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TITLE: The Only One
By Ada Nett

A visual word picture of the spiritual warfare behind the scenes of the resurrection...and of the only one capable of dying in sin-soaked innocence being the only one who could destroy death...
God opened Himself
Became soaked with our sin
As hammer and spikes
Split His divine human skin

Bruised and bullied
Butchered like a lamb
The Son of Man
The Perfect I Am

His screams cracked the morning
Rocks echoed the sound
Jokers and criminals
Gathered all around

Men sullied and dirtied
By the sin born within
Made fun of the One
Who’d created all men

Jehovah God dying
In the hot morning sun
Blood, sweat and tears
Mingled hotly as one

“Come down” they said
“If you are Him”
He looked on in pity
As He prayed for them

Demons were singing
They thought He had fell
Sick joy rang out
From the gates of Hell

The sun couldn't take it
And left it’s own place
As the light of life left
His torn bloodied face

Darkness leapt high
As He faded away
Fallen angels dancing
While night conquered day

“It is finished” He said
As He gave up His Spirit
Deaf men with no ears
Just couldn't hear it

The ground trembled and quaked
As the one who had made
All of mankind
Redeemed all who’d be saved

Terror reigned nigh
As men groped in the night
Those without eyes
Blind men without sight

Crawling and clawing
The earth as it broke
Screaming in pain
As fear swallowed up hope

Heaven's bright Glory
Dwelling among men
Emptied Himself
As He died in our sin

Still the demons danced on
As the plan unfolded
Wrapped in their shrouds
That were ragged and molded

Whirling and twirling
In feverish delight
Celebrating victoriously
Thought they’d won this fight

Demonic music
Filled with hot handed hate
Followed the fiends
As they danced out Hell’s gate

Three days they screamed out
A charred victory song
Letting down their defenses
They danced on and on

While in Heaven the plan
Continued as laid
From eternity past
Where first it was made

The salvation of men
Nigh was at hand
Life and yes death
Must obey God’s command

His friends took Him down
Off the old rugged cross
They wept and they cried
As they washed His blood off

Sprinkled with spices
His body wrapped in linen
And laid in a tomb
Joseph of Arimathea had given

To hold His cold flesh
And preserve His dead bones
This borrowed tomb
Would now be His own

Quickly they lay
His cold lifeless body
In the rock-hewn tomb
And then they departed

Guards came and stood
As if they could halt
What Almighty God
Planned to do in this vault

While in Hell the sick
Demon dance went on
Thinking He who could stop them
Was now sealed in the stone

Heaven brimmed over
God was about to fulfill
His long range plan
And His all-perfect will

Anticipation strained
The halls of time
It was about to be given
The confirming sign

The one that proclaimed
Jesus as He
The Savior, the Messiah
That He'd claimed He would be

The power of God
Held in restraint till the day
He would impart life
And vanquish death away

Yet Hell’s party continued
To rant and to rave
Demons dancing dirtily
Deep in the grave

Shouting out praises
To the angel who'd fell
Screaming and singing
Glory to hell

God’s Son was defeated
And the time was at hand
For Satan their King
To take over command

But morning was rising
Just over the hill
In the silent tomb power
Started to fill

The cold lifeless body
Of the Son of man
He was beginning to rise
He was beginning to stand

His shroud of linen
Fell away like old skin
Left behind in the grave
Along with our sin

His dead heart was beating
Cold flesh became warm
Resurrected forever
This is why He was born

Risen in power
Life conquered the grave
Heaven ripped open
For those who'd be saved

But deep in the dungeon
Of Hell’s dark night
The demons still screamed
But now they screamed in fright

Twisted and tortured
Instead of their dancing
Writhing and crawling
Instead of their prancing

How could this be
It was not in their plan
They thought they’d destroyed
The Son of God….Son of Man

The rock rolled away
Heaven poured out
Now the Angels of God
Began to dance and to shout

Glory, Glory , Glory
To the Lamb who was slain
Let the King of Kings
Forever reign and reign

Ten thousand ten thousands
Began to sing
Death where is your victory
Death where is your sting

Life everlasting,
Peace on earth
Treasure of treasures
Of infinite worth

Holy, Holy, Holy,
We bow down with praise
The Son of God
Has defeated the grave

Like worms in a hole
Demons wiggled and tried
To crawl back into Hell
Where they thought they could hide

But all had been righted
Sin's price had been paid
Now all that remains
Is to wait for the day

When time will end
And God the Father will cry
"Roll back the clouds
Split open the sky"

The demons will shudder
And yet they shall
Bend their stiff knees
And reluctantly bow

To the only one
Who was able to pay
The price for our sin
and still walk away….
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