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TITLE: The Seamless Robe
By Helen Murray

I want to test this piece as a potential magazine article illuminating what is happening in modern society. I ppostulate that the garment represents the carnality of man, seeing that garments only became de rigeur after the fall. Jesus took on human flesh - functioned with a cloak of human carnality. It was only ever a temporary measure.
It was a beautiful garment, the sort one might wear to a wedding. It had been crafted most assiduously for the beloved, uncut but woven with colourful strands of knowledge, understanding, perception, responsiveness, gentleness, abundance, freedom, dignity, authority, and strength. It hung in gracious folds about the limbs of the beloved, swinging gently whenever He walked, and having great sophistication in its stillness, when He held still to speak, or knelt to pray. It was a most desirable garment in anybody’s terms, not the sort of thing one would want to lose track of ….

Where is that garment now? Does it hang somewhere in gracious folds, on a coathanger, maybe? Are the colours still brilliant, or are they choked and grey these days? What happened to that beautiful robe that had adorned the Master?

They crucified Him, the Faithful and True, and played dice for the garment, but the garment is disintegrated somewhere, if it exists at all. Without the Master it swings no more on its new owner, the mocker, for the mocker is dead, (1) and with him the beautiful robe rots in his grave. Its glory is no more.

The Master, Faithful and True, laughed at the grave, and left it in a new garment crafted in Heaven, a robe fit indeed for a great King, to be worn with a glorious crown. Its Heavenly colours are innocence, wisdom, peace, joy, patience, longsuffering, prophecy, omniscience, omnipotence, eternity, victory and LOVE. It is shared with those who imbibe the Spirit of Truth. It cannot be removed from them, for they are preparing for the wedding feast of Faithful and True, who laughed at that grave and rose to inhabit His eternal Kingdom. He prepared a place for His people to be with Him, because they have partaken in the unity of the Spirit of Truth with their Creator and Son. Their habitation is in the eternal, where He has built them mansions, removed their tears, and awarded them the new mantle of Life.

Down there, on the earth, they are still trying to bet on that soiled garment. Its once beautiful strands are now grimy with falsehood, shredded with misunderstanding, contorted into various theatrical guises, (the current play is Political Correctness and is thoroughly engineered and structured to cover all expediences, and is being heavily promoted and staged in every country in all major theatres) and are required uniform for the masses.

Roll up ladies and gentlemen, and place your bets …………

See this colour here. We call it Freedom. It once meant being set free by knowing the truth, but we changed the meaning to doing whatever you want, and saying whatever you want without restraint unless you get caught out. You do tend to get caught out eventually, but what does that matter when you are having fun? What is life without fun? So what if your life turns upside down in the end, so long as you expressed yourself unfettered? Fun is another word for Freedom these days, and helps the people think they are getting what they want. Freedom is easily managed by simply not giving jobs to those who are not compliant.

Look at this shade. It looks a little tatty these days, but we call it Dignity or Respect for the individual. It’s fantastic, because you can give death with dignity to old people, unborn babies, and this facility is eventually going to be extended to whomever is a problem, be it because of disability, political inaccuracy, or simply that they are not “cool”, whatever that might mean at the time.

Here’s a shade we call Understanding and Perception. It means comprehending and voting for the rationale behind the new cultural integrations, like homosexual marriage (How do you like that eh? You’d better!) and all the other sexual options that are available for the pleasure of mankind. They sell well too, which is why they are so important. If it helps the economy, especially the filthy rich, then it’s required scientific study. We pepper it with vague delusions of family consciousness so people think it tastes nice. (Well, the rich like good medicine, especially when it makes them feel young and beautiful on the outside.)

Authority, Strength, Responsiveness etc are all part of human resources management, and the techniques of kindly horsewhipping the workers into robotic performances so the towering industries can be further expanded and more cheaply serviced. Industry has it’s up front puppets in government so that everything seems to be open and subject to public scrutiny, and the people think they are running the show. It makes for smoother operations.

Science, of course, has provided the means of most of this knowhow we currently enjoy, and we direct it where it is most beneficial, into the arenas of medicine, war, and industry for the money. We also like to divert science into developing huge ranges of personal comforts, because they are fairly binding on people. Increase their comfort levels, and they will be much less amenable to the old spiritual truths that originally gave rise to modern science, which means we have them under control. People who do stick to the old spiritual truths are labeled unscientific, or stupid, which effectively reduces their influence on the rest.

So you can see that this tatty old garment is actually the one to back because it is running the show, and you want the benefits of the uniform! So lay your bets right here, ladies and gentlemen. We have the goods right here on display for you! Roll up! Roll up!

(1) The Mocker is dead. He has no Life in Christ, so he is a dead man walking.
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