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TITLE: Lucky’s First Adventure
By Debra Burchett

This is a wonderful story for youngsters. I am in hope it will help them understand why parents teach or sometimes have to say no.
please feel free to let me know your feelings about this story, or any errors in it. Your input only helps to improve my writing. Let me say thankyou in advance.
Lucky’s First Adventure

In a big red barn, one spring morning was heard the happy peeping of mother ducks babies. They were excited because Mrs. Duck had promised to take them on a walk outside the barn today.
Mrs. Duck stood at the door and called to her ducklings to get in line. They all hurried to do as they were told, all but one. His name was Lucky. Lucky always seemed to be in a hurry. He always wanted to be the first one to do everything.

As his brothers and sisters were getting in line, Lucky ran past his mother and into the farmyard. His mother quickly stopped Lucky and guided him to the end of the line. While standing there, all Lucky could think about were the new places he had just seen outside. Mrs. Duck was telling everyone about the wonderful things they would see and also the dangers they should avoid. Lucky was so lost in what he had already seen, that he wasn’t listening to his mother.

Mrs. Duck said, “ Now stay in line and follow me.”
As they went into the farmyard, Lucky once again ran out of line and past his mother. Lucky saw the biggest puddle of water he had ever seen. He could almost feel the water on his feet, when suddenly his mother appeared before him, blocking his way with her out stretched wings. As Lucky stopped in front of her, he looked up into her angry face, and said, “I only wanted to play in the puddle!”
Mrs. Duck said, “I told you that playing in puddles was dangerous!” About that time a car went by with its tires going directly into the puddle and splashing the ducks with muddy water. As Lucky shook the water from his feathers, he said “Wow! I would have been squished!” “Yes” his mother, said, “I teach you things so you can be safe, now get back in line.

As the family went on with their walk they met Mrs. Chicken and Her husband Rooster, and their children. As Mrs. Duck and Mrs. Chicken were talking the ducklings were allowed to play with the children in their yard.

When they continued on the ducklings were introduced to the pig family, the sheep family, and had just met Mrs. cow and her new baby. While Mrs. Duck and Mrs. Cow were talking, Lucky look around him and saw a big black dog on a chain. Lucky left his place in line and went to talk to the big dog. The dog had been watching the family and as Lucky came nearer, he said in his nicest voice, “Hello little duck, would you like to swim in my water dish?”
Why thank you for inviting me, that sounds like fun!” said Lucky.
As Lucky started across the dirt that marked where the big dogs chain made him stop, Lucky’s mother once again swooped in front of him with her wings spread out. As Mrs. Duck quickly pushed Lucky back into the grass, the big dog leaped to his feet and ran to the end of his chain, barking and growling angrily. As Lucky looked past his mother at the now scary dog, he asked “ What did I do that made him so mad?”
As Mrs. Duck guided Lucky back into line, She said, “He is mad because he didn’t get to eat you.”
Eat Me? He invited me to swim in his water bowl and he sounded nice.
“Yes Lucky, He sounded nice and offered you what you might like, just to get you to come close enough to him so he could eat you. He is dangerous, that is why he is on the chain. That is also why I didn’t introduce you to him. You should not speak or go near anyone I have not introduced you to. They might be dangerous, and hurt you.
As lucky went on with his family, he looked back at the big dog, who smiled and yelled you would have tasted good!”

Shortly they came to a big pond of water. Lucky forgot all about the scary dog and ran past his mother once again and headed toward the water. As he was nearly there, once again his mother appeared in front of him, with her wings spread out. As he stopped and once again looked into his mother’s angry face, he said “Ah mom I only wanted to be the first one in the water.”
“ Lucky,” His mother said,” there are always going to be dangers around that if you are in a hurry you might not see.
As though to prove her right, a long brown snake came out of the grass and silently slithered along the path toward the big pond. Lucky and his family stood where they were and watched as the snake went to the waters edge. About that time a big bird swooped down and picked up the snake and flew away.

Mrs. Duck turned to her duckling and said, “That is why we must stay together. There is safety in numbers. The hawk could have Chosen any one of you for his dinner, but together in a line we look to big for him. The snake also would have had one of you for his dinner if I hadn’t of stopped you Lucky! That is why we need to be very careful all the time and listen to what we are told. Now lets go swimming! With that said Mrs. Duck led them all into the water and they splashed and swam. Took rides on moms back and had a really fun time.

When they got back to their nest in the barn and were snuggled around their mother safe and warm, Lucky began to drift off to sleep. He remembered all the new friends his mother introduced him to. He also remembered all the times he was almost killed, if it hadn’t been for his mother teaching him what he needed to know. Lucky realized how loved he was and how hard his mother was trying to keep him safe, he nestled closer to his mother and sleepily said “I love you mom” as he drifted off to sleep in his safe warm nest.
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