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TITLE: More To See
By Ashley White

More To See

“Where are we going?” The young girl asked her eight-year-old brother as they climbed through the garden.
“I don’t know,” he whispered, careful not to let his voice carry. “You just have to trust me…we will find him.”
The little girl began to whimper at the sudden touch of an icy breeze. The boy pulled his arm even tighter around her shoulders for protection as he guided her through the woods.
“Shush! Do you want them to hear us?”
“No, but I’m cold…we’ve been wandering around aimlessly. Can’t we just go home? Maybe we’ll see him tomorrow.”
“Not yet. Not until I talk to him.”
“Come on Luke, do you really think he could make me see again?”
“I’m sure. I have heard many stories of things he has done. Healed the sick, the lepers, the man who couldn’t walk, why couldn’t he make you see also?”
“But I thought he was a teacher, not a doctor?” She questioned her brother.
“I really don’t know, Anna, can’t say I understand it. But I do want to at least try.”
They stopped at the edge of a clearing where a group of men lay, sleeping.
“I don’t see him.”
“He’s not there. I don’t know where he could be.”
“Do you recognize any of them at all?”
“Oh I recognize all of them.”
“So he must be around somewhere. Look harder.”
“I am. Wait, I see him!”
“You do? Where is he?”
“He’s just walking towards his friends! Shhhh…. maybe we can hear what he is going to say…”
They were silent for a moment before Anna heard her brother gasp.
“Anna! Get down!” The boy whispered harshly. “Don’t say a word!”
She obeyed him immediately dropping down to the ground. The two of them lay on their bellies, faces down in the dirt. There they lay listening to the frightening scene unfold before them.
Luke slowly lifted his head for a peek at the crowd.
“Ew, yuck!”
“Huh? What just happened?” Anna questioned.
“Someone just kissed him!”
“Anna, I think we should leave now. Go home. We couldn’t see him tonight even if we tried.”
Before either of them could make a move, a moan arose over the crowd. Luke stared at his feet as a trickle of blood collected near his sandals.
Without much gesture, the teacher placed a hand where the new wound was spurting blood. When he pulled away his hand, the blood was gone and the ear that had just recently been chopped from the side of the man’s head was put back in to place. Luke stood from within his hiding place astonished. This confirmed all that he had heard.
“There Gone!”
“What do you mean “there gone”?” Anna questioned. “What just happened?”
“Well, after he healed one of the men, the soldiers began to get a bit rough. All of his friends, they all vanished immediately.”
“How could they do that? After all he has done?”
“Come Anna, I think it’s time we just went home. Mom is probably wondering where we are right about now.”
“But what about…”
“Tomorrow. now is not the time.”
The children fled from there hiding spot avoiding the clearing. Once safely, out of the garden the children dashed home without a single glance behind them.

The next morning the streets of Jerusalem buzzed with rumors. Hearing what the people had to say Luke sprinted home.
“Anna?” he whispered, a little out of breath.
“Yeah?” she replied as she dried the breakfast dishes carefully, “What is it?”
“Well I went out today to see if I could find him, and possibly bring him here, and that is when I heard the news. Anna, he’s been arrested and sentenced!”
“What! What for?”
“No one really knows a reason. The rumors are just flying. Don’t worry, if we leave now maybe we could get to him before they take him away from us for good.” Luke spoke suddenly, reading his sister’s mind.
“Do you think we can do it? Do you really think so?
“We should at least try.”
He grabbed his sister’s hand and together they ran out the door. They did not get too far before being forced to stop. Lining the road on both sides stretched a crowd that went on for miles. Standing on his tippey-toes Luke scanned as far as he could, Curious to see the cause for such a big turnout.
“It’s true,” He whispered.
“What’s true, why have we stopped?”
“It’s…It’s him…he…he is to be killed!” One man from behind them replied.
Luke turned to the man, “That’s why we have stopped? All there doing is watching him. Watching him stumble up the hill…why? Why does this have to happen? He does not deserve it I know he does not! He makes people better, he doesn’t hurt them.” Luke cried.
“I understand. You sure you should be here watching this. Does your Mother know you are here?”
“No! We are not going back! I need to talk to him…my sister…she needs him. I know he can make her see.” He was close to tears.
“So does this mean…” Anna began.
Luke turned back to where his sister stood and faced reality. “No Anna it’s not going to happen now. “
“But…can we follow him too?”
Neither Anna nor Luke spoke as they continued forward. Luke grasped his sister’s hand tightly partly not wanting to be separated from her, but mostly for comfort. He loved her dearly and wanted badly to help her in some way. That was why they were here. He had to speak to this man… but it was hopeless now.
“Anna, there so cruel. They have beaten him and tortured him. What did he ever do to them?”
“What are they doing?” She asked, sounding horrified.
“He fell, and all they can do is beat him to standing again. At least they have the decency to asked someone else to carry that wooden thing for him.”
They ascended the hill in silence after that. There was not much to say. The people around them were noisy, shouting and hollering. Luke felt dead inside. The momentum he felt an hour before was gone. Feeling his sister’s hand in his palm, he gave it a squeeze of reassurance.
At the top of the hill, the soldiers took action. Luke watched as the soldiers grabbed each of the three men sentenced for death. He watched as the men were thrown down on the rough wood in front of them. There were three of them, But all eyes were on only one man as he grimaced in pain. Fresh cuts were open and Luke closed his eyes at the sight of the fresh blood seeping through the flesh, drizzling to the ground. Luke knew what the next step was and he closed his eyes. He would witness this as his sister did with everything. The hammer flew upwards, immediately coming down, and striking the nail, piercing the flesh. Not a dry eye was seen in the crowd including Anna and Luke as the three crosses went up. All eyes were drawn to the middle cross.. The crowd waited in silence to see what would happen next. Having seen enough, Luke Clutched Anna’s hand and pulled her to her feet..
“Luke!” she cried out, “Luke we never did get to see him, we never did get to talk to him, and now it is too late! Wh- what’s going to happen now?”
“Well I guess we were just too late. I had hoped he would be able to heal you but I guess it just was not meant to be. Anna I think it is time we went home now.”
The two children stood to leave but right as they did the clouds that had been threatening the earth all morning gave way. Thunder roared in the distance. By now the now soaked crowd had begun to disperse, but they paused one last time for one last glimpse of the man hanging from the middle cross spoke his last words.

