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TITLE: America I Loved You
By Thomas Kimble

This is from my heart and i believe every word of it. I write a lot but probably will never master punctuation, try as I may.
America I Loved You:
This is my country, the country I was born in, and the country I grew up in, and yes the country I will someday die in. God was once a big part of this great country and through his grace we grew to be the greatest country on earth. Now the general opinion is either that God does not exist, or if he does then who needs him. I have my own little saying that I love, which goes, (when you throw God under the bus donít complain when the ride getís rough) Well we have thrown God out of just about everything and now we wonder what has gone wrong with our country. We canít mention God in school for fear of some politically correct notion that we will instill our beliefs on the children. Be that as it may, I would much rather see those beliefs passed on to the children than the lyrics of some trash rap song. Our values are upside-down and just a brief look at our history would show anyone that God did play a big part in the formation of this great nation. In case anyone has forgotten, who do people turn to in times of great personal tragedy or loss? Who do nations turn to when all else fails? What is the first word that comes from people that are at the end of their road, either with an illness, financial ruin, or any other problem that is beyond solving? We as a people, and as a nation, all turn to God and ask him to help us and we donít consider political correctness when we do. No, we only turn philosophical when we have the luxury of not being in imminent danger or fear for our lives, or the lives of those whom we love. At times like this there are no unbelievers and God has a front row seat.
Think back to 911, the day after when everyone was in shock and for a while God was the only comfort. I have not forgotten how people changed, if only for a short time, but wasnít it wonderful the way we all came together. This is the America I know and love and the true measure of the people that inhabit this great nation. For just a little while we were the people that it took to make this nation what it was, and this gives me hope that we can still save it.
America can once again be the great nation that she once was, but not until we decide that we need God all the time and not just when it suits our purpose. God is there waiting for us to come back to him and ask for his help and forgiveness. Only God could still love his people even though they sometimes deny his existence, and throw him out of their lives and make laws to keep him out of their schools and public places. There is no such thing as separating God from the functioning of our society and expecting him to be there every time we need him. A nation that denies God is a nation that is heading for a fall, as history will teach us if we let it.
I finish this with a prayer for my country. God please forgive us for our blindness and for the foolishness of people who think they are intelligent enough to know more than you. Help us to change ourselves and take over the hearts of the leaders of Government and show them the way. Our Nation is in grave danger as you well know, so I ask you to step in and help us to return to your way. Forgive those that mock and reject you and help them understand how much we need you. Most of all forgive me for not always being the person I need to be and doing the things I need to do. Show us the way, for this we pray. Amen.
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