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TITLE: A Symphony of Miracles Chapter 2 Is Somebody watching? Destroying the Next Generation 3/31/14
By Richard McCaw

Target audience: High School, College, University students or anyone battling with the “Existence of God” or “Evolution.” Positive statements are fine, but negative statements to improve the text are more than welcome. I improve by constructive criticism.
Chapter 2

Destroying the next generation

In 1960 Madalyn Murray O’Hair successfully challenged in the U.S. courts compulsory Bible reading in public schools. (Int) Under the guise of religious tolerance, the removal of prayer from public education began in 1962 and became state law by 1963. She also attempted to subtract the word "God" from the Pledge of Allegiance when she sued the Baltimore school district. Her case, Murray v. Curlet reached the U.S. Supreme Court in 1963, leading to a landmark legal victory: the abolition of prayer, Bible readings, and all religious references from the American public school system.

She worked tirelessly to obliterate the concept of God and everything pertaining to Christianity. She founded a nonprofit group dedicated to the separation of church and state: the American Atheist Organization, which advocated (among other things) free birth control and the taxing of churches.

Under the guise of tolerance, many Christian denominations and sects were allowed to come in like a flood, so that many non-Christian religions and aberrations have since been able to invade the country.

In 1973 the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), seizing upon this theory of tolerance, led the rejection of homosexuality as a mental illness, and overturned laws against sodomy. (Int) Soon premarital sex became acceptable with the implementation of “Common Law marriage” and the availability of abortion. Today public education has become inclusive and celebrates the “gay life” as a diversity in its curriculum.

Under the guise of freedom of speech, great business corporations now market sex and violence at an alarming rate. Americans now spend more than $10 billion on pornography annually. (Int) Violent video games rake in billions for corporations, and peer pressure has grown stronger as the code of silence about bad behavior spreads like an epidemic. People now look the other way, because it is not politically correct to raise a voice against evil.

In 1976 Dr. Richard Dawkins, controversial scientist and evolutionist, known as “Darwin’s Rottweiler,” published his book “The Selfish Gene,” in which he popularized the gene-centered view of evolution.( Int) As the symbol of “the new atheist,” he very boldly fostered the drift into atheism in order to quell insane religious wars and hatred of society. On January 8th, 2006, internet news reported that he branded religion a “virus” and advocated that believers must therefore be avoided at all costs and regarded as “retarded” and “dangerous. Furthermore, he asserted that religious training of children is actually a “form of child abuse!” He compared Moses to Hitler, and called the New Testament “sado-masochistic doctrine!”

With the increase of single parent homes, this backward spiritual move has seriously damaged the spiritual growth of succeeding generations. Numerous children in these days are now left unsupervised for extended periods of time before television or computer, and absorb morally harmful ideologies.

In 2006, “Americans United for the Separation of Church and State,” along with the ACLU. brought a case against one high school in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Because of the financial obligations involved, the school agreed to remove a portrait entitled “The Head of Christ,” that had hung on the wall outside the principal’s office for 37 years. (Int) At the same time, a portrait of Buddha and a two-foot statue of Buddha were left in two separate classrooms unopposed, and allowed to remain. Federal law therefore has approved the next step in the decline of this great nation, as the minds of the younger generation are kept away from the Lord God and His Christ. These events remind us of the cry of the psalmist David in his messianic prophecy, “The rulers take counsel together, against the Lord against His Anointed,, Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us.”

Secular ideals have subtly removed the Judeo-Christian philosophy from public schools, and teachers can no longer uphold moral standards, or provide moral guidance to children.

However, the current onslaught against Christian ethics still continues. Isaac Moffett founded Nampa Classical Academy, a charter school in Nampa, Idaho, one of the most conservative states, that upheld Bible instruction, and regarded the Bible not merely as a religious document, but also as a source of historical knowledge.

As Moffett walked across a dirt field, he lamented, “This used to be our campus. This is where the classrooms were. Everything was right here.”

On September 15, 2011 the school was shut down by Idaho’s Board of Education, who accused it of quoting “religious texts” inside its classrooms. Moffett however declared that the texts were only used to teach history and at the time of the report was suing the Board in federal court.

Efforts to remove the words “In God We Trust” from not only paper money but from every U.S. coin has ensured the further slide away from God in this nation. Even the term “Under God” has come under attack. (Int) The attempt to remove any reference to God will continue as this nation turns away from the Living God and serves the idols of materialism, pleasure and political correctness.
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