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TITLE: Climb Up Higher
By Darren Cole

Thanks for reading this
We had all the world, but that didnít matter
I would of rather climbed Jacobs ladder

As you climb higher canít you feel the heat?
Just look now all the world is under your feet

No more little skirmishes no more useless wars
Move into a position where all He died to give you will be yours

Donít fear little Indian brave
Your on a parade of his dominance, just wave

He is making you into what you should be
Keep climbing the ladder, look up, that is the top you can see

You didnít have to work to get this vantage point in heaven
You just had to stay away from the teachers of the law and their leaven

Just stand with me through it all my little warrior
No war on earth could be any gorier

Than the one where satan was cast down
You know the circus is getting good when you see the clown
Ladies and gentle men, boys and girls the show wonít be long
Youíll be entertained even if you think I am wrong

If you believe it will soon be over for him not you
Look, who that be under your shoe

I have asked you to climb this high and feel the burn
Elijah, Ezekiel, Samuel and John now it is your turn

Walk on him as they did
Remember what Jesus knew, he was my kid

Like father like son
Nothing can harm you when those two are one
Run with my legs

Climb up out of the dregs
Do it now
Like a batman comic you just got hit with truth POW

Live the dream you have now awoken to
The water just broke come on through

Be re-birthed as the spirit directs
Then it wonít matter who the world elects

Barabbas or that silly bloody prophet?
That choice was not the end of it

God has already made obvious, for us to see
For even through Christ can a murder only truly, be set free

Drop the bomb and end the war already
Stop living behind a faulty man made levy

Come up come away
Be seated with him, today!

Donít miss your miracle moment
All this nasty stuff was given to lucifer that he may roam it

Heíll never give you one measly cent no matter how hard you work
It wonít matter for it will all burn up, but I already told him, heís just a jerk

Step up and come to your place
Spend time with me get my image on your face

I am not white nor brown or blue
I am perfection and I want my image pressed back into you

Stay at that ďChrist ConsciousĒ level
Then just look down at that little lizard, the devil

He says all he has, even in the fire will last?
Jesus destroyed his work way back then, for break-fast

Do we get the point now that it ainít about lent
It is all about believing on the one who was sent

Return to sender is what most say
For we came from the Father and in him we will stay

"(take breath) ADDED BY REQUEST..."

Thanks to Jesus we are now home canít you see
And it is all clearly defined in this here poem written by little ole me

Before I say peace out
Donít get all crazy and try to put my fire out

Just come in from the cold
It is way to late to reach what even what they say Buddha did, your way to old

They say he was born into it, he had a head start from what I know
When it all is over the truth will show

We think it is Jesus and all the rest fighting for the seat on the lotus flower
Donít forget that God the Father has all the power

He spoke the seed the mud and water all into existence
If this is a race, he has won with secretariat like distance

All you liberals and conservative Christians
please donít protest each other neither listens

Donít argue weather Jesus or homosexuals were the fall of Rome
Just right a snazzy little propaganda poem

Keep it real no matter what you do
Iím going to keep climbing, we were promised a breakthrough

And like a real ministry you read this and it didnít cost you a dolla
Peace out and to all the disciples, holla!
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