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TITLE: The Dreamer & The Moon®
By Irene Zevgolis

Title: The Dreamer & The Moon
Subtitle: An Inspirational Story with a Ballet Theme
Written & Illustrated by: Irene Zevgolis
Category: Children’s Picture Book
Genre: Fiction, Ballet, Fantasy, Self Esteem
Publisher: The Dreamer & The Moon® Publishing
Ages: 4 – 9 years Grades: Preschool – Grade 4
Page Count: 32 pages
Publication Date: April 30, 2008
This is a self published, in print children's picture book complete with Library of Congress Copyright ©2008 Irene Zevgolis Christian, All Rights Reserved.
Once there was a sweet girl named Tara who had a secret dream she kept deep inside her heart. She spent many hours thinking about her beautiful, wonderful, glorious dream. She wished and she hoped, but her dream seemed as distant as the farthest star.
Tara’s dream began when she was a very little girl and begged her mother to let her take ballet lessons. So when autumn’s leaves turned red and gold, Tara’s mother took her to the finest classical ballet school in town.

Tara loved to leap, twirl and pretend she was a ballerina. But during ballet lessons, Tara couldn’t reach her little hands high enough to hold onto the barre. She couldn’t keep her tiny feet turned out and her pliés were woobly. So before long, Miss Monique, the ballet teacher, said, “Please come back to study ballet in a few years when you’re bigger, Tara.”

So when Tara was bigger, she begged her mother to take her back to the classical ballet school. This time when Tara returned to Miss Monique’s class, she proudly reached her hands up to the barre, turned out her feet and did her pliés without woobling.

But soon Tara discovered ballet was not as easy as she hoped. And when Miss Monique raised her voice and said, “Tara, reach for the stars!” “Tara, tuck your tummy in!” “Tara, straighten your legs!” She felt very sad. Sometimes after ballet, Tara told her mother, “Miss Monique always corrects my mistakes.” And sometimes when Tara came home from ballet, she ran to her bedroom and cried.

Week after week, Tara practiced at the barre and in the center. Yet week after week, Miss Monique raised her voice and said, “Tara, straighten your back!” “Tara, turn out your feet!” “Tara, hold your head high!” It’s not fair! Tara thought. Miss Monique corrects me more than the other girls.

Month after month, Tara tried to do her very best. Yet month after month, Miss Monique raised her voice and said, “Tara, point your toes!” “Tara, lift your leg higher!” “Tara, lower your shoulders!” Sometimes Tara wanted to quit ballet. But most times Tara thought, I need a miracle to make my secret dream come true.

Finally just before summer, Miss Monique joined the girls hand in hand for Tara’s favorite chassé game. Then just before class was dismissed, Miss Monique stopped the girls gallops and whirls to make a very special announcement.

“Attention, girls! In September, you will move up to Intermediate Ballet and wear royal blue leotards. Then in October, you may audition for the Children’s Ballet Company. If you wish to audition, have your parents sign this form and return it on the first day of class in September.”

Tara’s heart beat fast with excitement. I wish I could be a ballerina in the Children’s Ballet Company. Then my secret dream would come true. But I make too many mistakes. Miss Monique will never pick me, Tara sadly thought.

All summer long, Tara practiced ballet everyday . . . and she wished and she hoped . . .
Then in September, Tara returned her audition form and proudly wore her brand new royal blue leotard. Every week, Tara took her place at the barre and the music began. Yet every week, Miss Monique raised her voice and said, “Tara, round your arms!” “Tara, don’t sickle your feet!” “Tara, stop looking at the floor!” By early October, Tara said to herself, “My secret dream might never come true.”

At last, it was the night before the ballet audition. Tears filled Tara’s eyes as she looked out her bedroom window and whispered, “I wish I could dance at the ballet audition the way I feel inside my heart—and not make any mistakes.” Finally, Tara snuggled beneath the covers of her soft warm bed and fell fast asleep.

Meanwhile, millions of stars twinkled in the midnight sky and a bright crescent Moon lit the earth below. Brighter and brighter shone the Moon. Closer and closer the Moon drew to Tara’s window.

Then suddenly, to the Moon’s surprise, he saw Tara’s tears magically rise from her sleeping eyes and float out through her window.
In a flash, the kind Moon began to write a song in the sky just for Tara. Then the Moon began to sing his sweet song, awakening Tara with its lovely melody. As Tara looked out her window, she heard the Moon gently say, “Dear child, why are you crying?”

Tara sleepily replied, “My dear friend Moon, tomorrow is my audition for The Children’s Ballet Company. But Miss Monique, my ballet teacher, always corrects my mistakes. What if I make a mistake at the audition? What if I don’t get picked? Oh how will my dream ever come true?”

The Moon replied, “All things are possible if you believe! Faith alone is not enough to make your dream come true. But faith and work together can. Do you believe in your dream with all your heart?”

Tara hopefully replied,“Yes, dear Moon, I do!”
“And are you willing to work hard for your dream?”
“Yes, dear Moon, I am,” Tara answered.
“Then tonight I will take you on a magical journey to a wondrous place where dreams come true. Just imagine you are touching the brightest star!”

Suddenly Tara was filled with starlight! She rose like a feather in the sky—and all her worries disappeared.

Tara reached for her very own star!

Instantly, Tara became a beautiful ballerina, dancing in the sky and twinkling with the stars!

Tara’s new faith helped her do her very best!

In a flash, Tara was back in her room fast asleep in her soft warm bed. As she slept, she heard the Moon whisper, “What have you learned tonight, dear Dreamer?”
“Believe . . . and work hard for your dream,” Tara sleepily murmured.

The next morning, Tara’s mother came to her doorway and called, “Wake up, Tara! Your audition for the Children’s Ballet Company is after school today.”

Tara bounced up. “I know, Mother. I can hardly wait!”
After school, Tara rushed home and put on her royal blue leotard. She dashed into the ballet studio and took her place for the audition. But when Tara saw Miss Monique, she began to tremble.

Then Tara paused and remembered her friend the Moon. Feeling a twinkle inside her heart, Tara thought, Maybe Miss Monique doesn’t mean to hurt my feelings. . . . Maybe Miss Monique is trying to help me do my best . . .

Suddenly, it was Tara’s turn! She imagined she heard the Moon whisper, “Believe, Dreamer, believe. Have faith . . . work hard . . . and your dream will come true!”

Like a twinkling star, Tara danced her very best. Then she took a deep breath and surprised Miss Monique with a huge grand jeté!
When the auditions ended, Miss Monique slowly reviewed her list and began calling names. Tara held her breath and waited hopefully.

At last, Miss Monique smiled and called Tara’s name!
Then deep inside her heart, Tara whispered, “Thank you Moon, my dear friend Moon, so wise and full of light, thank you!”
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