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TITLE: Satan's Black Magic for Kids
By Terry Atchison

This is a story that I wrote when I was living in MO. A person at church had told us that her granddaughter complained about a little ten-year-old girl at school who's family practiced Wicca. She was afraid of the girl. White magic, as it is called, can open up some very dark doors. This piece is also about something foolish that I did when I was twenty. It is meant to be a warning. If you believe, witchcraft and black magic will work!
Satan's Black Magic for Kids

By Terry L. Atchison

“Help me! Please! Somebody help me! Don't let it get me too!” The fifteen-year-old boy was running down the street, eyes filled with panic and screaming at the top of his lungs.
“Help! Please, help! Mom! Ohhhhhh!” And on he ran, screaming, into the night.

It was a few minutes after midnight when the neighbors started hearing the young man calling for help. A few went outside as he ran past. Others just looked out of their windows, down the street towards the direction he was coming from. All were mesmerized by the spectacle unfolding before their eyes. An orange glow encompassed the body of the boy as he ran past, screaming. It was eerie, and the glow seemed to trail off behind him, like a flame. A house, at the end of the cul-de-sac, seemed to be glowing orange. The same orange that was around the boy. A strange white light was shining out from a bedroom window. It was as bright as welder's rod! Then there was a sound in the air, which resembled the sound of electric current flowing through high-tension lines. This increased in volume until all the people had to cover their ears, then ZAP! The glowing, the white light and the noise just stopped. Sirens were heard in the distance. No one spoke a word. Everyone outside was shocked and just stood in place. When a police car turned the corner up the street, the neighbors began slowly walking towards the house that was glowing just a little while earlier.

Everything seemed to be normal as the detectives entered the home through the unlocked front door. Policemen started talking to witnesses on the lawn.
"Anyone there? Are you OK?" Calling out, the detective and his partner had their handguns drawn. They only understood pieces of what the neighbors were telling them and expected to see everything burned inside. But all was in order. As they went from room to room, they didn't see anything out of place. Only a very faint odor of something like sulfur filled the air.

"Oh, God have mercy! Andy! Come here! Look at this!" Scott was leaning against the wall in front of one of the bedroom doors. He had lowered his pistol and just stood there with his mouth open, shaking his head from side to side.
"What's up? What is i..." Andy's voice trailed off as the two men stood side by side and absorbed the terrible picture there before them.
"What happened here?! What is this?!" Andy had never seen such a sight in all his years on the force.
"I'll go call for the lab team, the coroner and the wagons. Leave them as is. The lab guys are gonna have a lot of work to do here." Scott walked out of the house to breathe in some cool, fresh air and to radio headquarters. This was something that seemed more than he could comprehend.

Andy stood in the bedroom doorway, looking over the horrible scene before him. He realized that some sort of supernatural evil had taken place. In this bedroom, the odor of sulfur seemed stronger. All of the furniture had been pushed up against the white walls. On the floor, in the middle of the room, was painted a big star, with a circle around it, which touched each point. He had seen these before. 'It's called a pentacle, no, a pentagram.' He remembered. The paint was a reddish brown color, and seemed to be dried blood. There were the rests of thirteen black candles, which had been placed around the circle, and next to one of the girls, on the floor, his eyes fell upon a book entitled "Black Magic for Young Witches". The book looked to be old.

The four bodies of the teens, two girls and two boys, were either half sitting or lying, in each corner of the room. Each one had their mouths open as if they were screaming, and all had their eyes wide open, almost bulging out of their sockets. In some manner or other, each teen had one or both arms bent up in front of their face, as if trying to protect themselves. What was sickening to Andy was looking at each shriveled up body. They seemed to have been emptied from the inside and only saggy, limp envelopes were left. Like a blow up doll that was missing half of the air inside. Thin black burnt marks on the ceiling went from the center of the room to each corner, down the wall, and disappeared behind each body. One went across the ceiling and down to the center of the door frame.
"God have mercy on their souls." Was all that he could utter.

"Hey Andy! The body of the kid who was running down the street was found about two blocks from here." Scott was returning into the house.
"He looks like the others. Man, whatever on earth did this?" Scott was contemplating the scene once again.
"Nothing on earth did this. And I don't want to have anything to do with whatever made this happen, either!" Andy and Scott just stared at each other.

It all had started so innocently.....

