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TITLE: The Musician
By dee smith

The Musician

Once upon a time in another kingdom there lived a benevolent King. He was adored by his subjects. They spent most of their time just talking about how awesome he was and expressing their love and adoration for him. He loved his subject very, very much. He was constantly giving them gifts and delighting in them. There was such joy in the kingdom. And lots of music. All kinds of music to express the subjects love and adoration for their king.
The head musician was named Lou. He was drop dead gorgeous, very talented and loved by the subjects. When he played music everyone would be quiet just to listen and get caught up in the beauty of the music. He was so talented. He composed all the music for the kingdom. He led the symphony orchestra and the rock bands! Everyone looked up to him and he looked up to the king.
Lou travelled the kingdom playing, conducting and composing music. He would talk with the subject to see what was in their hearts that they wanted to convey to the king. He would then sit down and write the music for them. When he found a common theme, he would write a symphony to be played the following weekend. Every Friday night the subjects would gather for a concert to praise their king. It was a wonderful time. Subject would sit in the open spaces and picnic on dietary delights prepared by the King. The King himself would wander through the crowds blessing his subjects for he loved them very much.
This went on for a long time. Lou grew more and more popular if that were possible. He was treated with such respect—almost as much as the King himself. He would show up in towns and the children would flock to him. They always wanted to hear the latest song he had composed. He loved the attention of the crowds. They would give him all sorts of gifts and had great feasts to celebrate his being in their town. Lou really enjoyed the reception and attention.
As Lou continued travelling, in the back of his mind, a tiny thought was growing. Just how popular am I? Am I as popular as the King himself? I wonder if the people love me as much as the King. Could I get them to follow me? What if I were King? What changes would I make? I can probably run the kingdom as well as the King. Lou never voiced these thoughts. They would just rumble around in the back of his mind.
One day as Lou entered a small town, the people lavished such praise on him that he couldn’t help himself. He asked the people if they loved him as much as the King. “Just curious” he would say to downplay what he was really thinking. More and more the people would say yes we do. Lou would just smile and tuck that away in his fantasy. I could be King if I got enough people to follow me, he thought.
Even more time passed. His desire to see if he really was a popular as he thought grew. But how to test it? How would the King react? He was growing in power and probably could overthrow the King if he led the troops himself. He began spending more time with the King’s army. He would befriend the leaders and persuade them to follow him. He had to be careful for loyalty to the King was paramount to these soldiers.
He began ever so slowly asking the soldiers what changes they would make if they were king. He then would praise their wisdom. “They had so much to offer. They King should really pay more attention to their suggestions. Somehow the King seemed out of touch with his subjects. Did they see that as well?” ,he would ask. Lou began to have a small following. These soldiers would talk amongst themselves, in hushed whispers, about how things would be different, better if they had Lou as the King.
The King was very aware of what Lou was doing, but he didn’t stop him. The King loved his subjects and allowed them the freedom to choose whom they would follow. The praise concerts continued, but somehow seemed tainted. The music was still beautiful, but not as heart-felt. The subject didn’t respond the same way they had.
One day Lou decided he had enough support. He would take over and be King. In the middle of the concert Lou turned around, he had been conducting the orchestra, and announced his intention of being King. Thus evil was born. The crowd gasped in horror as Lou’s followers pulled out their swords to challenge anyone who disagreed. One of the King’s general stood up. Then his troops stood with him. The battle was on. The King watched from the side. It was a very short battle. Lou had greatly under estimated the King’s power and that of his troops.
The gates were opened and Lou and all his followers, about a third of the subjects, were thrown out of the kingdom. They wandered around until they found a place large enough to hold them. Those who followed Lou were in for a great surprise. He had promised all kinds of things to them. But he had nothing to offer. His bitterness at being thrown out grew and grew. He began to take it out on those around him. He was once very beautiful, but his countenance had changed. He became very ugly. He rewarded cruelty and made his generals torture the followers. Soon the followers were looking for other victims to find relief for themselves. They explored the land just outside of the kingdom Lou had set up. They found lots of people who were gullible. They reported this to Lou. He was delighted. Now he could have an even greater kingdom. He would conquer these people and force them to serve him. He would one day challenge the King and get back the kingdom he felt was rightfully his.
Lou continues to this day trying to build his kingdom so he can challenge the King. But, in the back of his mind he wonders if he really can win. The King was so powerful. Lou knows deep down he is no match for the King, but he will challenge him again. So what if all his followers are destroyed? Why should he be punished alone? They incited him to give up his position as the musician and pursue this folly. It serves them right. Lou grew to hate both the King and his followers and those he subjected to himself. Lou is consumed with hatred and thoughts of revenge. There will be no stopping him.
But the King has a plan. Lou will be defeated and banished to a place of torment for all the harm he has done.

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