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TITLE: Outback Jack and the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
By Toni Johnson

This was written SPECIFICALLY for this year's (2009) VBS promotion. Ours was the "Boomerang Express", however, there is another one along the same lines with an Australia setting it could be used for called "Crocodile Rock". So please keep in mind that this is directly linked to this area. Thank you!
OUTBACK JACK and the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
By Toni Johnson

Two person skit for VBS Promotion

Purpose: To be used with the Lifeway’s “Boomerang Express” VBS Theme 2009 or any other curriculum that relates.

Setting: Any background from elaborate setting with “outback” backdrop featuring barren sheep land to no changes in the background scenery at all. Director's Choice. Can also be performed on front stage with stage curtains drawn behind characters.

Characters: Outback Jack and the Wolf
Outback Jack is dressed like a native in casual clothing, button up (probably Khaki) short sleeved shirt, belt and pants. A cowboy hat is necessary as anyone in the sun would be wearing for sun protection.
The wolf can be dressed in costume or just in all black or all brown clothing. A wolf mask is necessary so the audience will know immediately what character he is. White wooly type fabric will be draped over his head that will prove he tries to pretend to be a jumbuck. (sheep)

Props: none necessary

Outback Jack steps out onto center downstage and begins a monologue addressed to potential VBS enrollees. He is quickly interrupted by the wolf who has made a failed attempt at disguising himself as a sheep.

OUTBACK JACK: G’day kidaroos! I’m Outback Jack and I’ve come here today to tell you about Oz Land, or the LAND DOWN UNDER. We all know it as Australia. This country and continent is home to many sheep ranches and it produces over 80% of the wool we use all around the world to make sweaters, gloves, blankets and many other items.

Almost 2000 years ago it was shepherds; you know, those guys that take care of the sheep and go find them when they get lost after they stray away from the rest of the herd….anyway, it was shepherds who were the first ones told about the birth of Jesus Christ. God compares us to sheep so we can understand how he wants us to stick together and trust Him as the shepherd of our lives.
Isaiah 53:6 says “All are like sheep and have gone astray”

This means we have all listened to ourselves or our friends and did what we wanted to do and it can take us to lots of places where we get into trouble.
1 John 4:9 tells us: This is how God showed His love among us: He sent His one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.

(cue): (wolf comes out quietly and sneaks up behind Outback Jack while he is talking)
(say the following a little louder as wolf character is entering)
His Son, Jesus, is the Shepherd for (gestures to everyone and himself) all of us.

No matter where you go in life, it ALL comes back to Jesus.

(he senses someone close by and begins to look around. When he spots the wolf over his shoulder, he Jumps!)

OUTBACK JACK: Oh!! G’day mate. You sure scared me. Do you always sneak up on people like that?

Wolf: (shakes his head no)

OUTBACK JACK: I’m just here having a yabber (conversation) with the kidaroos and tell them about Vacation Bible School (date) . We will learn important lessons from the life of Peter.

(Outback Jack walks around the wolf, scratching his head and mumbles loud enough for all to hear)

Strangest looking jumbuck I’ve ever seen

(Outback Jack puts hand up and in a loud whisper, as if to tell a secret to the audience and says) That’s sheep to all you non-Australians. (puts hand down and continues to walk until he is back in place at center stage)

I usually do see “jumbuck” here in the Outback, but I don’t think you’re a…..

Wolf: (a short bleep done softly) Baaaaa

OUTBACK JACK: (chuckles a bit) Well, you may appear to be a jumbuck at first glance but I don’t believe for a…..

Wolf: (interrupts again) Baaaaaa
OUTBACK JACK: Now hold on here just a minute. Do you think that the kidaroos and I are going to fall for this stunt? Why you’re….

Wolf: (interrupts again Abruptly and louder) Baaaaaaaaaaa
(this is all to sound like “you’re baaaaad” to which O J replies)

OUTBACK JACK: Well, that’s probably true, but what I’m trying to say is that I can see that you’re..

Wolf: (interrupts yet again even louder) Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

OUTBACK JACK: (looks to audience with lips pursed and an impatient look, pausing a few seconds for the laughter)
Now look here mate, you are probably right about being baaaaaad, but what I am trying to say is you’re
Wolf (quickly cuts him off) baaaaaaaaaaaa

(at this point they are quickly interacting back and forth in an argumentative speed)


Wolf (back to short bleats) baaaaaa

OUTBACK JACK: No, what I’m trying to say is..

Wolf baaaaaa

OUTBACK JACK: You can bleat all you want but

Wolf baaaaaa

(ad lib can be done here back and forth with Outback Jack trying to get a word in edgewise about what he wants to say while the wolf keeps bleating)

OUTBACK JACK: Alright, that’s enough mate. You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There I said it. You’re not fooling me or the kidaroos. It’s quite obvious you have tried to disguise yourself as a “jumbuck”.

And here you’re probably trying to fool the rest of the jumbuck here in the Outback. You are definitely not “true blue”, in fact you’re just a “wally” . I’m trying to have a “chinwag” with all the kidaroos here, so get out of here before I give you a “knuckle sandwich”.

(Wolf quickly scoots out door on stage right. Just as Outback Jack starts to talk again, he opens the door and interrupts one more time)

OUTBACK JACK: As I was saying…

Wolf: (sticks his head back in) baaaaaaa

OUTBACK JACK: (goes after him and leaves ending the skit)
Alright that does it. Guess I’m going to have a “Blue” (fight) with a wolf. “Hoo Roo” and Cheerio Kidaroos. Come to our VBS (fill in date) See you there!!!
(for a brief few seconds we hear commotion, the walls and door being GENTLY knocked all behind the door with intermittent “baaas”)
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