"Hey Rick! What's your report gonna be about?" Doug and Rick were sophomores in high school and good friends. Doug was more of the wild one of the two, while Rick was very religious and put God first and above all. Their English teacher had given them an assignment, to write a report about good and evil. All subjects would be accepted.
"Don't know yet. Probably something about comparing Christianity to Satanism. Sound good?"
"Yea...sounds pretty cool. When do we start?"
"What do ya mean, we?"
"C'mon. Let's help each other. I'm gonna check out Wicca and Catholicism." Doug was smiling as if he had just invented something.
"We can pool our resources and work together. C'mon!"
Big sigh from Rick.
"Okay. Let's do it."

Terry was the pastor's son and friends with Rick and Doug. His report would be more about how different countries were responding to the needs of the poor of the earth, compared to the countries who were constantly waging war and saber rattling. His main interest, almost a hobby, was in the history of the first and second world wars and all that led up to them. At this moment he was studying the Nazi movement of Germany. He found it fascinating that Hitler was able to dupe the people and most of the world. He had noticed a girl named Lori, at school, who wore only black and was a self-proclaimed skinhead, although her head was not shaved. He wanted to meet with her to find out what she knew about Nazism.

Melanie went to church with the three boys but didn't like it at all! She had been dabbling in Wicca for over a year now and was getting bored with it. She wanted to find something more intense with some real powers. Her time was spent in the Public Library, looking through a wide variety of books on the subject of witches and their powers. She believed in witchcraft and knew that with the right instruction that it would work for her and give her supernatural powers. And she was right. Almost.....

"Hey, Mel. What's up? You checkin' out the witchcraft thing too?" Doug was sitting down at a table with Melanie at the Public Library.
"Is that what your report is gonna be about? Witchcraft?"
"Yea. That's right. I need to find this other book. Be back in a bit." Melanie hadn't raised her head when she answered. She was too caught up in all the information filling her mind. If only she could find the book she had just read about.....

"Here ya go. Get busy. Ya got a lot of info to look through." Rick had just plopped down about thirty books onto the table.
"You already found all of those?" Doug picked a book off the pile and started flipping through it.
"This is going to be interesting." Rick was opening a book about Satanism.
"Hey! Isn't that Terry over there with that weirdo? What's-her-name? Laura...Lori. That's it! Lori. What's he doing with her?" Doug was staring like a hawk as Terry and Lori sat down at a table across the room.
"Get busy, Doug. We've got a lot to read this evening."

"So, you hate Jews, homos, blacks, Spanis..."
"Stop! Terry, that's not true!"
"But it must be true, seeing the way that you're dressed." "If I dress like this it's because I like the look. That's all." Lori seemed a little angry.
"But don't you have any idea what your dress code, like the black leather trench coat and the swastika necklace, stand for? You are dressing like the Nazis did. Do you have any idea what a Nazi is and what they stand for?" Terry was amazed by her ignorance.
"Sure! They wanted to rule the world a long time ago and needed to kill a whole bunch of Jews to do it. Their leader was a guy called Hitler, who was funny looking like that old guy, the comedian, you know...Charlie Chaplain. The Americans bombed them and won the war." Lori was looking into Terry's eyes, her head cocked to one side and a smile on her face. Her two hands were in front of her, palms up, as if saying: 'There you are.'
"Oookkkaaayyy".... Was drawn out very slowly by Terry. This was gonna take some work, but he knew that his duty was to explain a little history to this air-head sitting before him. 'God give me patience'. He was praying.

"Yes! Oh, yes! These are exactly what I have been looking for!" Melanie was back at the table, reading through the book that she had been searching for when Doug and Rick had first arrived.
It seemed to be a rather old book. Very large and very thick. The faded black leather cover had many scratches and other marks on it, which testified that many people had viewed its contents. Big, red script letters spelled out the title: Black Magic for Young Witches.
"What's so exciting about a book?" Doug was looking towards Melanie while leaning back in his chair.
"You'll know in a few seconds." She looked up at Doug with a thin-lipped smile and the look in her eyes seemed cold.
"Know what? Are you feelin..."
BAM! The chair that Doug was sitting in broke and he fell to the floor. Everyone in the library was either laughing or shushing.
'Cool. This is going to be fun.' Melanie was thinking, as she shut her book and watched the results of her first magic experience.

