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TITLE: A Symphony of Miracles Chapter 17 Darkness or Light? 3/10/14
By Richard McCaw

Target audience: High School, College or university students battling atheism and evolution
A Symphony of Miracles

Chapter 17

Darkness or Light?

Today you can enter many modern homes and find distinct patterns of disintegration by which spiritual awareness has been snuffed out. Perhaps a radio is pounding out the latest hit song, the television on most of the time, a member of the next generation slouched on a couch munching “fries.” A father is at work, struggling to earn the family’s rent, a mother absent, because she is working overtime to bring in additional money so that the family can have the latest accessories to keep up with the neighbors, while the children are spoilt beyond control.

Listening to the media is much easier than going to a library to research, or surfing the internet on any subject. If you ask most people, “Are you ever concerned about what’s happening in the world today?” they will shrug their shoulders, or simply answer in a general sort of way, “There’s a lot of problems everywhere!”

If you dig deeper, “What will the world be like when your children grow up?” they may answer, “The economy seems to be improving!” World problems do not really concern them. Everyone is wrapped up in their own little world.

Research? Who has time for that? “I’m going to take it easy and enjoy life while I can!”

Ask most college students, “What are you looking for most in life?”

“I just want to be free to do what I want, when I want it, and how I want it!” Some may smile at you with an impudent look in their eyes and add, “And I don’t want anyone telling me what to do!”

When they leave you, the pattern of destruction continues. They plug in their earphones in order to listen to the latest sexy rhythms blasting out of the popular radio stations or Utube. On their way you may see them stop and hang out with a group of rebellious youth, whose mouths are filled with swearing and bitterness, grown out of society’s abandonment of parenthood, or the stress of growing up too early, and carrying the responsibility of adulthood before they are mature enough to do so. The way they dress, flaunting their sexuality upon each other, signals the emptiness of their hearts and the death in their souls.

Besides, the pathway to God is paved with many obstacles. Following the crowd is certainly easier. “All my friends spend their time looking for happiness, so why shouldn’t I? Adults by their examples have modeled a pattern of life highlighting money and sex as the most important things. You must have that, even if you have to leave the straight and narrow way in which you grew up. You can always come back to God later!”

Today’s generation is tired of empty religion. Religion’s emphases, they will tell you, do not challenge them to know God intimately, but abandon them to the externals of its rituals. What challenge is there just sitting down in a pew week after week listening to the same man echoing a litany of scriptures they have been hearing from Sunday School days? Something more must challenge them and stir their sensitive spirits!

Besides, they hardly see adults as mentors of righteousness.1 Most young men today have no serious spiritual fathers who are faithful at home, who truly love their wives and children.2 Most young women have no godly women after which to pattern their lives, because most modern women compete with men in the search for recognition. Most have never had role models, who respected their husbands and genuinely cared for their children.

This generation thirsts for the reality of the life of God, but only hears rules and Bible verses from preachers whom they consider to be schemers and whose chief goal is to make themselves rich and comfortable in this life. It is much easier not to attend a house of worship.

There is a distinct absence of spiritual role models in the church after whom our young people can pattern their lives.
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