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TITLE: A Meditation on Fear
By Jacky Hughes

This has been on my ministry website at jesusheals.org.uk for some time. I wrote it to help the person there who incidentally, writes they are helped, and had not thought about it till this morning. I was wondering if it is worth using in the book of devotionals, or possibly in the book on Fear that I want to update. I am planning to create at some point over the Summer. I would also like feedback on form and structure and the actual writing content. I will be changing the NIV to King James and paraphrasing before I publish for copyright reasons. My own feeling at the moment is that it is repetetive and wordy and the structure needs some work? Thanks, Jacky

Perfect love casts out all fear. 1 John 4:18

Most of us do not have an understanding of perfect love because the love we have been shown by our family is not perfect. Our earthly Fathers have a limited ability to show wha,t in a world, before the fall, they would have shown: that is, the Love of Father God.

We need to actively minister the love of God to people in such a way that this lack of understanding is replaced. The enemy has sought to make the position of the Father weak in our society and so children are growing up bound by and prey to fear in a greater degree than ever before. Because so many are insecure and fearful they resort to ungodly ways of covering up fear and in doing so take on and become part of the pervading evil. They become part of the evil they fear. They do this by acting our and becoming delinquent, by being rude and defiant and by resorting to drugs and violence and resenting all that authority stands for.

When those who have acted in such ways find Jesus and seek to change they often find that they are still bound by the spirit of fear and condemnation because they have spent a life time practicing the very things that make them fearful. Christ sets us free from the fear of sin and death, but learning to live without that fear takes longer. There is a great need in the body of Christ to help these wounded children find the love and peace of God and it can only be done by re-parenting those who have suffered the effects of imperfect parent hood.

We cannot teach that we should not fear if we are Christians if we have not first learned of the Father's love ourselves. To be free of fear you have to be loved and know how to love so that the enemy can gain no foothold.

When people are shown love they begin to have less fear. That is when you can show them the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Fearful people lack self confidence. Love increases confidence. When we love others enough to increase a godly self esteem they will start to believe also in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT within them. Then they will star to realise there is no need to fear because HE who is in them is truly stronger then he who is in the world.

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 1 John 4:4 NIV

Notice how the word is to 'dear children,' A Father would say that.

I don't speak out of the top of my head. Even at my Baptism there were words about my fear. I was more anxious and fearful than most. As soon as I was converted the enemy began to play havoc with my fearful nature. I experienced a torment of fear. I learned in those early days as a Christian there was one thing that would conquer fear. I would speak out at all sorts of wierd manifestations and fears saying 'the blood of Jesus' over and over. Later, with the help of God, I did the same thing with night fear - a truly horrible conditon where you wake up overcome by fear. I have been through much else that the enemy designed to engender fear and discovered the power of the blood of JESUS in a very practical way.

When my daughter was small I woke up night after night to find that the room was filled with darkness and that something was pressing down on me making me unable to get up and get to my baby. It was a terrifying time; but every night I won the victory. I would struggle and find my mouth almost stopped up and know that I had to utter the words, 'THE BLOOD OF JESUS.' I would eventually break through and be able to get to the cot where I continued binding the powers of darkness, telling them to leave my baby alone. I knew that my daughter would become a very strong Christian. I never failed to get to a point where the room was restored to the order and peace we are meant to experience as children of the Living God. The terror would always give way to the peace of God and I knew that my daughter was safe. Today she is a strong Christian and married to a wonderful Christian man. Her life has never been easy, but God has brought her through many victories and we share a common knowledge that Jesus is Lord over all.

I do not think I could have learned how to fight the enemy unless I had also had help in my Christian walk to become sure of the Love of Father God. My daughter Jessika's Father is not a Christian, so she also needed some help to find the love of God as a Father. He did his best but nobody can be perfect. I have noticed that she has married a very Fatherly type of man and that God continues to do the work.

Over the years what has helped and strengthened me to the point of knowing all is conquered is the love of those who have loved me and gone the second mile.

As my experience of love has grown so the experiences of fear have diminished. There are those who stood by me as I learnt how to conquer fear and who parented me. It doesn't matter what age they are. They are the ones who, while I was still fearful, loved me enough to go the second mile and believe in me till I had enough self esteem to function as a true member of the body of Christ.

I remember, for example, a Pastor who travelled miles one night just to pray with me. The second mile will always help an individual overcome fear in the name of Jesus. You see, what that particular second mile said was not "you should not fear;" but "when you are fearful your Heavenly Father is near." It was something my earthly Father could not do. You see, good man though he is in many ways, my earthly Father would always ridicule my fears -possibly because of his own treatment as a child. He could not show me what I needed to know.

We become brave not by having words about do this or do that - even biblical ones, shouted at us. We become brave through experiencing a process of love.

My childhood was characterised by extreme fear and I rarely made friends because that fearfulness manifested in an acute shyness. This fearful child who was me. What has Christ made her now you may ask? This child they used to get the child psychologists to see because of her extreme and awful shyness? This teenager too shy to speak to even her peers most of the time? This adult who was so shy she could not speak up in seminars at college most of the time? This woman who could not do so many things because she was bound by fear? She grew strong by being shown the love if God and by Loving Father God giving her opportunities to learn to overcome fear.

He showed me love and used others to show me love. He showed me how there is such power in the love of God we do not have to fear if we were in him.

Who could have said I would be the one at the front of the church on Sundays many weeks introducing all the things going on through a microphone? Who could have said I would actually preach and more than once and beneath a wooden cross in a church where actually, I finally gave Jesus my worst fears in the worst time of my life of all? Who would have said with Christ's help I would have become a teacher of adults, often teaching muslims? Who would have said I would have done anything? Help with deliverance ministry? Drive a car ( far too nervous for that surely?)

My point is that to cast out fear love has to be shown. If we show Jesus to people then they will begin to get brave enough tke the steps they need to to overcome their fear.

There is something we have to understand about the kingdom of God. You cannot fight evil and fear unless you show love. If you can show love and help others learn to recieve it - and many find that hard then all fear can be conquered because the perfect will of God is that we should rest secure in His love. His love always says 'MY Dad is BIGGER than your dad
to any part of fear the enemy tries to throw at us.
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