”

I agreed and soon found myself arriving at Excelsior High School for the first 8:00 a.m. class in the day school to teach Spanish. A teacher’s life is often exhausting, yet I enjoyed the language and the classroom of children whom God had given me to influence.

What an experience! I mistakenly thought it would be an easy ride. Fifteen and sixteen year olds saw right through my youth and took advantage of my inexperience. I was no match for teens almost my own age in the upper classes, some of whom spoke Spanish more fluently than I. Only my ability to bluff my way through made me escape some difficult moments. I also faced amusing circumstances. One day I entered a classroom and found my caricature drawn on the blackboard, and that I had been nicknamed ‘Senor ‘Mus Mus.’

Through my gift with the language, God was providing for me financially. Waiting on Him made sense!  “Men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen any God besides You, Who acts for the one who waits for Him.” True servants wait upon the Lord.

If you have been observing the sequence of events so far, you may wish to say, “Oh, it was all a coincidence!” But stop for a moment. Every incident, as far as I could see, seemed to be well planned and fitted perfectly into the divine scheme of projects God had established for me to fulfill. It was just like the flower that possessed the pollen prepared especially for the bee to find, so that the sweet tasting nectar could become honey. Everything is the work of a wise Creator!

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