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By Nina Phillips

This fictional, inspirational text can be recieved in a variety of aspects and angles. Those of you, the readers are to judge within your selves as to whom the charactor's represent, and hopefully consider Jesus Christ, as your Lord and Savior, after all is said and done. Love to hear from the reader's!
The Delivery
by: Nina M. Phillips
aka: littlelight

As Kayla's shriveled hands were reaching for the last remnants of an insignificant piece of rope, she bent her shiny wet knees up and close to her shoulders, as a embryo would in the warmth of the watery womb. "It was not secure," she sensed, "there was no security in this world."

"Am I to die?" she thought as it seemed like a watery tomb that she embraced as her own. "This was my home," she contemplated, embracing what was left of her own soul.

This was her sight shortened, "the vision impairment," through effectiveness of sin. "When the soul was gone, where would it all be laid to rest?" the thoughts were infantile projections of a small mind weakened by sources out of her control.

Her clear, soft skin, had been scrubbed and scraped over hard for at least an hour. The velvety skin looked as though she was doused with acid and blood, when it should have been the lathery fresh soap made for tender flesh. This was after the showering, and hoping to see it all swirl just as violently down a drain, but nothing could wash away the feeling of the filth, and grossness that her conscience had seared into her murdered heart.

She held her breath, for what seemed an eternity, as she slid beneath what was left of the warm water, quickly turning cold. Although, it seemed like invisible "somethings" were forcing themselves upon her, and around her without ceasing. Clinging to her, and confining her, and holding her in that solemn, deathly place of dispair.

She didn't have a choice or a say in the matter. It was though she had been sentenced with silence. With all her might, she had struggled against this horror, that had began sometime ago. She had kicked with all her might, flailing at anything that came near, with balled hands fisted, as if it had become a combat zone. Then gathering herself up as best she could in a fetal ball to no avail.

These nearly invisible evil hands of mankind, she dispise as they broke through her secure barriers. The doors were all locked up tight, and sealed shut. None the less these evil entities found a way to reach her. With all the groping, prodding, pushing, touching her over every inch of her small frame of a body. Even, the silky brown hair, and the "fuzzies" that cropped out like a halo on her head. They desired all the power and control, there was nothing intimate or affectionate about it.

She realized they didn't really see her for what she was, she was just a "thing" to be fondled and toyed with, in the darkness of the place she called home. "Didn't they realize that she had a heart, and a soul? She was a human being filled with all the love that God breathed into her, and made her to be?" She felt every little thing, and as a result, she had a multitude of emotions to deal with all by herself.

And now, she was feeling pain, and brokenness of heart throughout her entire being. "They came with lethal weapons, breathing out threats," she he heard them as they cursed, and breaking down all her own defenses. And now this stressful time was upon her. "Will it never end?" She mentally called out to the only father she ever really knew existed, "Please Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!"

Kayla couldn't speak a word, but suddenly she screamed out of the deep recesses of her heart, that seemed to have been revived like a bolt of lightning and just as loud as a crack of thunder heard across sky, "Lord Jesus,help me! Save me!"

And then there were hands that suddenly caught her up. Huge, beautiful, strong, yet tender hands that were cradling her close, beginning to swaddle her naked, and damp, almost lifeless body, in something indescribably delicate and warm. She stretched her body out long, suddenly freed from constant contractions, as she sighed.

Heaving in the spirit like air, in waves of release, and relief of the terrible bondage she was enveloped in. She had never felt that type of security and assurance in her entire life.

"Such freedom, such an exhilarating sense of peace and joy!" she smiled contentedly for the first time, since she had felt trapped, raped and nearly murdered in indignation, "Nothing would ever come to pass that would cause her pain in such away again!"

With sparkling blue eyes that were still cloudy with tears, she gazed upward to someone that was looking down on her with all his love, and shown to her through those awesome hands that held her close to his heart. She was so close, she could hear his heart-beating psalms of overflowing compassion. The gentle, kind voice of the man she recognized as her Father saying, "Kayla, I've been waiting for this moment for eternity, to hold you up in my hands and close to my heart, to see you as you are, my dear sweet child, welcome home."

Kayla for once in her life, rested in peace that surpassed all her understanding.

I curently have no PM service. My e-mail adress is: littlelight_littlelight@yahoo.com
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