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TITLE: Where Does the Sun Go, Mommie?
By Kathy Davidson

Children's book, this actually happened to me when my son Jeff was about three.
eff is three and full of questions. He asks his Mommie questions. He asks his Daddy questions. He asks Carol, his babysitter questions. Jeff woke up with questions and he went to sleep with questions. Jeff asks questions of his Grandma Joan and his Poppa Jesse. He asks questions of his Uncle Scott. He asks questions of his Grandma Bea. Everyone in his family knew that when Jeff was around, he asks questions.
Each day on the ride home from Carol’s house, Jeff asks questions. And each day his Mommie did her best to answer them. Jeff asks questions about school, about his dog, Sally, about Daddy’s work, and on and on.

One day on the way home riding in his Mommies’ car from Carol the babysitters, Jeff asks his Mommie the question, “Mommie, where does the sun go at nighttime?”

“Well, Jeff, the earth turns on what we called its’ axis. The axis is an imaginary line through the earth. It is like the caramel apples you like on the stick. When the earth turns we move with it. Gravity a force created by God, keep us secure in our place on earth. As we turn the earth moves away from the sun and night time comes. Scientist calls the turning of the earth rotation. It gives us night and day. The earth turns one complete rotation every twenty-four hours,” said Mommie.

“Not only does the earth turn, Jeff, but as the earth also moves in a path around the sun. Scientist calls this path an orbit. As the earth makes its’ orbit around the sun, the seasons change and we have fall, winter, spring, and summer. We are in the part of the orbit now, Jeff, that we have warmer weather, called spring. That is why we can ride with the windows down and let the warm spring air blow in our car,” said Mommie

“I like to ride with the windows down!” said Jeff. He thought a long time, playing with his trucks in the car seat.

“Mommie, why do we have to have night time?” asks Jeff.

“Jeff, God planned the night time so we could rest. Little animals like the rabbits and squirrels go into their burrows to sleep. Sally Dog comes into the basement to sleep after protecting our house during the day. Little boys and girls in America get tucked tight into their beds to rest,” says Mommie.

“And on the other side of the earth, boys and girls, moms and dads are waking up. To them sun is shining. It is morning.

In Asia the boys and girls are eating breakfast, rice and fish, and their favorite, kimechee.

In England, boys and girls are eating porridge. They are putting on their school uniforms with shirts and ties and plaid skirts for girls or blue pants for boys. They wave goodbye to Mum and Dad and head for school in red busses, called trams or trolleys.

In the Soviet Union, children bundle up in hats and coats, scarves, and boots; because it is a snowy day and they walk to school. The sun is high in the sky, but the snow is still on the ground for it is spring there too. In the Soviet Union snow is still on the ground in the spring.

While you, Dad and I am snug in our beds, African children are up and working before school. They are milking cows, feeding chickens, before eating a breakfast of millet or rice. They are putting on their school uniform of short pants and skirts, and walking a red, dusty road for a day in a one room school with a dirt floor.

And here in the United States children are dreaming, the moon is reflecting the light from the sun and our earth continues to turn. Soon it will be morning for us. The sun will peak above the horizon, rays of light hit your bedroom window and mine and up we come, to meet God’s new day!

Now Jeff do you see, the sun is always the same, it is you and me with the earth that is turning! And as we turn the other side of the earth can see the beautiful sunlight that God gives us.

Jeff looks at Mommie. He laughs, “Oh, Mommie, that’s not where the sun goes!”

“Oh, it’s not? sighs, Mommie. Okay, Jeff where does the sun go?”

“That’s easy Mommie, God just puts it in his pocket!” said Jeff with a big grin.

Mommie pulls the car into the driveway. She grabs Jeff out of his car seat and twirls him around in the front yard.

“Yes, Jeff, I think you’re right. Our great, big God has great big pockets! Let’s go inside and cook supper, says Mommie.

“Mommie, what are we having for supper?” asks Jeff.

“How about spaghetti?” asks Mommie.

“Yes, that’s my favorite,” laughs Jeff.
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