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TITLE: The Watch
By Kathleen johns

This is my first post I'm planning to do this little skit with the youth group. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I guess my main concern is do you think I have writing ability? I love it, but if I'm not any good at it, I need to know.
Thank you for your time.
He Has Risen………..Told You So.


Characters: several demons and satan

I have added a prop because there is a lot to remember so I’m having the demons carry THE BOOK OF RULES. It can be made of an empty cardboard box made to look like cumbersome heavy book. The purpose of this book, (besides being ridiculous) is to hide the script, so no one will miss a line.

satan: Alright you are my very best team so I have a special assignment for you. First of all, has everyone got the BOOK OF RULES?

In Unison: Yes. They produce their books.

Satan: Very good……… I mean okay.

demon#1: We’re ready, what is this special job?

satan: you’re my top demon so I’m putting you in charge.

demon#2: what’s so great about him?

satan, nothing, that’s why he’s number 1.

Everyone in unison: OKAY!

satan: now the good stuff, we captured Jesus last night and killed Him.

satan: so I picked each of you myself, because you’re the best, or is that the worst. I don’t know. Anyway, here’s the plan. Jesus is all powerful and the Bible says that He will rise from the dead. Your assignment is to watch over the grave and make sure He doesn’t get out.

demon#3: If he gets out should we kill Him?

satan: We can’t kill Him brainless, He’s God. Nobody can kill him.

demon#4: Then how did he get killed?

satan: you sure don’t know your Bible. You’d better get studying, otherwise how do you expect to try to twist it around? Jesus allowed Himself to be killed so that His Death and Resurrection could Save Mankind. Don’t any of you ever tell the humans.

All: we won’t.

Satan: 3#: You’ve got oven duty after this job.

All in unison: OH NO, NOT OVEN DUTY!!

#4 Yes, master.

satan: #1, here are the keys. Remember, no one goes in, no one goes out. Come back in 2 days and give me a report.

(Demons exits stage. We return to satan.)

satan: What’s happening up there?

Demon#1: Nothing master, He’s not getting out. We’re on the job. What do I get for doing sure a great job?

Satan: that’s the trouble with you demons, you’re so selfish. I mean good work. Do you still have the keys?

#1: Yes sir.

Scene: Morning of the third day. Demons are standing guard. Bored and complaining.

Demon#4: This job sucks, and this stupid book is so heavy. What good is it anyway? First we have to learn all the rules, and then they tell us not to follow them.

They all laugh. (Then they look around to make sure no one saw then laughing.

#3 : We’re all bored!

#2: There’s nothing to do, and we can see that Jesus isn’t living up to His word.

They all laugh. That’s a good one. Not living. Ha ha.

Scene: Suddenly a loud sound like thunder and a VERY BRIGHT blinds them. They recover.

#2: Oh no, we’re all done for. The stone is rolled away and He’s gone.

#3: If you didn’t see, there are Angels in there.

#4: I’m not going in there.

#2: You go, #1. You’re the top dog here.

#1: I wish I was a dog right now. No, none of us will go in.

Unison: What will we do?

#1: WE’LL LIE!!!

All: SWEET! Of course, that’s what we do best.

Scene: Day 3: the demons are confident that the lies will work.

satan. Why are you all here? What’s going on? He’s gone, isn’t He?

#1: A great demon came and told us it was all a joke and we could all go home.

satan: That’s a lie!!!!!!

#2: A great army of Angels came. They fought against us and we lost the battle. They took Him.

satan: That’s a lie!!!!!!!

#3: The whole tomb was washed away by an earthquake.

satan: that’s a lie!!!!!!!.

#4: We were all standing guard when we heard a loud sound, louder than thunder. Then a bright light blinded us, and when we got up the grave was empty and the stone was pushed away…………………,’ and a giant 50 foot tall lion stood at the tomb and almost ate us.

Satan: That’s a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!. I want the truth!!!!!!!!.

In unison: Boy, did you come to the wrong place!!!!!! We’re demons. We can’t tell the truth.

#3: The Bible says in John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me”.

satan: Don’t you know you’re supposed to twist scripture? Get it?

satan: More oven duty. Where are the keys?

In Unison: They disappeared

satan: another lie!!!!!!!!!!!. What can I expect? Do you know what those keys were for?

All: No.

satan: Those were the keys to hell and death. We can’t win now. Jesus Christ has won. Now all men can be saved.

demons in unison: We wish we were humans!!!!!!!

Satan: You can’t say that!!!!

All in unison: Why not?

Satan: Because it’s the truth!!!!

EVERYONE: Oh no, Here come the Angels, (possibly Jesus and the Angels).

NOTE* The Angels are girls, the demons are guys)
Scene: satan and his demons cower and run away as the Angels come out of the tomb (possibly Jesus comes up to meet the angels).

Scene: each demon is heard, to say, as they run away. I hate this demon stuff.

satan says: Of course, you do. You hate everything!!!!

The End

Written by: Maggie Johns
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