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TITLE: Black and White TV and Life
By Kathy Barnes

This is a look back at simpler times and ways of life. It is a call for Christian to but things back in proper order. I am not really sure what genre it falls in. I am dyslexic please check for anything spell check can't find.
Black and White

I miss the days of black and white
When right was right and wrong was wrong.
Today feels full of shades of gray, but sin is still sin.

The puritans were too strict and legalist but
Now the pendulum has swung the other way
Anything goes, nothing is wrong if it feels good.
No one seem to know just what they stand for,
So we stand for nothing and let life move by.

Can anyone recollect when Rhett Butlerís curse
Shocked the world and made headlines?
Now our children donít even know why it is wrong.
The air is filled with every kind of vile filth.

Does anyone beside me remember when
Lucy and Desi sleeping in two beds was shocking?
Now we let the most explicit sexual shows into our homes.
Does anyone recall when cheating was taboo
And frown on, not one of the most popular blogs.
Society would not condone blatant or secret affairs
And if found out it was ground for being impeached.
Just when did it become sociable acceptable?

Do you remember Jim and Margaret Anderson?
The husband and wife loved each other and the kids.
The husband worked hard to make a living and raise his kids.
The wife kept things running smoothly and took care of problems.
The kids often got in trouble but respected their parents
And in the end learned to be a better person.
Today our wife are desperate, and our fathers missing.

Consider what happen at Laura little house on the prairie?
They went to church and school in the same building.
They were poor but offer helping hands to others.
They did not ignore the blind and orphans?

Do you remember when the good guy wore white hats?
Matt Dillion and the Lone Ranger were heroes
And not the gangsters that brag
About shooting cops and degrading women.
When you watched Perry Mason or Dragnetís Joe Friday,
You knew without a doubt that crime did not pay.
Murders, drug dealers, and crooks ended up in jail.
Not writing books on if I had killer her, this is how I did it.
I think we have lost something when we no long see
Thieves, murders, and child abusers hung on a noose
But instead pay big bucks to pay homage to their dead bodies.

Reminisce with me to time when the most violent thing on TV
Was Tom and Jerry and the Roadrunner.
Today blood and gore fill the screens.
Video games give point for stealing cars,
Running over pedestrians and killing cops.

Does anyone recall when Presley hips and songs
Were banded as to radical and racy?
What would Ed Sullivan think of Madonna?

We may laugh at Mashís Hot Lips and Hawkeye
But never the men that fought for freedom
These brave men were honored and respected.
Do not forget the ballgames where we all stood
For the Star Spangled Banner and it was a privilege to sing.

Bear in mind that it was no laughing matter
When Rowan and Martin joked that they were more popular than God.
The public outcry almost took them down.
Today too many kids have never set foot in a church.
Many of those that have done so, are left there as if it were a babysitter.

Can you imagine what Uncle Joe would have said if
One of the girls of Petticoat Junction wanted an abortion?
Today we sit silent as unborn lives are taken
Declaring it to be a women right to choose.
The child did not ask to be brought into this world
Should they not be allowed to live long enough to ask to be take out?
What happen to their rights to live?
I guess it does count if you canít vote or pay a lobbyist.

At what point did your right to do what you want
Eliminate my right to do what I want? Somewhere I missed it.
Just because it feel good does not make it right.
Just because we canít see the harm does not mean there is none.
My excuses do not stop it from being sin.
And sin always has a price that must be paid.

I am not promoting that we judge others, just ourselves.
We must acknowledge the truth before us, before we can change.
I have no more right to choose what is right than you.
That is proper authority for the God that created us.

Maybe some of us need to turn off the electronics
And open up His instruction guide, the Bible.
Maybe some of us need to open our ears
And listen to the preachers and shepherds of His law.
Maybe some of us need to be still
And get to know His heart and love.
All need to ask for His forgiveness, mercy, and grace.
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