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TITLE: A Symphony of Miracles Chapter 21 Truth under Surface 3/20/14
By Richard McCaw

Target: High School, College, University students and anyone battling with "God's existence or Evolution"
Chapter 21

Truth under Surface

Western medicine is now adopting a new concept: every tree has a root, and every symptom has a cause. A look at the latest discoveries of how negative emotions affect our physical bodies is sure to enlighten us.

One doctor reported, “One of my patients suffered from uncontrollable tinnitus (constant loud ringing in his ears) that was driving him crazy. He had visited many specialists yet in spite of the many medications none were of any help to him. Only when I discovered the root of his problem... rage, anger, a religious judgmental spirit, blame, shame, and guilt...only then could I work with him to release them all, and in this way he was eventually healed.”

Doctors explain that adrenalin is released whenever we feel fear, anxiety, or stress, causing blood vessels to dilate, and making our skin flush. Our breathing becomes rapid and shallow, our muscles tighten, especially around the stomach and shoulder area, and a slight sweat may break out.  Prolonged release of adrenalin can be very damaging to our bodies, suppressing our immune systems, impairing digestion, depleting vital vitamins and minerals, causing pain and stiffness, making our bodies acidic and resulting in inflammation, and draining vitality. 

Pain, fear, grief, disappointment, panic, anxiety, anger, and longing, are powerful emotions that shock our bodies like an electrical charge, leaving scars or lesions along our neural pathways.  This disrupts our bodies’ natural energy flow.

The doctor who looks beyond the symptoms and understands that when God created man, he made him a tripartite being, with spirit, soul, and body, will find the root causes of sickness and disease.
Many a young person feels emotionally distressed when parents begin going their separate ways. One young man, who sometimes visited the fellowship meetings at school, overheard his parents discussing separation and divorce. When we returned to school the following Monday morning, we heard that Sharpe had blown out his brains.

Others seeking for love and attention find themselves trapped in cults that demand complete loyalty and separation from their family and past relationships. A few are rescued, but many become victims of abuse and a destructive lifestyle.

Others become rebellious against home, church, and society, and give themselves over to drugs and prostitution. Sadly, many become lost in the struggle of modern striving for achievement and the recognition of others. Many find themselves on the streets, frustrated, forsaken, seeking for a way out, and the only way out is to join the homeless. Some stand by the wayside with a placard that reads, “Will work for food!”

The account of Absalom in the Bible demonstrates the tragedy of rebellion. Always wanting his father’s love and attention, he harbored a spirit of rebellion against his father and sought the fame and glory of being king over Israel. Eventually, he began talking kindly to the people and promising that if he were a judge in Israel, everybody’s case would be judged fairly.

When Absalom saw that men were willing to follow him, he sent spies throughout all the tribes of Israel, saying, “As soon as you hear the sound of the trumpet, then you shall say, ‘Absalom reigns in Hebron!’”

Hearing that Absalom was seeking to usurp the throne, David had to flee with his family and his servants, and a multitude who lived in Jerusalem followed after him. But Absalom’s days were numbered. God did not allow him to become king. Finally, the battle was fought in the woods of Ephraim, and there fell a great slaughter of twenty thousand men as David won the victory.

Not long afterwards, Absalom found himself face to face with David’s men, and rode away as fast as he could on a mule. When the mule went under the thick boughs of a great terebinth tree, the long hair of his head caught in the terebinth, and he was left hanging between heaven and earth, as the mule under him raced away from the fierceness of the battle.

When Joab, the captain of David’s army, heard of it, he took three spears in his hand and thrust them through Absalom’s heart, while he was still alive in the midst of the terebinth tree. And ten young men who bore Joab’s armor surrounded Absalom, and struck and killed him.

So, Joab blew the trumpet, and the people returned from pursuing Israel, because he had held back the people. And they took Absalom down from the tree and cast him into a large pit in the woods, and laid a very large heap of stones over him. Then all Israel fled, everyone to his tent.1

From this account we can learn to examine the root causes of family problems.

One of the observations I made years ago was that well knit families were richer financially and more emotionally stable. You could see the many Chinese shops scattered throughout the island prospering. But what fascinated me was the way in which each member of the family spent time in the shops. Even the youngest grew up having a part to play by helping in the shops every day of the week and in establishing a firm financial foundation. The same was true in the Indian jewelry stores, and the Jewish emporiums and haberdasheries.

For the believer, the well known adage should encourage us to build strong foundations for our families: “The family that prays together stays together.” And this must be interpreted beyond the mere devotional times to the practical outworking of individuals striving together for the good of the family community, based upon enduring biblical principles.
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