Terry and Lori became good friends. He taught her all about the Nazis, which happily made her change her look to jeans and colored tops. His lesson actually planted a seed and sparked an interest in her for learning about history! They started spending much time together and she started going to church with him. Jesus' life and death were new to her and she found it all very interesting.

Rick and Doug finished the report comparing Satanism and Christianity. Terry had finished his report about peaceful countries and warring countries. Of course, Lori had aided him quite a bit. They were becoming a real team. Melanie didn’t seem to be available much for the others. She preferred to stay locked up in her room, reading and learning from her bible, as she called it. Since that day in the library, she had tried several other experiences. A few were successful, but most not. She was learning that to be successful, she needed to give all of her heart and soul in the process. The incantations, symbols, signs, spells and curses were many and varied. Melanie was becoming learned in the art of Black Magic.

"Melanie! Melanie!" Lori was down on the lawn, calling up to her bedroom window.
"Hey! Wanna come up for a tea?" That was all she drank these days. Infusions and teas.
"Sure. Why not?" And upstairs she ran.
As Lori entered the room, she noticed the big book open on Melanie's bed.
"You still reading that thing? Must really be interesting!"
'If you only knew'. Melanie was thinking. Then, she laid on the bed and motioned for Lori to do the same.
"I'm gonna knock you socks off! Read with me, slowly, and watch what happens."
"What are you talk..."
"Sshhh... Just read with me. Slowly."
Melanie had turned back several pages in the book. Lori noticed that the pages were all faded yellow, like those old parchments she had seen in science class. The printing was in old script that took some concentration for her to decipher. But then again, almost all printed matter took a little time for Lori to decipher! They read the fifteen or so lines that took up about half of a page, then reread them two other times. The words were strange to Lori. Which was, in most cases, normal for Lori.
"Now look at the flowers over by the window." Melanie was pointing towards a vase on her desk that held a bouquet of wildflowers. As Lori watched, the petals of all the flowers started falling. Slowly, at first, then they fell like snow in a winter blizzard.
"Oh my God!" Whispered Lori.
'Oh my Satan'. Was thinking Melanie.
"What happened? How did you do that?!"
"We! We did that. With a little help from a friend." Melanie had a big grin on her face.
"What friend? There's no one here but us. What are you talking about?" Lori had that questioning look on her face.
"You are dense! Don't you get it?! The book is full of incantations and witches tools. We just did a little witchcraft." The words took a few seconds to sink in.
"No! I don't believe it! This is terrible... No, it's... great! Does this mean that we can do anything that we please?" Lori was standing on the bed now. She was becoming very excited as the reality began sinking in.
"Almost. I think. For now, the powers are limited. It takes a lot of reading and rereading, but most of all, believing, for it to work."

It was a warm summer's evening at Terry's house. A Friday. His parents had left to attend the funeral of an old friend in another town. They would return Sunday afternoon. Terry was trusted to stay alone and take care of the house. He was treated as an adult and appreciated it. Rick was staying overnight with the okay of his parents. They were planning an evening of watching movies and tomorrow, playing some golf.

Around eight in the evening, the doorbell rang several times before Terry or Rick could open the door.
"Hey man! What's up. What'ch'all doin?" Doug was walking through the door as he spoke, followed by Melanie and Lori.
"Hey, Terry." Melanie had a strange look in her eyes as she went past him smiling.
"Kiss me!" Lori grabbed him around the neck and locked her lips to his mouth. They stayed that way for quite a few seconds until Terry needed some air and started pushing her away.
"Hello to you too!" He shut the front door with one hand as she pulled him with the other, towards the hall leading to the bedrooms.
"Stop! We just ain't gonna go there, Lori! Especially with all them here. Let's get back in there." They kissed and hugged again, then went in with the others. Their friendship had become much more than just a friendship. Terry resisted the temptation, and vowed to resist until the day that he would marry. He had promised God.

