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TITLE: A Symphony of Miracles Chapter 14 Fossils of Rabbits? 4/11/4
By Richard McCaw

Target audience: High School, College, University students or anyone battling with the “Existence of God” or “Evolution.” Positive statements are fine, but negative statements to improve the text are more than welcome. I improve by constructive criticism. This is not a biography, although biographic illustrations are interwoven to flavor the text.
Chapter 14

Fossils of Rabbits?

As our search continues beyond popular science and what school teachers and college professors repeat like a parrot in front of us, let us imagine a visit to Bugs Bunny of cartoon fame. He usually has a carrot in his mouth, and is up to his old tricks trying to befuddle his old friend, Elmer Fudd. But today he is visiting the registrar of births and deaths at the Department of Rabbit Affairs. He must have read Darwin’s “Origin of the Species,” and is tracing his ancestors from whom the evolutionist claims that he has descended.

The rabbit at the front desk informs him, “Sir, we have searched all available fossil records since Darwin, but we cannot find the fossil of any ancestor that was not a rabbit. Perhaps if you come back a few decades from now a fossil may turn up as a missing link!”

“Fat chance!” Bugs guffaws, and saunters through the door munching the end of a carrot. “What are they saying?” he grumbles to himself. “Fossil records show that rabbits have not evolved! They have always been rabbits!”

Well, that visit did not prove anything! Encyclopaedia Britannica documents that all today’s domestic pet rabbits have the European wild rabbit as their direct ancestor. Moreover, they have existed from as way back as 3,000 B.C. The family Leporidae (rabbits and hares) have been relatively unchanged since the Eocene Epoch about 40 million years ago, when its fossil record first became well documented.

According to Dr. Cornelius Hunter, a graduate of the University of Illinois, and Adjunct Professor at Biola University with a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Computational Biology, “There have been no fossil rabbits in the ancient strata. That’s right, no rabbits before the Cambrian era.” Then he adds sarcastically, “Astonishing! Evolution must be true!”

Darwin also admitted in a chapter entitled “On the Imperfection of the Geological Record” in his book, “The Origin of the Species,” that “Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely-graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory.”

Imagine for a moment Charles Darwin standing before a judge in a court of law in which the judge asks the accused, “Mr. Darwin, you are accused of spreading a blatant lie with regard to the Origin of Species. Your book has caused terrible concerns in the halls of truth. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Darwin replies, “I do sir. Just give me time. Evolution is a gradual process!”

“How long, Mr. Darwin?” asks the judge.

“Sometimes millions of years before one species evolves into a different species.”

“We’ll all be dead, sir!” retorts the judge. “We must have evidence! Do you have witnesses?”

Darwin begins to stutter, “Wi-wi-witnesses? Du-du-du I-have any witnesses?” He turns to smile at an enclave of fellow scientists behind him in the audience. “Well, my fellow scientists….”

“Have they seen these transitions?” the judge leans forward peering over his spectacles at the men he is indicating. But nobody comes forward. They all begin looking at each other.

“Call the witnesses then, man!” orders the judge.

The attorney for the defense steps forward and whispers to the judge, “They didn’t actually see these changes, your honor.”

“Really! Amazing!” the judge exclaims. “What about exhibits? I hear there are fossils that prove the gradual transition from one species to another. Do you have exhibits? If so, place them on the table or else provide information where we can see them!”

Charles Darwin is turning various colors of the rainbow. “Not exactly, your honor” he replies. “To be honest, sir, there are large gaps, missing links that we hope will turn up soon.”

The judge lifts his gavel. “Gentlemen for the defense. The case you have is extremely weak. No exhibits! No witnesses! You are wasting the court’s time!” Suddenly he slams the gavel down on the desk and declares, “Case DISMISSED!”

On hearing the verdict, Darwin whispers to his defense his need for the restroom. Reporters are eagerly waiting outside the steps of the court to interview him and members of his scientific entourage. However, he enters the restroom, and like a quick-change artist, slips into a different attire, black hat, black suit, uses a magic shave tube and in no time has eliminated his identifying beard. When he emerges, he is a different man, and slips through the crowd unnoticed, while they wait for the real Mr. Darwin to stand forth. They wait in vain.

The case embarrasses the scientific establishment deeply. In fact, newspapers next day herald the news everywhere with the headlines: “NO CASE! FANTASY DISMISSED IN COURT CASE!” In smaller print below, “Lack of evidence and witnesses quashes defense for evolution case. Will Mr. Darwin appeal?”
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