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TITLE: America
By Kathy Barnes

This is a call to Christian to turn back to God and take back America before it falls. Please check for typo's.
America the strong and brave, mighty nation of the world I speak to you. You have military might unsurpassed, planes, boats, tanks, and missiles. You police the nations of the world, confident in your abilities. Pride goes before a fall. We were so secure that we failed to watch our defenses and an enemy came in by stealth took the heart of a city. We were blind to the war coming against us, not nations but the evil one. Let no one fool you, this is a Holy War and we are caught inside it, whether we are for or against it. I give the cry given to Sardis, wake up before it is too late.

America one nation under God, I call to you to return to your beginning. We have lost our first love. We are turning deaf ears, blind eyes, cold hearts, and empty hands to God. We are failing to serve him. This nation was founded on beliefs of the God in the Holy Bible, not other books. Outside of Israel, as no other nation has been as blessed or prosper like us. As we have blessed Israel, He has blessed this nation. If we turn our back on Israel, He will turn His back to us. God has honored our humble beginning, because we acknowledge Him. America give honor to Him once more, so that He may bless us again. Repent and turn back before it is too late, pray for healing of this land. Do not be as Ephesus, and be beguiled by one world government and leadership. Do not take your eyes off the True God.

America was built on religious freedom to worship God. It was set up so that we each may seek and serve God as we think best. Like the mighty church of Pergamum and Thyatira we have fallen. Godís people have been tempted to make accommodations to pagan culture and its destructive practices and idol worship. We have lacked the backbone to stand and say. ďNo, this is wrong.Ē Right still exists, it is measured by God word. Afraid of hurting someone feeling, we failed to speak the truth in love. We let lost souls believe that many ways lead to God; all paths are just as good; and truth is not fixed, but depends on the situation. Gambling, immorality, homosexuality, alcohol, drugs, abortion, murder, and the love of the almighty dollar and self-pleasures have become our gods. Jezebel has led the way with womenís rights, abortion, flower power, the destruction of the family, and self- indulgence. We have remained silent as courts have legislative against Godís law. The lie that God and government have to be separated has been accepted, when it is He that always has given the nation her power. Never did He send prophets to His people, to His leaders with instructions to do nothing; but for them to resist the evil ones. We have turned from Godís rightful leadership and instead looked to the government for our salvation. We wonder why it does not work. The government was never meant to replace God and He is removing his hand of blessings from us.

Americaís doors have been open wide to hear the gospel. We have freedom to share the good new with little interference. Like ungrateful children, we turn our backs to God. Just like when He was born, we have no place for Him. We fail to tell others, of the love he has shown us. We said, ďWe are too busy; it cost too much to serve.Ē Excuses fill the churchís pews while His Spirit is grieved. We fail to open up the Bible and read the Holy Word. Only a few preachers still hold faithful to all that is in it. We throw away our crowns not at His feet, but for some worthless things that will someday burn. As the church of Philadelphia held strong, and won the prize, so we likewise need to do. This nation needs to return again to God. Resist Satanís plans for new world order under Satanís hand. We need only to look at our past leaders to see that any man with absolute power, will lead only to corruption and heartless sufferings. They speak of peace and plan war.

People have lost our fire and passion for God, His word, and His law. We obey when it suit us and justified why we donít. We pick and choose what we like from His Word. Even we do not truly know what we believe any more. We are neither hot nor cold and if we are not careful, just like Laodicea He will spew us out of His mouth.

America has not had to answer Smyrna call to suffer, to be faithful to Him in spite of economic or political persecution, but we are beginning our birth pains. We are reaping the harvest of our seeds for God disciplines those he loves. We have sacrificed our children on the altar of abortion to hide our sin. We have jails full of child molesters, rapist and murders and allowed them blame others for their actions. We have failed to speak for those without a voice; the unborn, the abused, the unloved, the poor, the elderly, and those lead to gas chambers and firing squads. We have taken prayer out of schools system and told kids there is no wrong of right. We do not respect God and they respect no one.

We have rewritten history until our children no longer know it true foundation. The education system had it origins in the desire to be able to read and understand Godís word. The first textbook, The New England Primers, was taken from the Bible. We have said the god of pleasure rules no need for self- control. Our streets are filled with drugs, booze, HIV and our courts with divorce and broken families. We have severed the god of credit cards, big houses, two cars and instant everything. Paul and Peter have caught up with each other and the note is due. The back of the common man is breaking under the weight of manís idea to make everybody equal poor except for the elite rulers. The economy is in shambles, and we are throwing good money after bad. Trying to spend our way out of debt has never worked.

The hard times are just beginning. We have played at church and traditions so long, we are no longer different from the world. We have failed our children for it is not enough to know about Him. We need a relationship with Him. Becoming as the world, we have lost our first love. Our children cannot see what we no longer have. Therefore, they embrace the road ahead. They do not yet know what suffering means or that Christ is the only way out. We have not been required to die for Christ. We have been required to die to Him. We have been required to live for Him. America has a choice, to pray for forgiveness and revival. We can hit our knees, fill our pew, and beg for His Spirit or continue to strive with God and fall from His Grace. Time is short and the hour is late. If we are not careful, the legacy we leave may be of our destruction.
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