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TITLE: The Little Lost Lamb
By Michelle grant

Children's bedtime story
Once upon a time there was a little lamb named Fluff. Fluff lived in a beautiful green meadow, with lush green grass, crystal blue lakes and trees so tall they looked like they touched the sky.

Fluff was a very happy little lamb. He lived in the meadow with his whole family. Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles even cousins. It was a great place for a little lamb to live.

One day while Fluff was eating the green lush grass by the lake, he noticed even greener grasses on the other side. Little Fluff saw a bridge that his master used to get to the other side. Little Fluff thought that it wouldn’t hurt anyone if he crossed the bridge and just tried a couple of bites of that lush green grass. Then he would come right back over and no one would ever even know.
“It won’t hurt. Just a couple of bites.” He thought to himself as he got closer to the bridge. “I’ll be back before any one even knows I’m gone.”
So over the little wooded bridge he went. As he was crossing the little bridge he saw his face in the water. His mother had told him this was his reflection. That’s when Little Fluff heard a voice telling him,
“ Dear Little Fluff, don’t cross this bridge. Yes, the grass does look greener and tastier on the other side but what happens if you get lost? There are many dangers for you away from your family please turn around and go home where you are loved and safe.”
“Oh but the grass looks so green and tender. One little bite won’t hurt,” he said to himself and off he went.
As Little Fluff crossed over the bridge he could smell the sweet sent of the grass. It made his mouth water so. He took his first bite of the grass and it was so sweet and tender. Much better than the grass across the bridge. Little Fluff spotted some purple and yellow flowers over in the distance.
“Oh I wonder what those are like. If they are as good as they smell I will be in heaven.” He trotted over to the flowers and they did smell so sweet, of sweet bees honey. Little Fluff’s favorite treat. The flowers tasted even better than they smelled. They just seemed to melt in his mouth.
“ Now if I only had something to drink,” thought Little Fluff.
He looked up to see a little creek flowing right next to a huge apple tree. The water was so clear it look like the sky on a cloudless day. Little Fluff looked into the crystal clear blue water and saw little fish and tadpoles swimming in the water. Little Fluff took a drink. The water tasted just like freshly squeezed apple juice.

“Oh this place is so much better than where I live. I think I might just stay here from now on.”
In the tree a little bird began to sing. The bird was so happy and his song just seemed to float on the air like a feather. Little Fluff decided to lay down on the sweet soft grass and listen to the little birds song. Before long Little Fluff let out a big yawn and try as he might he just couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer, then was fast asleep.

When Little Fluff awoke no longer was the little bird singing in the tree, or the warm and inviting sun shining. No, now it was dark and cold. Shadows were everywhere and a cold breeze blew right through Little Fluff.
“ Where am I,” thought Little Fluff? Then he remembered how earlier that day he had crossed over the little wooden bridge.
“Oh, why did I ever cross over theat bridge. Now I am scared, cold and all alone.”
Little Fluff began to cry he couldn’t remember how to get back home.
As Little Fluff lay under that big tree crying he thought he heard someone calling his name. Little Fluff looked up. Way in the distance there was a light. The light seemed to get bigger and brighter. Little fluff was very scared. He had never been away from his family after dark and thought this was something mean and terrible coming to get him. Then he heard his name again. It was his master calling for him.
“ Little Fluff where are you?”
Little Fluff’s heart leaped with joy.
“Master here I am!” He shouted, no longer afraid of the light.
Little Fluff’s master ran and scooped him up and held him close.
“ I was so worried little Fluff. You are safe now. Lets go home.”
And that’s just what they did.
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