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TITLE: Joshua the Tarzan Knight
By Ashley Nelson

I'm trying to get this published. Please tell me what you think and correct any grammatical errors. Thanks and enjoy! :)
Joshua loved to play football, and Joshua loved to paint. He also loved to play in his tree house his dad built for him in the backyard. But above all, he loved to pretend. He pretended he had the most wonderful adventures any little boy could have. Today, he was a Tarzan knight, rescuing a princess who was kidnapped by an evil Gorilla.
“I must save the Princess!” Joshua exclaimed. Joshua rolled out a map of the jungle. The princess was held in the tallest tree-house in the jungle, but first he must go through the ancient ruins of the leopards, through the misty swamp of the crocodiles, and past the forest of the throwing-banana monkeys.
So, Joshua started off on his journey, taking only water, food, and a walking stick. He climbed onto his tiger and rode off until they came to the ancient ruins of the leopards.
“Who goes there?” A leopard growled. Joshua halted his tiger.
“It is I, Joshua the Tarzan Knight.” Joshua declared, “I’m on my way to the highest tree house to save the princess from the evil Gorilla.”
“Oh? We don’t think you should rescue the princess. She causes trouble. Besides, I’m sure a strong person like you must have better things to do.” The leopard tempted Joshua away from his mission.
“I must save any who needs my help.” Joshua declared.
“Join us and you’ll have better adventures than you can ever imagine.” All the leopards of the ancient ruins surrounded him, waiting for him to speak.
“No! I will not be tempted by you!” Joshua shouted. He took his walking stick and began shooing them away. He whacked them. He kicked them. And he chased those leopards off. When all the leopards were gone, Joshua climbed back on his tiger and kept going further into the jungle.
Not long after the ancient ruins of the leopards, Joshua entered the misty swamp of the crocodiles. Joshua and his tiger had to be careful where they stepped or else they would sink into quicksand. They accidentally ran into a herd of crocodiles.
“Who goes there?” demanded the crocodiles.
“It is I, Joshua the Tarzan Knight. I am on my way to rescue the princess from the evil Gorilla.” Joshua declared. The crocodiles laughed.
“You save the princess? You are much too small and weak to save the princess.” The crocodiles laughed at Joshua.
“But I must save any who need my help.” Joshua said.
“You are not strong enough and you are a child. How can a child rescue the princess from the evil Gorilla?” the crocodiles mocked.
“Enough! I have strength from the heavens above!” Joshua too his stick again and scared the crocodiles away. He whacked them. He kicked them. And he chased them away. After the crocodiles waddled away, Joshua rode on his tiger and was on his way once more.
At last, he came to the last place before the tallest tree-house where the princess was held captive by the evil Gorilla. He arrived at the forest of banana-throwing monkeys.
“Who dares enter our territory?” the monkeys screeched.
“It is I, Joshua the Tarzan Knight. I am on my way to rescue the princess from the evil Gorilla.” Joshua declared.
“You are not welcome. Any who enter our forest does not pass. Leave now before we throw bananas at you.”
“But I must save the princess!” Joshua said as he took a step into the forest. The monkeys did not listen and began to throw bananas at him. Joshua tried to dodge the fruit, but it was useless. They were too fast for him. Joshua had to get to the other side, but how? An idea struck him. Maybe if he played dead they might leave him alone. So he lied down, closed his eyes, and pretended to be dead. He waited until the monkeys stopped throwing the bananas and they had stopped their screeching.
He peeked an eye open. The monkeys were gone. His plan had worked! Quietly, Joshua climbed back onto his tiger and crossed to the other side of the forest. At last, he reached the tallest tree-house. The evil Gorilla sat in front of the door.
“Who dares enter in my territory?!” boomed the Gorilla.
“It is I, Joshua the Tarzan Knight. I have come to free the princess from you.” The evil Gorilla laughed. He laughed so hard, he was about to cry.
“You save the princess? I tell you what. Answer my riddle correctly and I will let her go.” Joshua thought about this for a moment.
“Okay. I’ll do it. But you also must answer my riddle.” Said Joshua. The evil Gorilla agreed.
“I am light as air, I but never leave the ground, I need the sun, but never the moon. What am I?” the evil Gorilla asked. Joshua thought for a moment. A balloon is sometimes lighter than air, but it does leave the ground and it does not need the sun or the moon. Joshua looked at the ground and stared at his shadow. That’s it! That was the answer.
“It’s a shadow!” Joshua exclaimed, “Shadows are lighter than air, but never leaves the ground. Shadows need the sun, but never the moon.” The Gorilla growled in anger.
“That’s right.” He grumbled.
“Now it’s my turn. It weighs nothing, but can be held by one person. It can be shared with a thing or a person. What is it?” Joshua asked. The Gorilla sat in thought.
“An enemy!” the Gorilla shouted. Joshua looked at him puzzled.
“An enemy? No the answer is Love.” The evil Gorilla was defeated and he let the princess go. Joshua freed the princess at last. What the leopards, crocodiles, monkeys, and the evil Gorilla did not know was that the princess was actually Joshua’s little sister Abbey. Joshua would do anything to save his little sister because that’s the meaning of true love.

© Copyrighted 2009
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