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TITLE: "Shhh" No More!
By Lisa Grace

I initially wrote this on the night before the challenge ended, but I had to wait for 24 hours for my 500 member ship to kick in... LOL So here it is - would be interested in what anyone thinks

Are you serious? Really? You are seriously telling me to, "shhh", as I am standing here telling my daughter about the need for Christ Jesus in her life; all the while her life is in total turmoil and shambles. I absolutely will not, "shhh" about Jesus Christ for anyone, not even you. I really cannot believe you have the audacity to even ask me something like that! Are you not a "God fearing man", yourself? Are you not a Christian? Well then how can you ask something like that of me? Oh, you really think I am going to scare her. Now I am going to run her off.
Would it not be better for her to be afraid of God and turn to Christ Jesus when she needs help than to stay in the abusive marriage that she has stayed in for the last 8 years? Hasn't she tried on her own to leave him? Has she relied on her own humanly reasoning to leave and there she sits, continually taking her husband's abuse until when? Until he kills her? I cannot live with that can you?
This is exactly what is wrong with our society today everyone is saying, "shhh", about the love of God thru knowing Jesus Christ our Lord and savior! I have had enough; I will no longer be quiet!
We all must face reality, and look at the maddening statistics of today's society as a whole. Heck, why not start out with our all-loving country of the United States of America, remember; "home of the free and the brave" look our statistics for a moment.
Our government is taking God completely out of public schools now we have more gang violence, teenage crime and imprisoned teen unwed pregnancy, and even worse abortion rate; at an all time high. How do we as Americans justify this?
On the other hand, how is this for ya? "Their" debating rather we as "Americans", should be allowed to say "Merry Christmas", any longer during the season! Instead we are to say; "Happy Holidays!" Why, you ask? Well, we might offend someone who is not a Christian! Personally, I want to offend them then I shall tell them about God's all-loving grace and mercy through Jesus Christ. Then I will pray for them or with them it is their choice.
It is their choice God gave us the freedom of choice! Just as our government should do for us; we can take it or leave it, not have it thrust upon us. Remember; "home of the free and brave!"
I do I have not forgotten, nor will I ever! And NO I will not "Shhh!" not ever!
Wake up America, open thy eyes and see the truth. It's all there, right in front of you, stop ignoring it, stop saying, "Shhh", for someone might really listen, and hear the Gods honest truth, and wake up for the first time in their lives, and then, God forbid, they finally come to know Christ and live the ultimate life of true happiness.
Nevertheless, no, they use the flimsy excuse to, "shhh", because someone might think we are crazy for speaking so boldly about Christ Jesus oh no, we are suppose continue to allow them to do it their way, the humanly way, their standards, their morals, their ethics! Oh yeah, that is definitely the better way! Look where are society, our country sits today in utter bliss!
Yes, I can say this all makes sense yeah sense to men and women that do not know or fear God. Exactly! I will take Jesus Christ, and be called crazy any day of the week than doing it their way!
So in answer to, your telling me to "Shhh!"
NO! I absolutely and completely, will NOT! Not now with my daughter that could end up being another statistic; not with anyone, ever!
I think I made my case and point clear have I not?

Author: Lisa Marie Davies
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