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TITLE: And The Little Girl Prayed
By Hazel Robinson

It'a all about prayer
By: H.R. Robinson
Based on a true story
Word Count - 1448

INTRODUCTION: One May, spring morning, Kelley Maddox stood looking out of her kitchen window at the beautiful morning sun. “Everything looks so clean and beautiful,” she said to herself. Looking at the grass, she marveled at how everything was so leveled where her husband, Phil, had mowed and got it ready for the approaching summer season. Flowers were in full bloom. All the trees flushed with green leaves. The animals ran to and fro all around the yard. She looked up at the sky - it was so blue! The beauty of God’s nature overwhelmed her, and grabbing up a pencil from the kitchen table she began to write…..

I awakened this morning
To the brightness of the sun.
The earth was so fragrant and sweet.
Birds were chirping through the air,
There were flowers everywhere!
And I knew I was safe in His care.

As I stood by my window,
Looking out o’er the plain,
I said to myself -
What a sight!
Nothing in this nation
Can compare
To the Lord God’s creation.
And I’m so blessed!
Because I know I am safe in His care.

Once I was a sinner -
Still, He loved me.
Hung on the Cross in my stead.
On Calvary He died.
There were wounds in His side.
That’s why I know,
I am safe in His care.

Jesus, my blessed redeemer -
Ruler of all mankind.
Thank you so much for your goodness.
My heart is forever Thine.
Kelley Maddox, with her husband Phillip, and two small children, Melanie 7; Joshua 2 years, lived on the outskirts of a city called Menlock, Alabama. Their homestead, to some, would be called a farm. The house was quite large. They raised animals such as horses, chickens and cows. On the particular day, looking out the window, she saw some of her animals resting on the vast lawn which was surrounded by numerous trees and flowers. Seeing the one of the cows, she remembered that a few days ago this cow had given birth to a calf. Smiling, she said to herself, “Later, I’ll go out and make sure all the grain and stuff is in place.” Phillip had gone off to work, Josh was still in bed asleep and Melanie was out in the yard playing in the flowers. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was exactly 9:30.
Kelley decided to go ahead outside. She found Melanie on the side of the house still playing in the flowers. Melanie loved to play in the flowers - she would tell her mother she was “arranging them.” And always, when she’d come into the house, she’d bring her mother a bouquet and say, “These are for you mom.”
Kelley made her way to the barn where the mother cow was standing outside the barn door. She walked past the mother cow to where the calf, with its eyes closed, lay quietly on a small pile of hay. She looked down at the fragile animal and smiled, shaking her head in wonder. As she turned to walk away, the mother cow suddenly burst in, running straight towards her! She tried to move out of the cow’s way; never thinking, not even for one second, the cow intended to do her harm; but the cow came straight for her. She hit Kelley in the face with her face and continued moving on into her.
Shaken and scared, Kelley started to run. In a desperate attempt to get away from the cow, not seeing the pail of water in front of her, she ran right into it and fell. The cow then began hitting her with his head. He kicked at her with his feet. This hurt, and with pain and fear combined, Kelley began to scream until suddenly she couldn’t scream anymore.
Melanie, having heard all the commotion, ran to the barn. She saw the cow attacking her mother, and she began to scream; but then, suddenly she stopped screaming, and going down on her knees, the child began to pray. “Oh God, help my mommy; help my mommy! Lord, don’t let the cow kill my mommy! Over and over she prayed, “Oh Lord, help my mommy!”
From nowhere came Trigger, the horse! He ran straight for the cow! It was a sight to behold! Trigger, defending his owner! Locking heads with the cow, he over powered her with his head and he began to pushed her backing her into the barn wall. He then put his big body against the cow and began to push, and the little girl prayed.
Still, the cow tried desperately to get away and still come at Kelley. But, the more the cow tried to get away, the harder Trigger pushed. He was finally able to push the cow on out the barn door. I’m seeing all of this in my mind as it was told to me.
Kelly, on the ground, could hardly move. The daughter crying in desperation, tried to help her mother up. Suddenly they heard the sound of a car, and there was daddy. Getting out of the car, he saw the horse and it seemed to him the horse was pushing the cow out of the barn, which made no sense! And, he heard his daughter’s prayer, “Save my mommy! Oh Lord, don’t let him kill my mommy!”
Melanie looked up just a her dad began to run towards them. “Daddy,‘, she cried, “Daddy, help mommy!“ He ran to the barn, and the sight before him brought tears to his eyes. The baby was still asleep in the house, but he, not knowing, hollered, “Where’s Josh?” Kelley couldn’t answer him, and Melanie still crying, was able to get out, “He’s inside Daddy!”
Phil helped his wife to her feet. In the meantime the cow was still trying to get away, but the horse held him back. Phil picked his wife up and put her in the back seat of the car. He ran into the house and got the baby; then put both children into the car. They lived far out into the country and the drive to the nearest hospital was no short distance.
Once, at the hospital, the doctor examined her and gave her a sedative. Kelley stayed in the hospital only three days. She had some bruises, some, which remain today, but she can walk and she can talk, and even has gone back to work; that’s where I met her - in the dentist’s office. She is a dental hygienist, and she was cleaning my teeth. We shared Jesus, and she told me this story.. When she got to the part, “and my daughter was praying,” tears came into my eyes. I saw she was crying too.
tears came into my eyes. I saw she was crying too. Kelly reached up - touched the few scars that remained from the incident with the cow, and said, I wrote a poem. The title of my poem is ‘Safe In His Care.’ ”
While Satan pushed, God pulled, and the little girl prayed. As I think about this and I visualize it my mind, I see the Lord in all of it. I see Him taking charge. And just like I see Him taking charge of that situation, He’ll take charge of our situations. We have to let Him. We have to ask Him. Of course, that’s after submission - after submission. James said, “You ask amiss.” In other words James is saying, “You don’t get what you ask for, because you ask amiss, meaning, your request is just thrown out there; it’s asked according to the lustful desires that we have - our wants and desires.
Mommy and daddy has taught their child not only about prayer, they had taught her to pray. Prayer is our greatest asset. Through prayer we communicate directly with the Father. The little girl prayed, she asked, “Help, save my mommy.” Save my mommy; Oh Lord don’t let the cow kill my mommy. God heard her prayer. She was right. There was nothing she could do but pray, and as a friend of mine always says, “and God did And we say, the cow might have killed her, “but God!” The angel came in the person of the horse and the woman was saved. Jesus came as a man and I was saved, and you were saved. This story is based on a true story, and it has so many lessons. Let’s not lose what’s in there for us. Let’s make sure we try to receive it - let us pray.
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