The evening went on with the teens watching movies and Melanie sitting in a recliner, reading her book. Towards ten p.m., her screaming startled everyone.
"Oh yea! Wheee! Yes! Yes! Yes! I found it! I found it! This is gonna be awesome!" She was now standing in the middle of the room, still reading from the pages of her book.
"Mel, get out of the way! Sit down!" Rick, Lori, and Terry were yelling at her. Doug, lying on the floor asleep, was now waking and starting to sit up against the sofa.
"You don't understand! Listen to me! Shut off that stupid TV! This is more important!" Now she was looking at them, wild eyed and smiling. She held her book at her side and started spinning around in circles before them all.
"You goin' nuts or something, Mel?" Doug was starting to wonder about her.
She stopped, bent forward, and looked at each one slowly in the eyes.
"We are going to conjure up a demon from hell, tonight!" She looked like a wild person as she spoke. Melanie stood there in the middle of the room, grinning, a big stupid grin.
"Oh yeah!" Lori jumped up and hugged Melanie.
"You need to see a shrink." Was all Terry could say.
"You are nuts!" This was from Doug.
"Hey, we shouldn't play with stuff like that! Not even in joking." Rick sounded concerned.
"I AM NOT JOKING!" Melanie's voice seemed stern and determined. The grin on her face was replaced by a very serious expression. Almost scary.
"Looks like the boys are just that, boys. Scared of a little demon, boys?" Lori was taunting them and they started looking at each other, wondering how to react.

After much discussion and reading from the page explaining procedures for conjuring up a demon, they all agreed to give it a try. They were five, and they were more skeptical than not that a real demon would appear. Terry and Rick didn't really believe that God would let them conjure up a real demon. Doug just let the others decide and plan. He was curious, that's all. Terry would stand by with a cross and Bible, just in case. Only problem was the blood. They needed blood for the pentagram. After a little coaxing from the others, Doug went to his grandmother's house, stole a chicken and killed it. So, now they went into the bedroom to play apprentice sorcerers. 'God lets Satan rule on the earth.' Kept passing through Terry's mind. He knew what they were doing was wrong, but it seemed like a kid's game to him and that it wasn't really serious or dangerous. They were all laughing as they pushed the furniture to the walls to make room for the pentagram, which Melanie painted on the tarp that the boys had laid out on the floor. She then placed the thirteen black candles at specific points around the circle, mumbling something read from the book as she lit each one. Midnight was approaching. That was the hour that she would read from the book, as they all held hands around the pentagram.

At one minute before midnight, the four standing around the circle started holding hands and Melanie started to read from the book. Terry had a small Bible and a cross in his pockets. Midnight struck as she finished reading the first time. Three readings were necessary. As she started to read the second time, they discovered that their hands were held together by some unknown force. Try as they may, they couldn't let go of each other, nor speak. Their feet seemed glued to the floor and they just looked at one another with terror in their eyes! Melanie seemed to already be in a different dimension. As she started the third reading, an orange glow filled the room. This is when Doug wet his pants. Imagine the four of them, standing there, struggling to move their feet and struggling to let go of each other's hands. It seemed to be some sort of sickening ritual dance.

The orange glow grew brighter and brighter as she finished the third reading. There was a noise like electric current passing through the room and the five were projected against the walls. As they all fixed their eyes on the center of the room, they saw through the orange glow, an enormous creature! It's head almost touched the ceiling. It was black with two big glowing red eyes! It had two small horns or ears, on the top of it's head. There were two wing-like things growing out of it's back and descending to the floor. It had hooves! The teens were all frozen in place by fear, hunkering in the corners of the bedroom. Terry found himself in front of the bedroom door, but he just couldn't move.

The demon looked at each one of the teens for a couple of seconds. The room was glowing a bright red orange. All was silent in the room as it lowered it's eyes towards the floor. Excruciating bright light shot out from it's head, passed along the ceiling and descended to each person. It was like lighting striking, so none really had time to scream or move. Except one. Terry was able to start running through the bedroom door, but was struck by the light anyway. They all were surrounded by a bright orange glow as their very souls were being sucked from their bodies. The pain was terrible, but they made no sounds. Their bodies could only submit to the will and power of Satan, through his demon. Terry ran through the house and out to the street, screaming at the top of his lungs. The pain was tremendous! With each step, he felt as if a small portion of himself was being ripped away. That was his soul being ripped from his body, to be forever with Satan. Once the process had started, there was no ending.

That night, Satan gained five young foolish souls who will spend eternity with him in his terrible kingdom. Witchcraft is not a game. It can be very real. Satan enjoys dealing with smart, confident people who assume that they have power or can be friends with his evil forces. He gives them just enough to satisfy their desires, then, at the least suspecting moment, takes their very souls. Then it is too late. There is no turning back or starting over.

Eternity is a long, long, long, never ending, very long time to suffer in Satan’s hands.

Copyright 2003 by Terry L. Atchison
The opinions expressed by authors may not necessarily reflect the opinion of FaithWriters.com.