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TITLE: My Pet Bunny The Rabbit
By Cheryl saddlemire

My name is Lynn, and I have a rabbit named Bunny. I bought her from a pet store. We also bought her a cage to run around, and sleep in.

One day I took her out of the cage. I put on one of my doll's dresses on her. Bunny could hardly move. My mother told me to take the dress off, and so I did.

I took her to the stairway, and she quickly ascended the steps. I closed all the bedroom doors so that she won't go in. I tried to get Bunny to go down the stairs, but it seems like she's afraid to go all the way back down.

I let her hop around in the hallway, and then she rested. I went over to her, and I petted her. She liked it. As soon as she nibbled at my hand, I sensed that she was hungry, so I took her back down to her cage.

I gave her some carrots, lettuce, and filled her dish with some rabbit food. I liked the way she ate her carrots. I was right, she was hungry.

One day I took her outside, and tried to take her for a walk using a leash, so that she won't take off. Bunny wouldn't hop along with me. She wanted to stay in one place. I coaxed her run along with me, but she wouldn't move. I didn't want to force her, so I took off the leash, and put it away. I sat outside with Bunny as she sniffed the grass.

When we took Bunny to the cottage, I had to keep her in the back of the car when she was in the cage. I sat at the back beside Bunny so that I could see if she was okay.

Every 3 days I cleaned her cage. I always gave her fresh food, litter, and some Timothy hay. Bunny loved to eat lettuce, so once I gave her some in which my mother had left over from dinner.

I took my bunny out of the cage for some exercise. I let her run around the house. She ran behind the couch in the living room. I tried to catch her, but she leaped away to the other side of the couch.

So I slowly got down on my knees, reached out my hand, and then I grabbed her. She struggled to get out of my hands, but at least I fetched her.

When I was about to put Bunny back into her cage, I accidentally dropped her. Bunny's leg was twitching, and she could barely hop. I cried out to my mother.
"Mom, come quick! I think Bunny hurt her leg!"

My mother came downstairs quickly, and looked at Bunny, and then she said,
"I think we had better drive Bunny down to the animal hospital."
On the way to the Veterinarian clinic, I cried, and my Mother comforted me while she drove the car. As we went into the animal hospital, I showed the doctor the bunny. He kindly examined her, and said that Bunny's leg was broken, and it would be a while before it heals. I was right about her leg.

He told us she would have to stay overnight at the clinic, so that the doctor's could examine her.
"We'll let you know how Bunny is by tomorrow okay?"
As soon as I heard what the doctor had said,
I ran into my mother's arms, and cried. I didn't want Bunny to stay in the hospital. I was afraid that I might miss her. My mother calmed me down, and said,
"It's going to be all right, Lynn. She needs medical care. She needs to be observed by the doctors. She could die if we don't allow her to have the medical care that she requires.
"Okay," I replied sadly. I kissed Bunny good-bye, and then I went back into the car with my mother. I prayed to God as I was in the car.
As soon as I went home, I went up to my room, threw myself on the bed, and cried. I told God that I was sorry that I injured Bunny. He hope he knew that I didn't mean to drop her, and that it was an accident.
My little brother came into my room, and he made me feel worse when he said,
"You are so stupid, Lynn! Why weren't you more careful. You could have killed the rabbit."
I know, and I am sorry, Tommy," I said.
"I think God will forgive me for what I did," I said.
"Well you had better get down on your knees and pray then," said Tommy.
As soon as my brother Tom left my bedroom, I prayed to God again for Bunny to get better. As soon as I sat up on my bed, my mother said it was dinner time, but I wasn't hungry.

"Please try to eat something, Lynn."
"All right then."
As I sat at the dinner table, I asked my Dad,
"Dad do you think God will forgive me for what I accidentally done to Bunny?"
"Yes, Lynn. Did you ask Him to forgive you?"
"Yes I did," I replied.
Yes, he will. I pretty sure the rabbit will get better. It will likely heal. Please don't worry about it. Try to eat some more of your supper," said Dad.

I ate a bit more of my lasagna, which I was my favorite dish, but I couldn't eat as much of it as I usually did. My father said firmly,
"Please eat your meal, and don't worry about Bunny."
I managed to eat most of my meal, and I disposed the rest. I had trouble getting to sleep before I went to bed. My mother said not to worry. She believed that she would be okay. I said,

"Okay, Mom. I will keep on praying. I did a terrible sin."
My mother was about to leave the room when she turned toward me, and she asked,
Lynn, did you purposely drop Bunny?"
"No, I didn't, but I feel bad."
"If you didn't mean to drop Bunny then you didn't sin. It was an accident. When a person drops or hurts an animal or a person on purpose then that is a sin. Do you see the difference? You never met to hurt Bunny. It's just that you have to know how handle her that's all," explained my mother.
I said,
"Oh, I see what you mean, Mom, but I am still worried about her."
"Don't worry, Lynn. Bunny is in good hands. She has to be kept in the hospital, so that the doctors can keep observing her condition over night."
As soon as my mother left my room, I said another prayer to God, and then I fell asleep.

