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TITLE: Here's To Childhood
By A . WAL

This is a poem I've been a coward about putting on here. The reason is I don't think I can make myself post it without telling the story behind it. The truth is, it makes me cry every time I read it. I went through all my teen years not even remembering I had a childhood.
I was one of those little kids who's hands stretched to be held, Loved giving hugs and kisses and was all for snuggling. I was completely touchy feely and loved to give love to whoever would return the favor.
One of my older brothers saw that in me and took advantage of that in the worst possible way. I was molested for the first six years of my life. My Dad had a problem with being a dad when I was little and could be very abusive. More emotionally than anything else. I shared a room with my older sister, fourteen years older and she had a short temper. The really sad thing is, I always took it as being my fault.
I have two younger siblings that I've grown very close to. I spent most of what was supposed to be my childhood being a parent. I kept an eye on my younger sister like a hawk, making sure that the same thing would never happen to her as it did me. My younger brother always hung around me, never left me alone. At the time drove me crazy, but thanks to that I would have never understood what a true man of God was.
At fourteen I was fed up with life already. I could barely read, I was five foot four and ninety
pounds. I wasn't anorectic because I thought I was fat. It's kind of how you can't eat while you're crying kind of a thing. I simply had no desire to live anymore. The only thing that kept me from committing suicide was the fact that the people that would find my body would most likely be my younger siblings.
I finally had to drop all that had happened, come to God as a little child, stretch out my hands and Let Him take and love me as I am. Then trust that He would. (Extremely difficult concept for me)
I look at My brother who is nineteen now and my sister going on seventeen and I wouldn't ask God for any other life. They look at me like I'm their hero and I look at them the same way. I don't know a whole lot of people that can have relationships like that with their siblings. I have post dramatic stress disorder and part of the way I deal with it is, whenever I have an episode I try to think of as many good experiences as I can remember to block out the bad ones. My younger siblings do whatever they can to bring those memories back. Usually by saying, remember when? After having a long conversation with them I was able to come up with this to get me through the bad days. It works everytime.
Please enjoy and I hope it blesses you. :)
Here's To Childhood

Here's to your blanky,
And your teddy bear,
here's to being cranky
And having snarled hair.

Here's to dirty little feet,
and a really saggy diaper.
Here's to every trick or treat
and being really hyper.

Here's to bare feet on hot sand
and your favorite cartoons.
Here's to banging on pots and pans
With expensive wooden spoons.

Here's to foam filled bath tubs
And no-tears shampoo
Here's to digging up worms and grubbs
and finding a lost shoe.

Here's to Grandma's lap
And the special way she tells stories
Here's to every peaceful nap
Through all of Grandpa's snoring.

Here's to capturing fire flies
and playing hide and seek.
Here's to Mother's lullabies
and pretending you're asleep.

Here's to dreaming big
and being little.
Here's to doing a jig
and learning to whistle.

Here's to food fights
and jumping on the bed.
Here's to flying kites
and Icing a bumped head.

Here's to tree or club houses
And making a "Kepe-oot" sign.
Here's to searching for buried treasure
and being happy with a dime.

Here's to drinking from the hose
and amazing water wars.
Here's to every runny nose
and eating burnt smors.

Here's to swaying docks
and catching the smallest fish.
Here's to holey socks
and making a birthday wish.

Here's to silly string
and crazy glue.
Here's to coloring
and drawing too.

Here's to burping the alphabet
and armpit farts.
Here's to every bet.
Here's to daring hearts.

Here's to running in the rain
and making mud pies.
Here's to licking a stain
and chasing butterflies.

Here's to funny faces
and fancy bandaids.
Here's to toy car races
and cookie jar raids.

Here's to mac 'n' cheese
and p.b 'n' J's.
Here's to every brain freeze
and popsickle days.

Here's to monkey bars, teeter totters
and spiral slides.
Here's to pony tails, pig tails,
piggy back rides and pony rides.

Here's to sparklers, blowing bubbles
and breathing in helium.
Here's to no worrys, no troubles
and giggling for no reason.

Here's to hop scotch, ring around the rosey
and cowboys and Indians.
Here's to cops and robbers, Marco Polo
and jumprope competitions.

Here's to snowmen, igloos
and snowball fights.
Here's to camping, flipping canoes
and itching bug bites.

Here's to connect the dots, color by number
and Where's Waldo?
Here's to Big Bird, Cookie Monster,
Bert, Ernie and Elmo.

Here's to every child
trying to be good,
can't help but be wild
and misunderstood.

Here's to grape flavored cough syup
and an animal shaped vitamin.
Here's to never really growing up
and always able to imagine.

Here's to a poem that takes you back
to an innocent time.
Here's to a life that doesn't lack
A child's state of mind.
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