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TITLE: Chloe's Tale
By Lauren Akqulian

This is the beginning of a children's book about how the place setting came to be. This is for children ages 6 and up, I'm looking to get published but not sure if it's good enough, please let me know.
Thank you
Once upon a time, in a land far away…around the corner from Dunkin Donuts lived a fork name Chloe, a spoon named Nino, and a knife named Benny. Tucked away in a drawer, in a house, in this far away land Chloe, Benny, and Nino spent their days eagerly anticipating meal times. It was then that they were removed from the drawer and placed upon the table. Keeping the master well fed brought them much happiness. They knew it was time to fulfill their daily duties when the light of day would creep into their dark drawer and the master’s hand would gently scoop them up and place them on the dinner table.

The master would place the trio in the same position meal after meal, day after day. The fork, the knife, and the spoon were always together. They were set in a row next to one another. On the right of the plate Chloe the fork would sit, Nino the spoon would lay next to her and at the end Benny, the knife.

Although Nino’s edges were smooth and well rounded his personality was nothing of the sort. He felt that his purpose was not fulfilled as often as his teammates were. Many nights the kind master would never choose Nino as her meal did not always require his help. He was stuck in the middle of Chloe the fork and Benny the knife and felt he could never live up to them, He became very resentful and this would overflow from his scoop.

However, Benny didn’t know why Nino was often cruel to him. Nino would constantly put him down, explaining that he was sharp and people were afraid of him. Nino would say this with great joy. He informed Chloe that her prongs were pointy and if she wasn’t held properly she could hurt the very one that she wanted to please. Benny being a knife could be dangerous if not used correctly so Benny took these accusations to heart. Although he was sharp and had rough edges he was very kind and gentle, only wanting the best for his master. Chloe knew better, she knew that Nino’s behavior stemmed from jealousy.

After meals they would take their swim in the White Foam Sea. Chloe would be sure to float away from Nino and stay close to Benny. She was very protective of Benny. She knew how sensitive he could be. She would tell him that Nino didn’t mean what he said and do her best to console Benny.

Nino continued the same behavior and Chloe was becoming tired of his constant putdowns. It was nearing the end of summer and Nino hadn’t been used by his master for the entire season. His comments were getting more aggressive and he was becoming harder to live with. Chloe could see that this was wearing Benny down. Even their master would have to use more pressure to cut her meat, Benny was becoming dull. Chloe wanted to prevent the knife from losing the job he loved so much, so one time as they were dunked into the sea of white foam Chloe saw the opportunity to catch a wave away from Nino and corner Benny alone. She explained to him what would happen if they continued to be ruled and overpowered by Nino. Benny was grateful for Chloe’s kindness and trusted that she could save them. As it was Chloe had seen other knives in the position Benny now held, they never lasted very long.

Chloe explained that the next time their Master gently put them on the table they would make a break for it. Don’t forget Chloe’s place was directly next to the plate and she was friendly with the entire staff. She would ask the plate to help boost her over his ledge so she could escape to the other side. She told Benny that she would be louder then needed while making her way over the plate in order to distract Nino. While Nino was distracted Benny would have a chance to slide over him, jump onto Chloe’s back and they would cross the plate together.
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