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TITLE: The Right to Love, Part V: Resolution (Part 2 of 2)
By Lauren Alan

The very final part of "The Right to Love" is here! You have probably guessed that the story has a happy ending, and if you did, you guessed right!!! You now know that Charles decided to Read what happens when their society adopts integration and when Charles and Angie are united together...for better or worse, in sickness and in health, till death do them part! I really enjoyed writing this story, and I love the two main characters. I had intended for this story to do 3 things: 1.) teach a lesson about what went on in a critical time in American history; 2.) minister to people about God's love and Biblical values and how they tie into the principles some of the people in that time who were for integration hold--about all men being created equally and believing God could use a large group of people to make a difference in the nation--as well as minister about other Biblical values; 3.) be an entertaining love story about a man and woman who love one another passionately and selflessly, who are united by their faith and their values in spite of different backgrounds and ethnicities (I believe interracial couples where both parties belive in Jesus have a chance of standing. One of my favorite books in the Bible is Ruth, and that book is about an Israelite and a Moabitess (people from 2 different races that didn't get along) who fall in love when God leads them to one another.
Meanwhile, the man who shot Ty had not realized that he had not shot Charles but had actually shot Ty, so he fled the scene of the shooting and went up to the northern States to shoot some more black people just to put an end to their race. He and his fellow Klansman, who was in the car with him, were finally arrested when they reached Chicago. This happened four days after Ty was shot.

Charles and Angie still had to put up with persecution from many prejudiced white people. They were unable to avoid such derogatory words and phrases as "nigger" and "white trash", and people all over Selma gave them dirty looks, but they did not let those people break them up. They loved each other, they trusted God, and they knew that God would bless their faithfulness to Him and to one another, even if they had to deal with stinging prejudice along the way. No matter what happened, they would always be by each other's side, even if it cost them their lives.

Sometime soon later the segregation of blacks and whites came to an end when Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches and movements affecte the entire nation. Charles and Angie got their jobs back when their bosses decided it would be unfair to discriminate against them, since the laws had changed. Angie and Charles each prayed prayers of thanks to God for giving them back the jobs they loved. The man who shot Ty and his friend were sentenced to lifetime imprisonment, and no one came to bail them out because of the new laws that had passed.

One evening when Charles and Angie were by the lake again, Charles held Angie close to him and sighed. "Oh, Angie I'm so thankful that God has worked everything out for us, because I have a question to ask you."

Angie, whose head had been leaning against his chest, raised her head. "Oh, really? What's the question?"

Charles put his arms down, then motioned for her to wait. He fished a small jewelry box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring.

Angie suddenly felt flushed in the face, and her heart started pounding. "Oh, Charles, is that what I think it is?"

Charles smiled. "Well, if you think it's me asking you to marry me, you're right."

Angie happily popped into his arms and kissed him on the lips. "Oh, Charles--"

"Hang on, baby," Charles said as he disentangled himself for a minute. "I want to do this right." He got down on one knee and held the box toward her. "Angie Peterson, if there's ever been anything right, it's you and me. I love you with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life holding you, cherishing you, comforting you, and enjoying life's long journey with you, no matter where the road takes us. There is no other woman in this world I would rather be with. I want to wake up every morning and see you by my side." He paused for a minute to kiss Angie's hand. "Angie, will you marry me?"

Angie felt tears of joy stream down her cheeks. "Oh, Charles--yes!" she finally said.

Charles slipped the ring onto her finger, and they kissed again.

After the kiss, Angie whispered, "Charles, I have to tell you something."

"What?" Charles whispered back.

"I was attracted to you from the moment I first met you at that cafe."

Charles moved a strand of hair off of Angie's face and put it behind her ear. "Really?"

Angie nodded. "One night, a few years before we saw each other again at the church Dr. King spoke at, I had a dream about us getting married and you carrying me off to a beautiful castle in the sky."

Charles wrapped his arms around her once more and pressed his lips against her forehead. "Angie, I promise you I will do everything to make your dreams of having a wonderful home come true, because that's what you deserve. You deserve a beautiful home, because you're a beautiful woman--on the inside and outside." He looked into her eyes. "Every part of your face is beautiful and makes me want to kiss it.

"For instance, your blue eyes are like shimmering pools." Charles kissed each of Angie's eyes. "Your cheeks have the cutest dimples when you smile." He kissed each of Angie's cheeks. "Your chin is the cutest chin I've ever seen." He gave her chin a gentle peck. "And your forehead is the smoothest and softest in the world." Charles pressed his lips against Angie's forehead again, then kissed each of her temples. "And lest I forget, your lips are as sweet as honey." He softly caressed Angie's lips with his own.

"I realize now that the dream about you and I was a prophetic dream given by God," Angie said as her arms went gently around his neck.

"And He made a way for it to come true."

Six months later Charles and Angie became Mr. and Mrs. Williams in a little Baptist church in front of sixty witnesses, including their employers. A year later they sat in the nursery of their beautiful new home with their infant son, Jeremiah, just loving their baby and praising God for making them a family.
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