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TITLE: The Day the King Came By
By Rick Musick

A King buys a slave girl from an auction block, and makes her his bride.
The Day the King Came By (1)
(Rev. Rick J. Musick 4-6-10)

She was skinny and frail, her hair looked like it had not been brushed for weeks, it was matted, and tangled. Her eyes were down cast, and sunken into her head. Her jaw was clinched, and she shook uncontrollably in the cold breeze. She wore nothing but a thin robe that was tattered, torn, and filthy. Her lack of food and the need for a bath made her seem uglier than she really was.
There she stood that day on the auction block. Not worth much. She was too weak to work in the fields, to sickly to be a nanny, to homely to be a house servant. She just was not worth anything to anybody.
The auctioneer in a not so enthusiastic tone tried to get someone interested in this sick slave. But nobody was interested in buying somebody useless.
But then the crowd parted and knees bent, as the King stepped from his ornate chariot. The king stared at the frightened maiden, who now was on her knees, face almost touching the ground. To everyone’s amazement the king stepped upon the auction block, and knelt beside slave. He gently and slowly touched her chin, and lifted her face.
He did not say anything for a moment he just looked into her hollow eyes. Her eyes resisted his. After all who was she to look upon the King, in his majestic robe, and fine jewels? Her, an abandoned sick, slave and He royalty. He sits on the throne, she sits on dirt. He sleeps on goose down pillows, and walks upon marble floors. She sleeps in a barn with pigs, and goats, and walks through filth. There she is barefoot, and filthy, but the King just looks into her eyes, and suddenly the King smiles a comforting smile. Without so much as looking up, he addresses the auctioneer, “How much for this lady? What has been bid for her?” The auctioneer answers, “Sire, nothing has been bid, seems that no one is willing to offer anything for her.” The King said, “I will buy her.” The auctioneer responded, “You may have her sire, at no price.” The King stood, and looked into the face of the auctioneer and said, “I will purchase her.” He held out his hand and instantly a bag was placed in his hand by his treasurer. The King then handed over the bag to the auctioneer. Inside the bag were gold coins, enough gold to purchase four well, and strong, healthy slaves.
The king motioned to his servants and without hesitation they brought the newly purchased slave to her feet, and gently walked her over to an awaiting carriage. The crowd stood to there feet as the King made his way back to his chariot. They whispered among themselves as the procession left, wondering, why would a king purchase something as useless as that woman?
When the King returned to the palace he instructed his female servants that He wanted them to bathe her, feed her and dress her in fine silk. “I want her treated with respect and dignity.” He instructed. “I want you to teach her how to walk tall with her head held high. I want you to furnish her with beautiful gowns, and teach her to dress like a lady. I want you to teach her how to talk with confidence. I want you to teach her how to live like a queen, for she will be my wife!”
The kings councilor’s asked him, why her? He could have any woman in the region to be his wife. “Why would you buy a slave to be your wife?” The Kings answer was simply, “I have seen in her what no other man has seen; I saw a beauty that is buried under abuse.”
Months passed and the King was informed that the maiden was ready. The King announced a feast, a celebration was prepared. Guest was invited form afar. Dignities were summoned in. Hundreds came, curious about the mystery woman bought on an auction block.
The time came and the King sat upon his throne and next to him a new throne that had never been sat upon, a queen’s throne. Trumpets began to sound, and the throne room doors opened, a silk runner was rolled out by two servants, directly behind them two beautiful maidens’ gently scattered rose pedals. The King stood and the room became amazingly quiet.
Two maidens dressed in pink silk, and lace turned the corner and entered into the ball room, five paces behind them entered the most beautiful woman, dressed in an elegant wedding gown made of silk and pearls, her face covered with soft lace. Her hair was up, and flowers of various colors made a crown upon her head. She walked with poise, erect and strong. She slowly walked the path that led to the King, who upon her approach stepped from the platform to the ground floor. A huge smile upon his face as he reached out and took her by the hand, which was now soft and as delicate as the rose pedals she walked upon. The King reached for the veil that hid her face, and he slowly lifted it up, and looked into the eyes that were now the biggest, brightest, blue eyes he had ever seen. She smiled an amazing smile that melted the king’s heart.
The King reached behind him, and a servant placed in his hand a ring made of the finest gold, and a diamond that made every lady in the room hold her breath. He took her hand and slowly slipped the ring upon her delicate finger. With a sparkle in his eye, and a blush on her cheeks, he leaned in, tilted his head slightly to the side and she responded by taking a half step towards him, and there lips met. Softly, slowly, and gently they kissed. The King stepped back smiling as he led his bride upon the platform, towards her throne, they turned to face the audience and the King announced, “Your Queen!”

Rick J. Musick 4-6-10
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