After I ate my breakfast the vet clinic phoned, and my Mother spoke with doctor. I became very anxious. When my mother asked the doctor as to when Bunny can come home, then I sensed that she was getting better.

As soon as mother hung up the phone, she said,
"Lynn, Bunny's leg is getting better, and they are keeping her as comfortable as she can. They have keep her in the hospital for another day. They want to check to see if her leg has developed an infection."

I felt a bit better as I was catching the school bus, but I felt sad that Bunny wasn't home yet.
During the lunch hour, I didn't feel like eating, so a girl whom I am best friends with asked,
"What's wrong, Lynn? You don't look very happy."

I told her what happened, and she understood. She told me the story about how her brother accidentally closed the door on her dog's paw. They had to take him to the vet. In a week or so, the dog's paw was better.

"You see, Lynn. I think your rabbit's leg is healing. Don't worry it was an accident."

As soon as I arrived home from school, I went downstairs, and looked at Bunny's empty cage. I missed her so much.

I went to my room,and I did a bit of homework, but it was hard for me to concentrate. I had to do a story of my own, so I thought of doing a story on Bunny. I wrote the first paragraph of my story before I went went down for supper.

After supper the doctor phoned from the vet clinic. He said that Bunny was doing well. She was able to move her injured leg a bit. He said that she come home the next day. I was so excited, and so relieved that Bunny was healing. I was so afraid that Bunny would die from an infection.

A friend of mine, showed me a baby wild rabbit whose leg was broken. She said when her mother took her down to the vet clinic, the rabbit's leg was infected, and it died. She was sad about it afterward because she wanted the little bunny for a pet.
After I heard the news about Bunny, I ran upstairs, got down on my knees, and thanked God for the recovery of Bunny's leg. Later on that night I could hardly sleep. I was in bed, and I wondered if she missed me or not. She was probably a cage being cared by the doctors who worked at the clinic overnight.

The next day, Bunny was able to come home, so I got into the car with my father, and we drove down to the animal hospital. As soon as my father asked the receptionist about Bunny, she led us both in one of the examination rooms.

We waited for the doctor, and he came in with Bunny. She was pleased to see, she limped as she hopped around on the examination table. The doctor told my father to give Bunny some pills with her food every day until she gets better.
The doctor told me,
"Please bring her back in about 2 weeks. I just want to see how she's doing. She is a wonderful pet, Lynn. I seen alot of rabbits that had broken legs, mostly because of falls or being dropped. Make sure your Dad brings her back in," the doctor reminded me.

I was so happy to bring Bunny. I put in the backseat with me as she was in a cage with a small blanket, and some litter. Bunny's injured leg was bent a bit. I hoped that she didn't suffer from a lot of pain.

As soon as I brought her back into the house, I gave Bunny some food, and she ate as well as she did before her injury. My little brother came downstairs, and said,
"You are lucky she didn't die."
"I think Bunny is lucky. Yes, I am lucky to have her back. God knows that it was a mistake, and the injury didn't happen on purpose,"
I said.
For the rest of that day, My brother was quiet, and he talked to Bunny for a while. I went up to my room, and I started writing my story about Bunny's broken leg, and how she recovered from her injury. I started writing my first copy, and then I started writing my first page of my good copy.

After dinner, I went down to see how Bunny was doing. She was eating well, but she kept her paw elevated a bit. She was just as active as before she had her injury.

I told my Sunday school teacher about Bunny, and her recovery. All the kids in my Sunday school class thanked God for the healing of her leg. I was happy. One other in my class has a pet Bunny, and her little sister accidentally dropped him. The rabbit's leg was hurt, but it healed nicely.

A week later, I finished my story for my creative project at school. I read my story about my rabbit, and everybody loved it. My teacher gave me good mark.

Afterward I thanked God every night for the recovery of Bunny. I told Him that I was sorry what i did to Bunny. My friends from our neighborhood came into my house, and talked to Bunny. They didn't handle as much as they used. A few months later, Bunny was able to hop up the stairs again.
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