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TITLE: Surprise
By dee smith

I plan to enter this into a short story contest. I need ideas for a title as I don't want to give away the ending.
by Dee Brown Smith

She had the most striking blue eyes—an intensity I’d never seen before. I was mesmerized by the depth of the deep sea blue color. Other features of her face seemed to fade by comparison. Oh, there was a beautiful smile that readily appeared, but those eyes. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, I wondered what hers would reveal. How could I not be attracted to her? I had to get to know this woman….I had to unveil the depths of her eyes.

I was attending the office party of a friend. She was across the room. In my version, I very subtly made my way across the room to meet her. In her version, I made a bee line for her like a wide receiver with the ball going for a touchdown. I still think she exaggerates the incident, but either way I was there standing in front of those eyes. I opened my mouth thinking of something very sophisticated to say and all that came out was a stammering hello. Horrified I froze in place. Those blue eyes sparkled with sympathy, and forgave my clumsiness. Yes, she had the depth of soul I hoped she would. I had not made a mistake in seeking her out. This was the woman I would marry! Exactly how this would happen when I could barely speak in her presence I wasn’t sure, but it would happen. It had to happen.

Regaining my composure I began to utter small talk. I have no idea what I said. The results were a delightfully hearty laugh and twinkling in her eyes. Amused, she continued to gaze back at me. Now what? Not wanting to appear to be a blithering idiot, I thought I should say something rather intelligent. Whatever I said struck her as hilarious—her laugh just got louder and louder and her eyes began to water. Thinking I had lost all hope with this woman, I turned to run away. However, her gentle touch on my arm drew me back.

Thus a relationship bloomed. I might have been a fool, but I was her fool—so what did it matter? She had me heart and soul. One year to the day I proposed to her—knowing I would receive a resounding yes.

The wedding plans began. I never realized all the details that needed to be decided. Somehow in my nativity I thought we would just show up at the church, stand in front of a minister, repeat the vows, kiss and walk down the aisle married. How silly of me. Apparently weddings took months to plan and the bride had the last word on everything. What did it matter—I was going to have her as my wife forever. Love stuck I didn’t care where or when we got married. I just kept thinking of waking up to those blue eyes everyday for the rest of my life. What more did I need?

Finally, the big day arrived. Excited, I arrived at the church hours early. Actually, I was hoping for a glimpse of those eyes before the ceremony. To my chagrin, she was a traditionalist—no seeing the bride before the ceremony. Not too worry, it would soon be over and I would be gazing into those eyes for years to come.

As she walked down the aisle, I was rather disappointed she chose to wear a veil. I really wanted to see the eyes I had fallen in love with. It actually was better that she wore the veil as I did notice the wedding dress which had taken months of shopping and fitting to perfect. She seemed to just glide like a skater on ice. Soon she was standing next to me. It seemed to me the ceremony droned on and on. When would it end? Ah, finally the moment I had been waiting for. I lifted the veil and gasped in horror. Those beautiful blue eyes had been replaced by green ones. Where were my eyes? It was only then that I realized the blue eyes that captivated me were only contact lenses.
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