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TITLE: The Road Of Disappointment
By Jeff Lambert

This is a short devotional type piece. Target audience is believers who have struggled with the direction their life seems to be taking

Luke 24:13-35

Disappointment. The mere mention of this word seems to set you back a step. To be disappointed one must first have an expectation or anticipation, a sense that something good is going to happen, and then seemingly have that hope dashed. It’s like my wife says “The only thing worse than not getting a nap is thinking you’re going to get a nap and not getting one!”
That is what these two followers were experiencing in the days following Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. Tradition has it that one of the two men, Cleopas, was the brother of Joseph; Jesus’ earthly father. If that is so, imagine the sense of anticipation he had, the words he had heard spoken by Jesus Himself and the things he experienced and witnessed with his own eyes. For example, he probably would have been present at the wedding in Cana when Jesus turned the water into wine. At the moment, however, verse 14 says that these two men were “talking with each other about everything that had happened.” Just then something unique occurred; Jesus himself shows up. He has a way of doing that. In Malachi 2:16 it says “Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord listened and heard them; so a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and who meditate on His name.”
Jesus then asks them a question; “What are you talking about?” They were incredulous! “Are you the only one who doesn’t know about all the things that have happened?” Jesus’ answer “What things?” causes them to spill out all their disappointment. They tell the One they are talking about all about the One they are talking about; how he was a prophet, powerful in word and deed; how they believed he would redeem Israel, as the prophets had foretold. They tell him about how he was crucified and that some of their women amazed them only that morning by having gone to the tomb and reportedly Jesus was not there. Furthermore they had a vision of angels who told them that Jesus was alive! However, some of the disciples went to the tomb as well and, even though it was indeed empty, they did not see Jesus.
Jesus’ admonition to them is stern yet gentle, “How foolish you are and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken!” Then, beginning at the beginning, he explains to them “what was said in all the scriptures concerning himself.” As their eyes are beginning to open they invite Jesus to stay and eat with them, and as he takes the bread and gives thanks their eyes are opened wide and they recognize him, and as they do he disappears from their sight. Their road of disappointment has suddenly become a divine appointment!
Many present day followers of Christ have experiences similar to the two disciples on that road. Over time we develop expectations of what God will do and how He will do it. Disappointment occurs when things just don’t seem to be working out the way we thought they would, or should. In frustration we turn to others for help, which is very natural. Yet often times those we turn to have as many questions as they do answers and we end up talking about the Lord instead of to the Lord.
When we do talk to Him, we sometimes say, as did those two disciples “Don’t you understand? How can you not know what’s happening in my life?” Here is the core of disappointment; unfulfilled expectations. It can be over weeks, months, years …even an entire lifetime, as Proverbs 13:12 says “Hope deferred makes the heart sick…”
Have you been on your own road of disappointment? Have events in your life taken turns that you just didn’t see coming, and now you are not sure what direction you should go? It could be that you are on the road to a divine appointment! Where can you find fulfillment? Where can you be satisfied? The answer is found in fellowship with Jesus, in being quiet and allowing him to speak to our hearts the truth about everything that he has said. As we invite him to stay with us, as did those disciples, not only our eyes but our hearts as well will be opened and we will see him for who he truly is; our loving savior and Lord.
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