The next morning was just as miserable. Their parents had arrived home late that night. They had seen it all too. They were not all too happy Luke and Anna had witnessed the events but it just could not have been helped. Luke wandered in to the kitchen for the hundredth time that day.
“Luke, is that you?”
“Yeah it’s me.”
“Good, I wanted to talk to you.”
“Oh, what about?”
“About yesterday of course. What else?” She threw aside her doll. “I can’t get it out of my mind. The sounds, the sickening smell…”
The children were silent for a moment. Just thinking about the opportunity they missed was enough to turn any joy around.
“Mamma heard about a man named Joseph who asked for permission to bury his body. Mamma and some of her friends are going tomorrow to visit the tomb. She said unfortunately they have it under heavy guard to ward of any thieves that might want to come and steal the body. I tried to convince her to let us go but she wouldn’t give in.”
Luke only nodded in response.
Early the next morning Luke and Anna watched from their home as their Mother and a few of her close friends left to pay their respects. Luke wished desperately that he would be allowed to go with them but that was not to happen.
Luke went to find Anna so they could play something while Mamma was gone. He wanted to get his mind off everything that had happened in the last three days. It was enough to make him go mad.
About an hour past before he looked out the window again not really expecting to see his mother yet, although her and her friends were speeding madly through the streets full of joy. Luke could not imagine why as they had just left to visit someone’s grave only an hour ago. He at least expected them to come back a little teary, but no! They were running through the streets as happy as ever. The Joy radiated off them. Luke was just about to step outside when his mamma ran through the door beaming from ear to ear.
“What happened? Why are you so excited?” Luke questioned.
”Well, as you know we were going to his tomb to pay our respects. Neither of us spoke but just walked in silence. Reaching the tomb things didn’t quite look right and we were rather worried.”
“What?” They both asked.
“Well as you know they had put his grave under heavy guard, what with large rocks and soldiers stationed outside. But when we arrived there was nothing of the sort. The soldiers were gone and the tomb was wide open. We were astonished and fearful at the same time. We didn’t know what this meant!”
“What did you do?” Luke questioned.
“Well we were about to run to report it when we heard someone call to us from inside the tomb.”
“Huh?” Anna inquired.
“Exactly what I said, we moved cautiously toward the tomb slowly and carefully as we weren’t sure what to expect. When we peered in all we saw was an empty room, with an empty bed. The cloths used to wrap is body were lying askew and …a man was sitting there. It was not the teacher though. In fact, we did not even recognize the person. Our initial response, of course, he must have been the one to break in and steal the body.”
“Well did he?”
“Well that ‘s just it, it wasn’t him…it was...It was...an angel! Luke…Anna… the man you saw tortured and killed…that man is alive today. Right now!”
Luke could not believe his Mother’s words. He was… alive? He had seen the man die. IT did not make any sense! But if that was the case, than that would mean…
Luke ran out the door. If what his mother said was true than he wanted to see for himself. As he was running, he did not watch where he was going. Tripping he soon found himself sprawled out and face down in the dirt. Seconds later he was being helped up.
“Thank you sir I…” He paused. There was something strangely familiar about the man…maybe it was his beard.
Luke looked up, how did this person know who he was. He had never even seen the man before.
“Luke, listen.
“Who are you and how do you know my name?”
“Luke, it’s me.”
Curiously, Luke stared at the man; studied him. He could not figure out who the man could be.
“Luke, it’s me.” The man spoke once again.
Still Luke did not recognize him. He did admit the face looked vaguely familiar.
“How is your sister?” The man asked him, puzzling him even more.
“Why don’t we go and see her. Do you think she would want to see me.”
“Um, sure. Come, my house is this way; though I must warn you she hasn’t been able to see much of anything her whole life.”
“I know.” The man responded. “Luke, you must know, God has his own timing. If you trust in God, he will never disappoint you.”
Luke led the way. He was not quite sure why he was leading a stranger in to his home; to meet his sister nonetheless.
“Luke is there something you want?”
“Is there something you want?”
“Well…yeah.” By now, they had entered his house.
“Anna,” Luke called, “Where are you? Someone is here to see you?”
“I’m right here.”
“Hello Anna,” The man addressed his sister, gently, “Do you know who I am?”
She paused for a moment before a huge smile spread across her face. “…Jesus?”
At that moment, she began to blink rapidly as her eyes were open for the first time in her life. For the first time ever she saw colour and light. For the first time ever she saw, what her brother looked like and what her parents looked like. What her house looked like and what her city looked like; but, what really struck Luke as he threw his arms around his sister, was that the first thing Anna saw when her eyes were opened, was the biggest miracle of all, and that was Jesus.
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