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TITLE: The greatest treasure in the world
By Warren M Rice,Jr

The greatest treasure in the world

Hi: My name is Tyler and my brother's name is Joe. Joe is eight years old and I am ten. My family and I moved to a new home alone the shore of northern California.
There are many caves in the cliffs along the shore and lots and lots of Seashells to find in the sand along the ocean. Today is my first day in our new home. Dad said. "We can go outside and play, just don't go inside any caves." Dad said. That "pirates may have buried treasures in some of the caves, but you boys should wait for me to go with you, before you go inside any caves." Mom also said, as we were walking out the door. "Don't be late for supper."
We both walk down to the beach to play. Because, Joe liked to dig in the sand, Joe always carried a spoon in his back pocket, but I wasn't interested in digging in the sand. I was interested in digging for buried treasures.
It was a bright sunny and warm day in the middle of the summer. Joe was playing the sand and I was looking at the cliffs to see if I could find any of those cave dad told us about. As I was standing looking up at the cliffs, and one of the cliffs seem to have a cave.
Joe I said, look there is a cave in the cliffs, let's go and see the cave.
"No," said Joe "I don't think we should." Dad said, "Don't go into any of the caves along the clefts." "Well, we can go just look a little can't we?" Said Tyler. Joe follows Tyler into the cave.
The cave had a large entrance along the cliffs. I shone my flashlight into the dark, but was not able to see anything and could not tell how far the cave want into the cliff. "Joe let's go in and see what is inside the cave." "No," said Tyler "I don't think we should." Dad said, "Don't go into any of the caves along the clefts." "Well, we can go just a little can't we?" Said Joe. Tyler follows Joe into the cave.
It was just a short distance to a large room, with lots of stalactite (ice hanging down from the roof of the cave) and stalagmites (ice built up on floor of the cave.) I shone my flashlight around inside, and could see that the ice was big and long. I said, to Tyler get your spoon out, and lets see it you can play a song on the ice, because I read at school, that you can play songs the ice. Joe got his spoon out and began to play on the ice. We were having the best time of our lives.
The cave was a fun place, and we soon forget about the time. Joe and I were having so much fun, when suddenly I realize that we needed to go home for supper. We look around for the entrance of the cave, but the cave had four of them. "Which way do we go to get out?" "I don't know Said Joe, I'm not sure which way we came in."
Joe began to cry. "Where lost inside this cave, and now we are going die in here." " No we are not, we just got to think about how to find the right opening." "How do we do that? I don't know? Joe, Tyler said maybe we had better pray and ask for God's help.
After praying, Tyler said. I remember something that my Sunday school teacher said once in class. I had just memorized a verse in the Bible that said. "For the son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost." I think I know what that verse means now. It just like being lost inside this cave and not knowing how to get out. We are lost in this cave and Jesus is seeking us to save us from our sins. I know and realize that for the first time, I am lost in sin and Jesus is looking for me to save me. I am going to pray right now and ask Jesus to come into my heart and save me.
Lord Jesus, I realize that you have been looking for me, and I am lost, because of my sins, please come into my heart and save me like the Bible verse says. I thank you Lord Jesus that you now live in my life. Me too, said Joe. " Lord Jesus will you come into my heart and save me. I thank you. We both pray that day. And God did help us, O, He didn't send an angel, but He did help us. I was reminded of another verse. " The joy of the Lord is your strength. My Sunday school teacher said. Our strength can mean more than just physical strength; it could also mean courage in time of need. By singing God can help us. Like when we are unable to help ourselves. Like right now. Maybe if we sing a song God will hear us and send an angel or somehow help us find our way out.
So, Joe and Tyler sat on the floor of the cave singing, "the joy of the Lord is my strength." and as they were singing their dad heard them and came into the cave to get them.
When we got home, supper was already cooked, and mom had reheated the food. She wasn't very happy and neither was dad. We both sat there on the floor of the cave, knew that we had disobeyed our dad by going to the cave. Neither one of us was talking much, and neither one of us feel like eating.
After dad pray. We just sat there with our heads bow. Dad I said. I am sorry that I disobey you. I though I would find one of those treasure, but we didn't we just got lost. Well, I hope you boys learn a lesson. You should have waited for me. Dad Tyler said. I did, and I learn something else too.
When we were in the cave I realize for the first time that I was lost in sin. I understood what God meant when He said. "For the son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." so I pray and ask Jesus to come into my heart and save me. Me too, said Joe. Well, I guest you boys really did find a treasure, the greatest treasure in the world is to know Jesus.
So we both learn a lesson that we would never forget. That the only treasure we really need is to know Jesus.
PS. Our dad took us to the cave the following week, and we had a fun time.

The end.
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