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TITLE: Agape Bridge (a movie with an unconventional look at the gospel)
By Jacob Gibson

This is different from my short story of the same name. It's a more artistic view of the life of Jesus, meant to be more original and not to compete with "The Passion," which is excellent in its own way. What do you think? Maybe this isn't really what is expected here but, like "Idea for a new christian band", I needed to get this idea out of my head and share it with you to hear your thoughts. Thank you for your critiques! :) (At the end I've included an idea I have for a new type of christian band)

Movie format: preferrably anime (japanese animation, due to it's artistic form and emotional power, and because I don't think it's been done before)

>Time: 2-3 hours
>Language: Japanse with English subtitles and an alternate version in English if possible
>Music: a blend of contemporary music (like Japanese) and old mid-eastern music, to give a feeling of relevance to today.
>Movie poster: an arm reaching out of thick black and violet water and grabbing on to someone's arm. Jesus' compassionate face in the background looking forward with the reflection of Earth in His eyes. Major characters (including the devil) on the left and right with different expressions.

SCENE 1: Movie begins in the garden of Eden. Adam wakes up from sleep after God creates Him, and explores the new world around him in wonder. After enjoying everything around him, God puts him to sleep again and removes one of his ribs. We see the rib float over to a secluded area and a whirlwind of dust surrounds it. Next we see the bones of a skeleton slowly being formed and then covered up with muscles, nerves, intestines, skin, etc. until Eve is finally formed. The two wake up with their heads almost touching, they stand up and turn around, look into each other's eyes and embrace in pure love. (Adam keeps his eyes on her face) There is no dialogue in this scene at all except for the slow, enticing words of the serpent: "Yoooooooou shaaaaaaall beeeeeeeee liiiiiiiiiiiike Goooooooooood." Adam and Eve eat the fruit, we see their skulls turn black inside of their heads, and a purple and black haze flows out of them and touches everything in the garden of Eden. All of the creatures there are quickly affected and some become carnivores and begin killing the other creatures. (I thought it would be awesome to show a dinosaur turn into a carnivore, but I wouldn't want to give any reason for people to doubt the truth of this story.) A large number of wild animals chase them and angels appear to make the creatures run away. Adam and Eve hide from God when He walks through the garden, He confronts them and makes them leave the garden, and a flaming sword and angels guard the entrance of Eden.

SCENE 2: Pictures of important events of the Old Testament appear with music in the background while someone reads Old Testament prophecies of Christ. We see the construction of the Ark with giants and evil people in the background, the finished Ark on the Flood waters, Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, great battles, King David, invasions by Babylon and Rome, prophets getting stoned, and the like.

SCENE 3: Previous scene shifts into the next, where students are in a temple reciting the last few verses of the end of the Old Testament, and then their rabbi asks them questions about what they think it means (referring to things like Elijah coming again). After some talking, the rabbi tells them to follow him and they follow him out of the building. Simon Peter is outside working by the shore and he sees the students following their rabbi around, and he sighs. Then he gives a monologue to the audience about himself (in his mind) about how we wasn't able to pass his studies of the Old Testament so he had to learn his family's trade. Soon Jesus walks by him, multiplies the fish, and tells him to follow him. Peter is shocked, overjoyed, and runs after him, saying goodbye to his father. Every other disciple that Jesus calls responds in a very similar way.

The rest of the movie focuses on Jesus' miracles and some of his teachings (maybe even the whole sermon on the mount and definitely the story of the prodigal son). We also see how Jesus angers the Pharisees by confronting them about their hypocricy and calling them names (so the audience has some ideas why they want to kill Him and why this story isn't anti-semitic. The disciples are also shocked speechless and one nearly chokes on his food!). However, we also see how Jesus cares for people and weeps over Jerusalem and for Lazarus. Tension builds throughout as the Pharisees grow more determined to kill Him. After Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, we enter the final hour of the movie with Jesus' arrest, torture, crucifixion, ressurrection, and ascension.

BIGGEST IDEAS: Jesus is dark-skinned in the movie to be more accurate, and the disciples may be younger than usually portrayed. Judas Iscariot hangs himself, and suddenly the rope on the tree branch slips/snaps and Judas find himself plummeting towards sharp rocks below him in slow motion (as mentioned in Acts). Before he hits the rocks we see a reflection of the devil's face in his eyes with his mouth wide open. (I know it may not have happened like this, but it's artistic license) Jesus sheds a tear for him the moment he dies, but we don't see him hit the rocks. Satan is portrayed as the most beautiful character in the story and a very compassionate-sounding person who tries to convince Jesus that he doesn't deserve to die. Jesus is crucified naked just like the Bible says, but nothing is shown. The nails are driven through his wrists instead of his palms, which is scientifically correct. When Jesus is on the cross, Satan runs through the crowd invisibly and whispers things to people, and they laugh and dare Jesus to get off the cross. Satan floats above the crowd, with his face inches away from Christ's bloody face, and tries harder to persuade him not to die. Jesus ignores him and lovingly looks through his face at all of the people below Him. Satan finally becomes enraged and screams "Get... OFF! OF! THEEEEEEEEEERE!!!" His face morphs into something hideous, then he tries to grab His arms, forgetting he can't touch Him, and is hurled down to the ground on his head and screams. ("You shall wound his foot and he shall crush your head") As Christ suffers on the cross, flashbacks are shown of prophets describing His death, including David.

