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TITLE: A Calm Surrender. 3.8.2014
By Judy Sauer

This short story is the preface for a book I have been working on. Does it work as an opening for a book or is it better as a short story? Grammar challenged I am so comments that help in this aspect too are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time to review and critique. Have a blessed day. - Judy
A Calm Surrender

What exactly does it mean to experience a calm surrender? The word surrender usually conjures up images of defeat, giving in, and being overpowered by someone or something. How can calm exist in such a dire situation?

“Wave the white flag!”

“I quit!”

“I give up!”

“I cannot win so what’s the use in trying?”

None of these thoughts convey calmness; quite the opposite in fact. So when would a calm surrender actually happen? What does it look like, smell like, or feel like?

Often times, surrendering can be anything but calm. Typically it is an experience that usually brings one to their knees – literally and figuratively. The anguish, fear, hurt, and pain often felt are not easy places to reside. However, when working through the messy parts of life, there can be a peacefulness that invades our being. Whether it is a comfortable feeling or awkward and odd, somehow some thing or someone takes over and carries us through what seems totally impossible and entirely unbearable.

So by whom and why can this mysterious transformation occur? Can a calm surrender only occur during moments of difficulty and strife? These are valid questions to discern. In time, we eventually get to the point where we surrender all – the outcome of some person, place, or situation – into the hands and will of God.

For some God is an acronym for Good Orderly Direction. To others thought, God is their Heavenly Father. I prefer to believe both are true. It is not easy laying down that which controls our sanity in the moment. Yet at that moment of choice – the pivotal act of acquiescence – of letting go and allowing God’s master plan to unfold is when we are the prevailing winner.

It’s rather odd to think that we are winners when we surrender yet that is exactly what happens. In that split second decision is when the inner calm, albeit difficult to fathom let alone to feel its existence, truly does rest in our hearts. We somehow instinctively know that we have made the right choice regardless of what outcome may result. Sure we could continue the fight; usually within ourselves.

Too often our inner turmoil gives us permission to succumb be it with an emotion such as rampant fear or having an insatiable desire to numb out with our drug of choice (food, alcohol, shopping, sex, drugs, etc.). The last thing on our minds is trying to find the quieting decision of honoring ourselves. We could take a walk, ride a bike, or write in a journal but the oomph just is not there. It is as if the flame on our pilot light has been extinguished and we have not the skills or desire to get it going again. It is in these times of anguish when the bitter taste of defeat corrodes any thread of peacefulness. Perhaps the only way to regain our strength is by admitting our weakness and surrender to something higher than ourselves.

Jesus said to me “My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness”.
2 Corinthians 12:9 (NIV)

“Let Go and Let God” – these five words equal surrender and even humility. Humility is not humiliation but rather a mindset that just maybe I do not have all the answers. It is obvious that I cannot control the outcome of uncontrollable situations. I am unable to make the world rotate around me or even my sphere of influence.

It is not all about me but rather allowing the grand conductor to lead the orchestra as the symphony of life plays on. Sure, someone may hit a sour note because we all are imperfect beings. Yet in looking at the bigger picture, the conductor focuses on all the right notes that are being played. In our earthly existence, it is too easy to become fixated on that solitary note that was played off key. Yes, the maestro does hear the sharp or flat note being played. The dissident sound may momentarily affect the symphonic melody however it does not own the music or the experience.

So what if a wrong note is played? It’s not like it is the first time it has happened nor will it be the last note played. A more important question deserves our attention. “Did it affect your breathing?” I feel comfortable saying with near certainty that it does not. If it is too minor to affect our breathing pattern then why give the gaff any more credence that it deserves? We are all imperfect; it is the way we were designed. We are wired to be human not perfectionistic robots.

Let Go and Let God
Let go and let God – he is the way
To focus our energies every single day.
It is not easy to do yet it serves us best
When we lay down our troubles and give them a rest.
Trust in God in all that you do
Minor issues, big events; hand them over and peace will find you. When the darkness takes over the hours of light
And you are left alone in the shadows of the very dark night
Do not fret or worry because we are not out of God’s sight.
When we do this we can feel a moment of peace
A calm surrender that just does not cease.
​– Judy Sauer

Copyright 2006 Judith M. Sauer
The opinions expressed by authors may not necessarily reflect the opinion of FaithWriters.com.