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TITLE: suceess redefined
By joseph mvula

i have extracted these thoughts from the book i wish to publish. please critique the ideas the best way you can.
Everyone desires to succeed in life. Success is every manís business. Without success there is no cause for celebration and People will do everything possible to accomplish things. No sane human being wishes himself reproach, misery and failure in life. The opposite is the norm; all humans wish life would be just a little better than it is. The rich want to be richer; the poor wish life could be just a little better than what it is. Why? You may ask. Well this is because no one wants to live and eventually end up dead uncelebrated. The inherent heroic passion in human beings forcefully causes man to push for a better life. This is the way man was created by God. Man was not created to be conquered but to be a conqueror. That is why man has since time in memorial been known and remembered for championing the course for a better tomorrow. Whether in the most negative sense or positively, man has fought to see the world become a better place to live. Some have even compromised their faith, belief, principles, standards etc for such identical causes which have a common denominator, to make life better. Books have been written; songs have been sung, amazing ideas proposed and many other steps taken for this cause. And no doubt man has celebrated achievements beyond the grasp of his own mental faculties.

You should however, realize that success pursuit must not breach or defy your integrity for therein is human sanity. You should realize that it can take many years of consistent upholding of your integrity to build a positive reputation but it can only take one ridiculous decision to destroy what you have built over a long time and Henry Ford admonishes us:

ďYou canít build a reputation on what you are going to do.Ē

Therefore, if a positive reputation is to be built and affirmative success attained, there is need for one to be focused and determined to achieve positive results. Positive Success doesnít just happen. It has never just happened. It takes focus and determination to achieve things on earth.

What is positive success? Positive success is that kind of success that makes both heaven and earth happy. It is better to be honored by God than to be celebrated by men. To make man happy and God sad is a sin of compromise. This is negative success. It is called success because it is the accomplishment of evil and selfish ambitions. You thus need to focus your energies at making both heaven and earth happy and this call for your understanding of your heavenly assignment here on earth. This book has been written to challenge you to discover your heavenly assignment.

Focus fixes eyes on what is to be achieved and determination aims at it. You must have a pursuit in life. You must have a morally noble cause worth dying for. What are you really living for? Are you living in such a way that you are ready to die for your convictions? Are you pursuing your God given assignment? The problem with not having anything to pursue in life is that you will lose your zest, your zeal, and your drive to live on and no sooner will you give up on your dreams than you face the storms and shortcomings of life. This often in turn creates a more complex problem; and that is, whether you are sure of were you are going or not, you will surely end up at some place. Advise; better know where you are going or you will find yourself fidgeting in the enemies camp without a cause. Whatís your cause for living? If you know it, praise God but you need to be focused and determined for you to be successful in that noble cause. Lack of focus and determination are forces that drive people to a direction they donít wish to go.


This is the ability to forget past experiences good or bad, organizing yourself wholly for new challenges, having courage to attempt something new by understanding your strengths and weakness seeing where you are going. The word FOCUS when written vertically will appear like this:

Forget past records good or bad.
Organize yourself for new challenges
Courage- possesses it to face the challenges
Understand your sphere of influence
See where you are going

Lack of focus signifies aimlessness and the problem with aiming at nothing is a higher chance of missing. Set undisturbed attention on the challenges of your assignment and aim at overcoming them. Oh yes you can conquer if only you believe and live as such. Praise God you enjoyed success in the past but how horrifying it is to note that last nights victory may not defend you against the challenges of today. Thus organize yourself for now endeavors. Disorganization hinders progress. And remember also that the world has got no place for cowards. It can only accommodate those who refuse to be intimidated by past, present or future circumstances; those who are courageous. Life is very expensive for cowards.

Below are some characteristics of cowards.

-Cowards canít negotiate a price. They pay more.
-Cowards refuse to try
-Cowards measure their ability to succeed by what others have done and never beyond.
-Cowards procrastinate. They postpone action.
-Cowards have a low self-image. They think they are not good enough for the challenge.
-Cowards agree with anything even something they donít believe in.
-Cowards never improve. Usually they become worse than they were. Donít be a coward be courageous. Remember that courage is the virtue of the wise yet the vanity of fools. The Bible says

The wicked frees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Proverbs 28.1

If you want to be as bold as a lion, you need to know your area of influence because that is you strength. A lion knows its territory. It knows itís the king of the jungle and no one can deny it this pride. Otherwise it rows and thunders when its territorial influence is threatened. Knowing your sphere of influence will help you to be effective in your respective engagements. For example: Social people are always encouraged to involve themselves in social activities that are people centred because that is where they could effectively operate.

The fact that we are itinerant human beings cannot be overtly over emphasised. We are all on the journey of destiny. There is always such a thing as a tomorrow for everybody. Being ignorant of the fact that you are on transit is deadly. We are also all in one boat called earth that is being moved and fuelled by time and none of us has power to stop it from motion, to stop it from moving on as it fades into a seemingly an uncertain future but thank God that we as children of God have a sure future and a better tomorrow and its coming sooner than we can anticipate or even imagine. We have an opportunity to set course to which direction our world will go by putting our trust in God and we aught to fix our eyes on our God given dreams, we need not to blink for any reason at all. Better set your eyes on something before you crash into the unknown. It is so tragic to be on the move yet going nowhere. Know and see where you are going. Seeing were one is going is doing justice to oneself my friend and, have a vision. It is an inner eye that sees beyond your now. Stop right there for a second. Where are you going? What are you going to do where you are going? With whom are you on board? Is it worth it going there?
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