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TITLE: Dream (part of novel)
By Sophie Anonymous

This is a dream that's part of a larger love story...trying to convey the beauty of the second dream scene. thanks for critiquing.
She was lying in bed naked under the covers, looking at the man in front of her, who was smiling smugly as if satisfied with his catch. Although the lit fireplace cast a romantic glow in the room, she felt empty, desolate and uncaring. As he came into bed with her, she noticed her body reacting to his, but felt nothing of love or attachment. Who was this man? She turned away, and images of all the men she had ever had relations with flitted through her mind chronologically. Was this all there was to love and life? Was it all meaningless? She searched her soul and found a small flicker of hope…she knew deep in her heart that there was someone she was meant for, and who was meant for her. As if she had amnesia, she knew she had already found this man and spent the most beautiful parts of her life with him, and yet his identity eluded her. She tried to remember who he was, this love of her life, but couldn’t conjure up the slightest memory of him. Her mind kept rolling through her past crushes and lovers. She came to Aaron, and paused for a few seconds. Was it him? She considered the possibility, but something didn’t seem right. No, he wasn’t the one…but then who was? This inability to recall the most important thing in her life was agonizing, shaming. Finally her mind caught up with her heart, and KM appeared in her thoughts, lighting up her soul. Suddenly aware of her surroundings, her situation seemed unbearable…how could she be lying in this bed with this total stranger? What was she doing here? She had to break away from this purposeless, cold world, no matter how cozy it seemed at the surface, and no matter how senseless it seemed to jump into the unknown, into the mere idea of love. She jumped out of bed, throwing the covers back, and, as illogical as things usually are in dreams, she was now dressed.

Nothing could have prepared her for the beauty awaiting her as she opened the door to her room into the unknown. The scene had the simplicity of a child’s drawing, but was resplendent in a way no earthly artist could ever convey. The colors were alive and scintillating as if made out of sparkling gems. Before her, emerald-green hills and valleys rolled out towards the horizon, beneath a vibrant and heavenly blue sky. Interspersed along these hills were shimmering golden paths, gently winding over and around the hills, disappearing over tops and surfacing again in yonder valleys. All these trails originated with the golden footpath she was now on, which branched out exponentially as far as the eye could see, barely more than golden threads on the farthest glittering green hills. As awe-inspiring as this view was, it was nothing compared to the incredible aura emanating from a white marble-like figure a few feet away. The all-powerful love permeating this new universe had nothing to do with fleeting, fragile human emotions. Far from being an abstract idea, this Love was the foundation for all matter, and made up each thread of the fabric of the cosmos. It was everything, and it knew everything. This force was both formidable and gentle at the same time, filled with heartwarming kindness for her wandering soul, and forgiveness for her past mistakes. She approached the source of this overpowering love, the gleaming white, motionless figure resembling the unpainted statues of saints in her church, such as those of St. Joseph or Jesus. It came to life, speaking to her through softly smiling white lips and eyes. He knew her desperation and her dark past. Although she could not later on remember his exact words, he said that because of all the unwise and sometimes immoral relations she had had with other men, she would have to wait a year or two before being reunited with her true love. He motioned her down the sandy golden trail. As soon as she turned away from him to pursue her dream, he reverted to lifelessness, and she knew the only direction from hereon was forward.
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