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TITLE: Get Back in Your Car and Clear Off! - (7 March 2014)
By Graham Insley

All critiques are appreciated and I thank everyone for helping me to grow.
His chair crashed backwards as Dave jumped up from the table. "Stop! I'm sick of listening to this every time you come here."

"David! That's my sister you're shouting at."

"I don't care. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; that's all we ever hear and I'm sick of him being pushed down my throat."

"I'm sorry, Dave. I didn't mean to upset you." Sue looked at her brother in law and gave an apologetic smile.

"Well you do upset me. Every time you come here you preach at us. I don't want to hear it anymore."

"You can't expect me not to talk about Him, David. He's my whole life."

"Well he's not mine and you're not welcome here again if all you're going to do is talk about him." David stormed out of the dining room and into the living area. The TV was instantly turned on and up -- extra loud.

"Come on, Sue. Let's take our coffees outside."

An hour later, as Sue was driving home, she prayed earnestly about her relationship with Dave. She didn't want to stop visiting her sister, but nor could she just shut up about her Saviour.

Daddy, I know I have to be careful around Dave, and I don't want to drive him further away from You than he already is. But nor can I just stop witnessing. Help me to witness without words and to teach him about You through my actions instead of my mouth.

Arriving home, Sue checked her purse and started to worry about food money. As a single parent of three kids things were very tight. She often had to fast three days a week to afford the petrol money to visit her family; who all lived an hour north of her.

Fasting is probably on the books this week; she thought as she turned the key and entered the house.

"Oh wow!" Sue jumped back and shouted aloud as she entered the kitchen.

The table was full of groceries. She opened the fridge door and got another surprise. Milk, cold vegies and fruit filled the shelves that were previously nearly empty.

A piece of paper leaned against one of the bags on the table. It had a single word on it; "Blessings".

Jumping around and dancing, Sue sang out praises. All of the heavy thoughts of Dave and food money disappeared in the midst of her God's love. Then the question came. How did anyone get in here?

She quickly ran to the back door. Sure enough it was unlocked as usual. She knew it was risky, but she often left this door unlocked for the kids coming home from school. And many church friends knew this. She would never know who brought the food in the house, but she knew who told them to.

"Daddy, thank You, thank You. This is awesome and I'm going to do my best to witness to everyone about You. But I promise to be careful around Dave."

Two weeks later Sue was again driving north; praying and promising God to be careful with Dave. As she pulled into her sister's driveway she saw them all on the front porch. Nancy called to her; "Come on up, Sue. The backdoors open."

All promises forgotten, Sue called back. "Hey guys. I can't wait to tell you what Jesus did for me last time I was here."

David instantly reacted. "Blast it, Sue, I told you not to come back here again with that Jesus garbage. And I meant it. Now get back in your car and clear off. And don't come back again unless you leave him at home."


For three years Sue continued to visit her sister and not once mentioned the name of Jesus. Three years of praying while driving up and driving home. Then came that glorious, sunny morning when Nancy greeted her from the front porch. "Hurry up, Sue. We want to share what Jesus did last week."

Sue moved as fast as she could for the back steps, she was in a hurry to hear the good news. As she burst through the door Dave ran forward and hugged the breath out of her.

"Sue, Sue, guess what? I got saved Sue. I'm sure glad you never gave up on me sis. All these years and you were right. It's awesome."

"Yes, Dave, and now we are real brother and sister. Not just for awhile, but eternally."


This is based on a true story. One that many of us can bear witness to.
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