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TITLE: Grumblings
By frederick morka

Please be objective and open minded on this. I really want to improve my aim is to use your critique to improve.
The English dictionary defines the word grumbling as “making growling sounds, rumble, murmur, complain”. Apply this meaning to and you will see that many do one if not all these definitions listed. Part of our Christian living is to thank God for not only been alive but for every little event that takes place in our lives, but you find most questioning God over events that happened to them. Even a little murmur against your spouse is the direct opposite of loving acceptance. By complaining and grumbling you are actually accusing god of mismanaging the details of your day. The attitude of praise releases the power of God into our lives while the attitude of murmuring and complaining blocks that power.
The book of 1 Corinth.10:10 – 11, shows us what grumbling can do in the life of a nation. The Israelites on their wanderings from Egypt to the Promised Land complained and murmured a lot during their sojourn, which was to last for forty days now turning to forty years. It is not different from today’s church, during the days of Paul the Apostle, the people of Corinth were always grumbling and murmuring and Paul the Apostle had to issue a stern warning to them, so as not to incur the wrath of God. The book of Numbers 11:1, also shows us what effects grumbling can bring into the live of a man, as Moses after leading the Children of Israel through the wilderness was beset with complains after complains that the Lord had to come down in anger and consumed many with fire. We complain and murmur about food, clothes, shelter etc, things that don’t matter, yet God has made us a promise of ‘Providing for our every need’ Philippians 4:19, and also in the same book in another verse 6, talks much about why and how not to grumble nor murmur about anything. God provided Manna in the wilderness after a time the Israelites complained about the taste and craved for meat, God obliged and meat was provided, water was flowing out of nowhere yet they were bitter about the taste, going by the recorded complains in the wilderness you find that the children of Israel had petitioned Moses on ten different (Numbers 11:20) occasions with different types of complains, little wonder the man lost the privilege of entering the promised land.
Consequences of grumblings: A journey of two hundred miles lasted for forty years due to grumblings and murmurings on the part of the Israelite s. Of note is the last grumbling they lodged as they got to the border of the Promised Land. On seeing the inhabitants of the land they were filled with fear and cried out bitterly, complaining of the cities and the size of the people for they were like ‘ants’ before the dwellers of the city, even Moses was accused of playing a fast trick on them, they had completely forgotten all the promises that God made to them concerning to ‘drive all there enemies before them’.
Paul warns in the book of Hebrews 3:12, what unbelief lead the Israelites into wandering that all those who lead the murmur were removed along the way , they did not see the promised land. God has a perfect place for rest not death, a promised land, that place of perfect trust, which we can only enter by faith.
When Jesus was teaching his disciples in John 16:9, he mentioned that the greatest sin of the world is not to believe in him. This leads to us to debate unbelief.
But let’s continue with our topic grumblings, we have seen that it is not good to grumble about anything that is within the control of the most high God, for he sees and knows all, we have to trust him with all we can ever muster in life, for he is the perfect maker.
Let all try to remove the act of grumbling from our daily lives, who knows it may just be the antidote that the world needs for a better tomorrow.
(All scripture are from the KJV version of the Bible)
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