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TITLE: Grey's Anatomy, Choice, and What's Wrong with Both
By marcella franseen

I was on a website reading an article about the abortion performed on Grey's Anatomy. Looking through the comments afterward I noticed that abortion was said to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Abortion does not prevent an unwanted pregnancy. That's not how it works. The pregnancy occurs; a life is created, and abortion, then, comes along and ends it.

Merriam-Webster defines the word murder this way: the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought. There was a time, after Roe vs. Wade, that this nation was deceived about what goes on in the womb. We were convinced there was no life, only a blob of tissue, at least early on in the pregnancy. This deceit is generally no longer the case. Because of technology and ultrasound we are well aware that there is life inside the womb. At conception all of the genetic material that a person will ever have in every stage of their development (zygote, fetus, infant, toddler, child, adolescent, teenager, adult, senior, etc.) is present. At about 31 days after the first day of a womanís last menstrual period the pre-bornís heart is beating, by about 40 days there is measurable brain waves, at about 45 days there are identifiable arms and legs. At six weeks all major organs are formed and by 12 weeks no new anatomical developments occur, the baby just continues to grow. We know this, but we choose to end life in the womb anyway. By definition of the word itself, this is murder.

In most cases, as in Cristina's case on Grey's Anatomy, the physical life of the mother is not being threatened by the pregnancy. What a woman who chooses "abortion on demand" views as being threatened is her life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, but does abortion provide the "rescue" it promises? Many women experience post-abortion distress after an abortion. Sometimes it occurs immediately afterward, and, at times, years later. The most common symptoms are:

-an inability to turn off their feelings concerning the abortion, perhaps telling themselves over and over to forget about it

-affected by physical reminders of the abortion, i.e. babies, pregnant women, sound of a vacuum, uncomfortable around children

-experiencing a desire to be pregnant again, perhaps to replace the aborted child

-new or increased self-destructive behaviors

-reactions such as nightmares, flashbacks, or hallucinations

-prolonged periods of depression

-suicidal thoughts/tendencies

-inability to talk about the abortion

-fearing an inability to have more children

-looking at life in terms of "before" and "after" the abortion

-experiencing a numbing of emotions

-feeling sad or depressed on the anniversary date of the abortion or the anniversary of the baby's due date

-bothered by feelings of guilt or shame

-grieving the loss of the baby

-trouble forgiving others who were involved in the decision to abort or in the abortion itself

-having mothering problems with living children (for example, overprotective, difficulty with physical affection, failure to bond, etc.)

The above list is by no means exhaustive. As more research is done, we are finding the emotional and spiritual damage to many women who choose abortion is even more far reaching than we currently understand. Does this sound like a good "rescue plan" for women? Will Grey's show this side of the abortion decision, or will it continue to preach the lie of our culture that says an abortion erases a pregnancy and makes it as if it never happened? Probably the latter.

I'm not surprised. Grey's Anatomy has been preaching actions without consequences since it first came on the air. The show's main characters go from one relationship to another, one partner to another, without any of the disease or heartbreak that accompanies that life style in the real world. And if one of them happens to get pregnant, they can choose to have an abortion, which also carries no consequences.

One thing Grey's Anatomy did portray correctly is a man's complete helplessness to protect the life of his child. If my home was on fire with my kids inside, how would I feel if my husband took an inactive role in saving and protecting them? I would feel he was a complete louse with something seriously wrong with his mental and emotional function! Yet that is the role we expect them to take concerning the life of their unborn child. Because, by God's design, a baby grows in the womb of the woman, we have given her ultimate control of the life/death of this baby. Who has the authority to give women this right to life and death? Our government? Do we really want a government that can give individual groups of people the authority of life and death over other individual groups of people? Isn't that the huge mistake our government made concerning the African Americans in this country?

When God made a woman's body to be the support system of new created life, He also gave women that extra sense of nurture and love. Our culture denies that part of a woman, encouraging her to view her baby with a cold, hard heart, and life in the womb as nothing more than a piece of property to keep or destroy-not an individual human being that is also an extension of herself and the father of the baby. As a woman weighs life and death on the scale of her own self-interests, the father of the baby watches from the side-line, helplessly awaiting the verdict. Many men also go through post-abortion distress.

What about the fathers who don't want the baby and push their girlfriends/wives into an abortion? That brings me to my next point. In an attempt to be "equal" with men, woman fought for all the same rights they viewed men to have. Many were valid, some were not. Free sex is one of the ways women now view themselves as "equal" to men, but this has been to our detriment. Free sex has taken a woman from a place where she is viewed as valuable and worth a lifetime commitment, to a place where she is nothing more than a commodity to be used up. Now, more than ever, men can sleep with women while avoiding the responsibilities associated with sex in a committed marriage relationship. And if he gets a woman pregnant, he can pay for an abortion, then, move on to the next woman. How is this better for women?

Maybe you are thinking that women have the same choices, so its all good: free sex, no responsibility, and abortion if a pregnancy occurs. As we covered earlier, abortion isn't the "rescue" our culture makes it seem, and, truth be told, most women want more for themselves than random sex partners and abortions. At least that's what they say when I ask.
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