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TITLE: The Little Red Box
By Charlotte Seymour

This is my first submission. Today just thrilled to be here as in find the site. All suggestions welcome. I love children. I love the word of God and I love to write.
The Little Red Box

“Oh,” Sally squealed, “look what someone gave me!”

“What’s that dear?” answered her mother.

“It’s a little red box. It’s not my birthday, who would give me a gift when it’s not my birthday?”

Sally’s mother put down the laundry basket she was carrying and went to inspect her daughters’ package. “Have I forgotten something?” she wondered.

“Is there a gift card honey?”

“No, mom should I open it?”

“May I see your package dear? How do you know it’s yours?”
Pointing at the box Sally said “see… my name is printed right there.”

“Can I open it now?” asked Sally.

“No, honey, I’d prefer we waited until your father has a chance to look at this little red box. You won’t have to wait long, I talked to him about fifteen minutes ago and he’s already left his office he should be here shortly.”


“Don’t start Sally; we’re waiting for your father. Have you finished your homework yet?”

Grudgingly Sally climbed the stairs to her room and grabbed a book from her school back pack. Minutes later she flopped down on the couch in the living room and opened her book. A half hour later Sally heard a car pull into their driveway. A quick expectant glance out the picture window confirmed it was her father’s car. Slamming her book shut she ran to the kitchen door and opened it. Sally stood in the kitchen doorway watching her father pull his car into the garage.

Her father opened his car door “Well, this is a pleasant surprise” he said with a broad grin.

“Hi, daddy, I’m glad you’re home!”

“Hi, yourself, what’s up kiddo?”

“I got this little red box today and mom won’t let me open it until you came home.”

“What red box?”

Exasperated Sally said, “Daddy, not you too?”

“What are you talking about Sally? I truly don’t know anything about a red box.”

“Well, come see for yourself.”

Sally’s mom stood at the kitchen counter frowning as they walked into the kitchen. “What’s this about a red box dear?” asked Sally’s dad.

“Sally got this little red box today. Someone just dropped it off on the front porch. There is no gift card; it’s not her birthday so it is a mystery. I was really hoping you knew what it was.

“Okay, let me see this red box.” Sally’s dad examined the little red box. It wasn’t very big and was incredibly light. Holding it up to his ear he shook the box listening for some hint of what was inside. Nothing! The box was wrapped in crimson red paper and was tied shut with black ribbon. Sure enough Sally’s name was printed across the top in big black bold letters.

“Can I open it daddy?”

“No…honey, I think I am with your mother on this one. Tell you what though your grandmother is coming for supper tonight. Let’s give her a chance to look at this little red box. It would be like her to give you a surprise gift.”

“Oh, okay” said Sally trying unsuccessfully to hide her disappointment. “I didn’t know Grandma was coming for supper tonight, really?”

“Yes, she wanted to surprise you. I guess that’s why I think she might know something about this little red box.”

After supper Sally said “Grandma I got this little red box today. We can’t figure out where it came from. Did you send it to me?”

“Umm…seems to me I did send a little red box to someone special. Why don’t we all go in the living room and open your little red box together.”

Sally’s grandmother held the little red box gently in her hands. “This is quite possibly the most important gift I’ve ever shared with you. This little red box brings you a life changing message which is the gift. It’s up to you to accept the gift this little red box represents. See this black ribbon tied around this box. To open the box to look inside you must first untie the ribbon.” Grandma untied the ribbon and took the lid off the little red box an incredibly bright light illuminated the entire house. Grandma said softly, “the gift is the light.” With tears running down her winkled cheeks she continued “Jesus is the light of the world. He shed his blood to free us from the bondage of sin so we could accept his gift of eternal life.”
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