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TITLE: Little Gray Flower

I would like mainly input on grammar. I would like to eventually just submit this piece later on. The story is a tad sad...but i liked how it came out. Maybe it's more therapy than it is a children's work.
any help would be great! thanks.
god bless!
Once there lived a shy, gray flower. She wasn’t beautiful like all the other flowers in the garden.

One day the Little Gray Flower asked Cricket, “Oh, Cricket...why am I not so beautiful like all the other flowers?”

Cricket chirped at the gray flower, “Maybe if I play some of my music for you it will help you feel better.”

So Cricket played his wonderful music. The shy, little, gray flower saw how good and beautiful his music was.

“Oh, Cricket,” The Gray Flower said, “I am not a musician. I am no good for such a great thing such as that.

So Cricket left. And Little Gray Flower watched as all the other beautiful flower s laughed and played games without her. The next day Little Gray Flower saw Black Widow, spinning an enchanted web.

“What are you doing,” asked the Little Gray Flower.
“I am spinning a web, so I can lay my eggs.” Black Widow said.
“It’s a very beautiful web,” said Little Gray Flower.
“Thank you,” said Black Widow. “I worked a very long time on it. I am almost finished.”

The Little Gray Flower watched as her friend Black Widow continued to spin her web. And she worked on it all through the night, until Little Gray flower feel asleep.

The next morning Little Gray Flower looked around the garden, but Black Widoe was no where to be found.

“Black Widow! Where are you my friend?” Little Flower searched everywhere. But, Black Widow was no where to found.

When Little Gray Flower looked up at Black Widow’s web, she saw white egg sacks blowing off in the wind. Little Gray Flower noticed that the sacks, where not sacks at all, they where tiny, little black widows.

“Black Widow!” she cried, “Hurry! Your children are flying off in the wind! If you don’t come soon, they will all blow away!” But Black Widow never came out, and Little Gray Flower saw all of her precious children soaring off in the wind. And she saw that it too, was beautiful.

Little Gray never saw Black Widow again.

Little Gray Flower one day said a busy bumble bee. He came around to all of the flowers but her. “Oh, Mr. Bumble Bee, why won’t you have any of my nectar?”
The busy Bumble Bee said, “Little Gray Flower, you not attractive at all. You don’t smell very sweet; drinking your nectar would not make my honey sweet at all.”

Little Gray Flower let out a sad sigh. “Why am I so ugly? I wish I was beautiful like all the other flowers.”

So the Little Gray Flower asked Toad “Why am I not so beautiful like all the other flowers?”
Toad said in reply, “I don’t know Little Gray Flower. Perhaps you are ill.”

But Little Gray Flower knew that she was not ill. Little Gray Flower heard birds chirping up overhead. There were yellow birds, blue birds, red birds, and green birds. Little Gray Flower asked Yellow Sparrow, “Why am I not so beautiful like all the other flowers?”
Yellow Sparrow replied, “I don’t know Gray Flower. Perhaps you could ask Owl. He is very wise.”

Later that night Little Gray Flower found Owl in a tree, “Owl,” she said, “Why am I not so beautiful like the other flowers?”
Owl looked down at Little Gray Flower, “Because you are gray, Little Flower. You are not like the other flowers in the garden. You are not very colorful, and don’t smell very pretty.”
Little Gray Flower dropped her head in despair. “If I have no pretty colors, or no pretty smell, then what good am I?”

Little Gray Flower asked dragonfly the next day, “Why am not beautiful like all the other flowers?” But he didn’t know either. No matter how often, or who she asked, no one knew why she wasn’t like all the other flowers.

Little Gray Flower felt very alone. She didn’t know what to do.

One day Little Gray Flower awoke to the morning sunlight. She thought to herself, “maybe if I ask the sun he’ll know why I am not beautiful like the other flowers.”

“Sun, why am not beautiful like all the other flowers?”

The sun looked warmly down on Little Gray Flower, “Not beautiful? But you are beautiful?”

“I am?” she asked.
“Yes. Look at you! You have colors like the rainbow.”
Little Gray Flower looked at herself, surprised that she suddenly now had all sorts of different colors on her petals She even had fragrance that attracted Mr. Bumble Bee. She was the most beautiful flower in the whole garden.
And Little Gray Flower, now knew, she was gray no more.
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