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TITLE: A Unique Phenomenon
By Walter Kahler

Looking for any compelling sentences or potential resonating concepts.
One of the most profound experience any Christian can encounter is being connected to someone elseís pain and suffering followed by an overwhelming desire to comfort them. This amazing unity is the essence of living a life filled with Christís love. Here, the human heart is intertwined with the soul in such a way that the individualís conscience becomes touched by the sorrow of anotherís. This unique phenomenon is known as compassion.

Christ and Compassion

Christ had a lot of compassion for Godís children and demonstrated this in the many miracles He performed. The Messiah was filled with sympathy and never turned away from reaching out and comforting those in need. His ultimate example of this was dying for us so we could have salvation.

These meeting of the souls is the direct linkage to Godís DNA. God created us with the ability to feel the burdens of others and reach out to them in a loving and caring manner. This type of connection with each other lets us know the difference Christ makes in distressful circumstances. There is no doubt about the existence of God for there is no other human involvement quite like compassion. As a result from it, lives are changed. This is not by mistake.

Personal Experience

I would like to share with you one of the experiences I have had with compassion. One night I turned on the television and began watching a show on the Discovery I.D. channel. The content was about a family who faced the murder of one of their members. The crime was brutal and demonstrated the wickedness of an evil man.

As the story, unfolded in front of my eyes, an awakening of my conscience began emerging. This gave birth to an emotional entanglement with their situation. I began feeling a sorrow for their loss. I felt Godís presence and tears began rolling down the cheeks of my face. I was moved with sympathy. I was given the opportunity to understand the suffering others endure from such a sinful act. I cherished that moment and thanked Christ for allowing me to be a part of life in this way.

Common Characteristics

Now the way you express compassion may differ than the one I described but the results are the same. The main similarity is that Christ has revealed the need for us to slow down and take notice of other peopleís needs especially in times of troubling conditions. There is no better demonstration of unconditional love than to feel the soul of another. Christ wants us to be there for each other, and this pleases God when we act compassionately.

This remarkable embracement with each other shows the interconnection between all humans. There are no boundaries separating compassion from the whole. Every ethnic race is composed with the makeup necessary in performing it because God designed it this way. It only becomes a working part of the soul when we praise and glorify God.

Human Experience

God was very intelligent in creating humans and planned a way where both believers and non-believers can express compassionate acts. This is best exemplified when Mother Nature unleashes her fury. When disasters arise, from events the earth exposes an intuitive notion inside the human psyche comes to the surface and the need to offer assistance evolves. Here people who normally would not mix together come to the rescue of those gravely affected by those occurrences. Everyone involved is moved with empathy, and they understand how soothing it is to give human comfort. When there is no need for further assistance everyone returns home. This is one of the ways God reveals to the world of His existence. The proof is observing people taking in consideration the welfare of their fellows.

Compassion is not just expressing concern for the misfortunes of others but an active participation in remaining present throughout the ordeal. It is a way where Christ works through us and makes it known to others the sincerity that lies in our hearts. This is not possible without the aid of Christ. As we develop a stronger relationship with Christ the more, He places us in a position to be useful. One of the most rewarding aspects of living in Godís kingdom is being there for our brothers and sisters.

Compassion is never ending. There are countless opportunities to apply it. Everywhere we turn there are so many people needing it. There is only one conclusion about it. Do I have what it takes to be compassionate?
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