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TITLE: Rewrite of Sally and Alley Cat- An Adventure 10-18-12
By Sharon Cooper

“Here we go again,” sighs Sally. Miss Babby’s always giving us homework. Wish I didn’t have to go to school. But Mommy says it’s for our own good.

Just then the bell rang for recess.

“Oh boy! Recess! exclaimed Sally. As she ran for the door, some of her classmates were in her way. Sally jumped over two of her classmates and bounded for the door. As she stepped outside, she stopped and looked around. The sun was shinning. “It’ll be a great day for playing.”

Suddenly she caught something out the corner of her eye. Sappy was looking at something. Then she noticed something small and brown.
“A rat!” Sally began to crouch and slowly move toward the rat while watching Sappy. Just as she was getting close enough to pounce on the rat, she saw Wally come from out of nowhere and snatched up the rat.
“Wally! You come back here. That rat was mine.” said Sally. But Wally was gone.

As Sally watched some of her classmates, she realized she was hungry.
“What are we having for lunch?” she wondered. “Oh yeah. Possum pie. I hate possum pie. I think I’ll find some rat then nibble on the possum at lunch.”

Just as she started for the edge of the playground, she noticed her sister Alley coming toward her.
“Oh no,” moaned Sally. “Here comes Alley. She always ruins my plans.”
“Aren’t you gonna play with us?’ asked Alley.
“I’m thinking about something.” Sally said.
What?” Alley asked.
“I’m going to find some rat.”
“Are you crazy? You know we don’t have much time for recess.”
“I’m hungry. And you can go with me.”
“Oh no. I’m not getting involved in one your schemes again. Do you remember what happened the last time I went somewhere with you?”
“Do you know what we’re having for lunch?” asked Sally.
“What?” Alley asked.
“Possum pie.” replied Sally.
“No we’re not,” retorted Alley.
“Yes we are. Isn’t lizard your favorite food?”
“Do you want to eat lizard, or possum pie for lunch?”
“Ok, but we can’t be gone long. Recess is almost over.”

The girls left the playground and headed for the woods. The rats and lizards seemed to hiding this morning. Soon they found a rat and lizard, and began eating. After they had finished eating, the girls looked around.
“I don’t remember this place,” Sally said.
“I can get us back to school,” Alley replied confidently.
Sally knew that Alley was a good tracker. This was something that she had inherited from their Uncle Tabby.

As they continued, they went deeper into the woods. Sally looked around again.
“Alley, I think we’re lost.” Sally said nervously.
Alley began looking around too.
“I think we need to go in that direction,” pointing to her right.
“Are you sure?” Sally asked.
“Of course I’m sure,” Alley replied confidently.
“Alley’s always right,” thought Sally.

They had been walking for a while when Sally stopped.
“Alley, where are we?” Sally asked.
Ally stopped and began looking around.
“I think we may have gone a little further than what I thought,” Alley said.
“So we are lost!” Sally exclaimed. She began crying.
“Sally, it’s ok.” Alley said.
“We’ll find our way out.”

In the meantime, Sammy Cat (the girl’s father) and Uncle Tabby (their uncle) had been looking for the girls in the woods. The girls’ teacher had called their mother to let them know they were missing from school. Uncle Tabby was the best tracker around. It was from Uncle Tabby that Alley learned her tracking skills. But since she was a little girl, she still had a lot to learn.

As Alley and Sally continued in the woods, Ally was hoping that their father would find them quickly, as it’d be getting dark soon. Their father had often cautioned them about the dangers in the woods. As they kept walking through the woods, Sally stopped.
“Alley, I’m getting tired. I want to go home, complained Sally.
“Sally, we have to keep going,” reminded Alley.
“But I’m tired and hungry. Let’s stop and eat something.” begged Sally
“Are you crazy? That’s why we’re lost. You wanted something to eat. You’re the reason we’re in this mess.” Alley replied impatiently.
Sally began crying again.
“Now why are you crying?” asked Alley.
“It’s my fault we’re lost.” cried Sally.
“I’m sorry Sally. I shouldn’t blame you. Let’s rest and I’ll figure out what to do.”

The girls were sleeping soundly when a sound roused Sally. She sleepily opened one eye but didn’t see anything. There was another sound but closer and louder. She perked her ears and listened. Nothing. As she laid her head back down, something hit her head.
“Ow!” exclaimed Sally.
Alley woke up and saw Sally rubbing her head.
“What happened?” Alley asked.
“Something hit me on the head.” Sally replied.
“And I heard a sound a minute ago.” Sally told her.
“Oh, it’s just your imagination.” retorted Alley.
Just then something hit Alley on the head.
“Ow!” exclaimed Alley.
“See! It’s not my imagination.” retorted Sally.
They looked to see what hit them.
“Nuts!” said Alley.
As Alley was talking, more nuts began hitting the girls at one time. As they began running away, Sally yelled,
“Let’s get out of here!”
The girls quickly ran to a clump of bushes and hid. Silence. The girls slowly peeked out. Nothing. Sally saw something move.
Then Sally yelled, “Squirrels!”
Then Alley yelled, “Attack!”
Alley and Sally ran toward the tree. The squirrels began throwing nuts again. The girls climbed the tree after them. The squirrels climbed further up the tree with the girls right behind them. Then the squirrels began jumping from limb to limb until they were in another tree and out of sight. The girls were unable to follow. They stopped and listened. Nothing. All was silent.
“Let’s go back down,” said Alley. Sally started going down the tree when she noticed that Alley wasn’t following.
“Alley, what’s wrong,” asked Sally.
“I’m afraid,” cried Alley.
Sally climbed back up.
“It’s ok, Alley. I’ll help you down.”
“No,” cried Alley.
“Alley, don’t look down. Just move one paw at a time.”
“I can’t”, cried Alley.
“Yes you can. It’s not hard.” Sally liked to have a lot of fun, but she knew this was serious, and Alley needed her.
“Sally, I’m afraid to go down. I might fall,” Alley sobbed.
Just then they heard a noise.
“Listen.” said Sally. Sally knew she had to somehow get Alley down the tree. There was something out there, and she had to do something fast. But Sally wasn’t willing to leave her sister in the tree by herself.

Then they heard the noise again. Sally crouched down. Then she saw two figures. It was Daddy and Uncle Tabby. She scurried down the tree and met them.
“There they are”, exclaimed Sammy.
“Daddy, Daddy. Sally ran to Daddy and hugged him.
“Are you alright?” he questioned.
“Where’s your sister?’ he asked.
“Up there. She’s afraid to come down,” Sally explained.
“Alley, come on down,” said Sammy.
“Daddy, I’m afraid,” Alley pitifully said.
“It’s ok, baby. I know you can do this. Just take it slow and easy.”
Gingerly, Alley began a slow trek down the tree.
“That’s it baby. Nice and easy. You’re doing fine,” Daddy said lovingly.
Once Alley made it to the ground, she ran to Daddy. He hugged both girls.
“My girls are safe now,” he thought to himself. Then to the girls he stated.
“Let’s go home now.”
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