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TITLE: Before I formed You
By Nicole Van Der Merwe

This is my first piece of writing. I need a lot of input.
We always marvel at the miracle of new life. There is great excitement when a new addition is added to the family. Months are spent preparing for this new baby. Our lives are turned upside down, because now we have to make way for another little person. We wonder about the sex of the child. Is it a boy or a girl? It is fun to go shopping for all the needs of the newborn. Everyone, especially the parents can’t wait for the arrival of this tiny little infant. When the big day is here, the whole family gathers around in anticipation of the birth. After this tiny little human being emerges from its mother’s womb, mom and dad experience indescribable joy and awe at the miracle that has just taken place. The family gather around and everyone immediately examines to see whether the infant looks more like the mother or the father. Whose nose or whose mouth has he got? The newborn is embraced by his new family. His name has been picked months in advance and his infancy and childhood has been carefully planned by his parents. This is a picture of what the whole birth experience is for certain people in this world.

However many are not as fortunate. In the world we live in today, the regard for human life is not as important as it should be. It is easy, to just have an abortion after casual sex. We say, “Oh I made a mistake. I’m not ready to have a baby.” Mankind thinks he can play God over creation. Some bring children into this world that have suffered rejection in their mother’s womb. They were rejected before they were born. From their birth date onwards, they become more of a burden than a blessing. They grow up into dysfunctional wounded adults, who begin another cycle of broken future generations. These are the people who grow up unloved, abandoned and suicidal, wondering why they were ever born. Cursed with a generational curse that has been handed down to ultimately destroy them. Men, women and children living under a blanket of life long shame. Only our heavenly Fathers knows the torture these loved ones are enduring.

Abba Father, the creator of the whole universe said: “Before I formed you, I knew you.” We are strangely and wonderfully made. Long before we were conceived God knew us. Lovingly and gently, He held us in His hands before any one even was aware of our existence. Our heavenly Father touched, molded and shaped every inward part of our anatomy. He called each of us by name as He breathed life into our form. Our Father put within us a spirit which was made of His DNA. Greater than the connection of the umbilical cord from the mother to the embryo, is the longing for a human being to be spiritually connected. We were made to have a spiritual relationship with our creator. That empty space of rejection, abandonment and shame can only be replaced by our Saviour Jesus Christ. After Adams fall God had to hand us over to be born into a world of sin and corruption. Imagine the pain of having your child, which you love so dearly ripped out from your bosom and placed in an environment that is hostile and corrupt. You can do very little to help him. Think of how our Father feels every time a new life that He formed is brought into this world. Each one of us left His loving, protective hands to be placed into a world where the father of lies, Satan rules.

The great creator of our universe knew that the only way to be reconciled back to Him would be by sending His Son Jesus to die for us on the cross. Through His death He set the captives free, bound up the broken hearted and destroyed every work of the devil. Because of so great a love we can once again live in victory.
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