When Christ's time to die has almost come, invisible black and purple mist (sin) flies from the theives beside him, the crowd of people before him, and across the world and time to form a large tornado above the cross. It shoots into His body and He feels more pain than anything previous to this. Immediately darkness falls over the Earth and God looks away, and Jesus finds himself in a pitch black world on the cross, where there is no one around, and nothing but howling wind. He begins to weep and then screams at the top of his lungs out the famous words, "My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?!?!" We hear another reference to Elijah. Later, the soldiers guarding Jesus tomb become terrified and faint when two angels appear and roll the stone away. Plenty of time is spent on the resurrection and the people who saw Him.

CONCLUSION: After the resurrection, more of the focus returns to Peter. Jesus multiplies the fish again and forgives him for betraying Him. Jesus ascends to Heaven with the disciples watching. He appears in Heaven, stands at the gates with his nail-scarred hands stretched out, blood trickles down the center of the gates, and they fling wide open. Screen goes black and movie ends. (I also think it would be awesome to end the movie with the song "O Praise Him" by David Crowder Band, and the first chorus would begin as soon as the movie ended.) In Heaven, Jesus looks as described in Revelation: white hair, eyes like a flame of fire, feet like fine brass, a long robe and golden girdle.

TRAILER IDEA: There is a story told around the world... that many believe is the greatest story ever told. The story of a man who dared to love a world... that would hate him enough to kill him. A story of the ultimate collision... of good and evil. A story of how far a man would go... to rescue those who couldn't rescue themselves... and didn't deserve it. No other story told has been more controversial... more influential... more amazing... than this one. Now, you'll see it a way you've never seen before. Made with state-of-the-art anime by (name), retold by Jacob Gibson and (names), music by (names), and voiced by (names)... this is one story we guarantee you won't soon forget...... Agapge Bridge. Coming (date).


*A*L*C*H*E*M*Y* *B*A*N*D*

Now for the idea of this Christian band. Like some of my other ideas, I would bet that someone has already had a dream like this, but just in case they haven't I'll take a chance. The name of the band could have the word alchemy in it as an example of how Christ changes our lives from worth little to priceless. I'm thinking of something like Super Alchemy/-ist, Alchemy Band, or Alchemy Experiment if those names haven't been taken (they probably have). The genres of music could be light rock, dance, etc with some hymns too. It could be a little similar to Blue Man Group in style and creativity but not too much like them. One musician could play electric guitar, maybe a second could play bass, a third piano, a fourth sing, and a fifth could play percussion and also do something absolutely crazy. He/she could have hair dyed funky color, dress in flashy clothes, and use a voice changer (synthesizer?) to sound mechanical, playing the part of an android or cyborg. Strange? Yep, but that's my style.

The percussion instruments are where the majority of my ideas revolve. The percussionist could hit copper/steel pipes of different lengths (splattered with paint) with wooden sticks, or even large glass tubes filled with water. (Maybe there could be one tube that they hit rhythmically while the water drains and fills) There could be a station of random objects they sit at and hit them (kind of like Stomp), and maybe have some buttons that allow them to control lights and other special fx onstage. There could be a large sideways spinning wheel with random objects to hit with mallets. There could be drums with lights that will flash when corresponding ones are struck. There could be power tools and computer keyboards for different sounds (clackity clackity!) There could be drums/pipes closely suspended over other ones so the drummer could hit them both quickly up and down. If you haven't already guessed, I would like to be the percussionist.

EXTRA IDEAS: in the background there could be very large tubes of water and occassionally something large would drop down inside and make large splashes. Objects could be lowered into a liquid that would appear to turn them gold. There could be dancers to do my flashlight dance (see my article "Let It Shine! flashlight dance") with mirrors above the stage and on it. There could be a short Dance Dance Revolution contest for 4 randomly picked audience members, who would dance to one of the band's songs and the winners could get free merchandise. We could play a medley of great video game music of Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Tetris, etc. (Can you tell I've thought about this too much? ^_^)

Ideas for album titles *rolls eyes*: Here Goes Nothing (Safe), Old-fashioned Worship, Blow'd to Smithereens; and Blood, Water, and Oil.


Fact: When I dreamed up the idea for Alchemy Band I also tried to think about some songs the musicians could play. I ended up with around 20 concepts, and 7 of those I have actually written on faithwritres: The Inter-trap, Live and Love, Radiant Reflectionz, Bet Your Life on It, God's Toolbox, One Man's Lament, and What a Creative God.
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