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TITLE: Adventures of Ron Huckleberry...#1-5 Ron has a bicycle accident
By gene hudgens

Adventure of Ron Huckleberry...#1-5 Ron has a bicycle accident

Oh, it’s a beautiful August day. It’s not beautiful just because of the weather, but because Ron and his family just yesterday afternoon moved into their new home in Huntsville. This new home is actually a large old home on an old dignified street. Ward Avenue is a long street running from near the town center, up a hill to to a dead-end at the foot of Monte Sano Mountain. His house is twelve houses from the end of Ward Avenue at the mountain’s edge.

Since the street slants upwards, so does his yard. A driveway has been cut out from the street so that it reaches the door of the under house garage. From the front yard, the drive way is somewhat dangerous because it suddenly drops off about eight feet and there is no fence or barrier.

Ron’s dad instructed Ron to be very careful and not fall from the yard to the driveway. Dad and Mom cautioned him not to ride his bike on the yard, because they feared he might have an accident. Dad’s plan was to build a fence in the near future.

Both Mom and Dad had gone to work as usual and Ron and his tiny sister were naturally cared for by Claudia, their housekeeper.

Soon after breakfast Ron was out side playing, which included riding his bike. He had ridden the bike down the sidewalk and had already had a slight accident trying to stop. He skinned his knees on the sidewalk. The slanting front yard was smooth and Ron figured he would not hurt his knees on the grass if he fell again.

So five year old Ron decided to disobey Mom and Dad and began riding the bike up and down the front yard. Each time he ventured closer and closer to the drop off. Per Murphy’s Law, Ron ventured to fast and too close to the drop off and did just that. He rode right off the yard…through the air and down 8 feet. He landed on top of the handlebar.

He naturally screamed for Claudia and naturally she came running. Ron was lying on the driveway next to the bike crying. “Oh goodness Ronnie, are you hurt”? She screamed as she cradled him in her arms. “Where are you hurt”?

“The handle bar hit me in the stomach, but I think I’m alright”. He managed to stand up, but was bending over.

“Ron, sit down and don't move, while I call a doctor”? Claudia instructs.

“It hurts a little, but I think I’m OK”. Ron explained.

Claudia phones his mom to explain the situation. Mom talks with Ron and it’s decided that they would wait until the next day and see a doctor if necessary.

The next morning he said his stomach was better and he did not need to see a doctor. Mom and Dad agreed and instructed Claudia to watch Ron carefully. All seemed to be alright for a week or so, but finally Ron told Mom that his stomach was hurting more than before.

Naturally Ron was soon seeing a doctor. The exam showed that Ron had a hernia on the left side. The doctor explained that the hernia was not dangerous at the moment, but that it should be repaired in the near future.

Mom and Dad discussed the situation with Grandmother and Aunt Jane and they wanted Dad to talk with Aunt Anne, who worked at Vanderbilt Hospital. Aunt Anne worked in the Pediatrics office. She told Dad that she would talk with the chief doctor and call him back in the evening.

Aunt Anne phoned Dad that evening and explained that the doctor also said the hernia should be repaired soon.

Ron and family had planned on visiting Grandmother the next weekend, so it was decided that they would discuss a date for the operation during the weekend visit.

During the visit with Grandmother, Anne also came to Little Town to be with the family and of course to talk with Ron. During the discussion it was decided that Ron would stay with Grandmother and Aunt Jane and wait for Aunt Anne to arrange with the hospital for Ron’s operation. Mom, Dad and Sis would return to Huntsville and wait for Aunt Anne to alert them with the operation date. They would then return to Little Town to be close to Ron.

Uncle Hardie worked as an on-call ambulance driver for a local company and offered to personally drive the ambulance to take Ron to the hospital.

Aunt Anne finally phoned Friday evening and explained that Ron would need to be at the hospital at 2 p.m. the following Thursday. He would stay over night and then be operated on the next morning at 10 a.m.

Mom and Dad were back in Little Town around 10 a.m. Wednesday. It was decided that Mom would ride in the ambulance with Ron and Dad would drive so they would have transportation in Nashville. Dad promised Ron that he would drive just behind the ambulance. Aunt Jane was teaching and said she would be at the hospital by 4 p.m. to be with Ron too.

Uncle Hardie told Ron that it was necessary that he lie or sit on the ambulance bed. Soon after the trip began Ron asked, “Uncle Hardie, will you turn-on the siren and red light for a while, especially while you are in the long tunnel”. Uncle Hardie did and Ron felt like a VIP being rushed through the traffic.

When they arrived at Vanderbilt, Uncle Hardie drove to the emergency entrance. He then personally pushed Ron to the Pediatrics Clinic waiting room. It wasn’t long before Ron was being examined by a doctor. A short time later a nurse pushed Ron in a rolling-chair to the room where Ron would spend the night.

Of course all of the family walked with Ron. The room was a very large room with perhaps twenty very large metal beds. In fact all of the beds were really very large baby beds with high sides. Ron began to cry and explained that he was scared to stay alone in such a larger room.

The nurse was very nice and walked with Ron to her office across the hall. She insured him that she was near by all night and all he to do was push a button or call for her. She later gave Ron cookies and a juice.

Aunt Jane arrived about 4 p.m. She brought Ron a puzzle and two comic books.

After about an hour it was decided that Mom would stay with Ron until the end of visiting hours at 8 p.m. Grandmother and Granddaddy did not come to the hospital, but promised they would see Ron a few hours after the operation. Dad, Aunt Anne, Aunt Jane and Uncle Hardie all hugged him and said their goodnights and returned to Little Town.

Mom walked with Ron, read him stories and continually talked with him, but Ron was still crying and begging Mom not to leave him alone in the big room. Dad returned a few minutes before 8 p.m. to pick Mom up.

When Mom decided to leave Ron was really screaming. The nurse tried to calm him, but to no avail. Mom assisted the nurse to lift the high bed-side and finally left the room. Before Mom had left the hall way, Ron had climbed over the bed-side and was running down the hall way after Mom. The nurse was soon running after Ron. The nurse assured Mom that Ron was not the first child to act this way and that she would handle the situation. Mom left.

The nurse tried hard to reason with Ron. Finally a male orderly joined the nurse and they attached a metal screen over the top of Ron’s bed so he could not climb out. The next morning Mom and Dad were with Ron by 8 a.m. The nurse explained to Mom what they did and that Ron cried until mid-night; before finally going to sleep.

Mom and Dad were allowed to stay with Ron until it was time for him to be taken to the operating room. The surgery only took an hour and when they brought Ron back to the room he was soundly sleeping. The nurse explained that Ron would be drowsy until noon. Mom and Dad left and returned at noon. Sure enough Ron was very drowsy. One of the family was with Ron almost all of the time until it was bed time. This evening Ron did not cry and scream. Two days later Uncle Hardie was driving Ron back to Little Town and parking in Granddaddy’s drive way. Ron was disappointed that Uncle Hardie could not turn the siren on. Ron did not have to stay in bed, but was not allowed out of the house for four days. Of course Aunt Jane brought him more puzzles and comics and Grandmother made him plenty of ice cream.
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