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TITLE: Seven Years Until Eternity The Rise of the Antichrist Chapter 1
By Benjamin Reynolds

The target group is readers of Bible Prophecy and End Times Christian fiction. It is part of a book that I have already written. More information and additionals sample text is available at www.sevenyearsuntileternity.com. Thanks!
Chapter 1
The Deal

From looking at the boy, you would have never guessed that he was going to become the antichrist. Nassir Ibrahim Berezovsky was born in Haifa, Israel to a Jewish mother and Turkish father. As a child, he was bright and inquisitive, especially in matters related to politics and war. His parents had never married, so he spent a lot of time flying between Israel and Turkey, spending most of his time with his mother as a child since his father Muhammad Ibrahim always seemed to be traveling around the world somewhere on business. When his mother died while he was fifteen years old, her sister tried to raise him, but the young man was too rebellious and strong willed for her and her husband. He was constantly getting into fights with other Jewish kids because of his Muslim heritage and his Muslim first name. After a year, his aunt eventually sent him to Turkey to be raised by his father. She hoped that he would bring some much needed discipline and guidance into Nassir's life. She knew that he was a bright young man and just needed the proper direction and guidance. After Nassir arrived, his father quickly discovered did not have time for Nassir. He was too busy with his own life traveling around the world and building his growing telecommunications business. He decided it would be best to send the boy away to a prestigious military academy in Turkey for his high school education and to provide him with much needed discipline.

Once there, Nassir began to excel and show signs of promise. He discovered that he loved all things military and was especially gifted in areas of strategy and command. For the first few years, he consistently led his classmates to victory over the upperclassmen in mock war games. The same was the case when his class participated in computer simulated war games. Whether he commanded naval, air force or army units, he managed to lead his team to stunning victories. Nassir had an uncanny ability to manipulate people at whim. He often talked his way on and off campus with ease to procure items prohibited by the school such as video games, magazines and movies. Anything that was outlawed Nassir was able to find a way to get it for people he wanted favors from. His natural charisma, brilliance and tendency to share his accolades with others who were loyal to him made Nassir very popular and as his popularity grew, everyone wanted to be around him. This made him immensely popular with his peers. In addition to being popular with his peers, he was the darling the school staff. They nicknamed him "Prince Nassir" because they said he won battles and led his men like and Arab prince. In addition, he scored high marks in all of his classes and each year his IQ tests were off the charts. Everyone knew he was headed for big things. They also knew what he really wanted; to one day be in command of Turkey's armed forces, which was the sixth largest military in the world. To prepare himself for leadership, he had studied the great military leaders like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Hannibal, Saladin and Napoleon. After a while, he felt he was as good or better as them and determined that one day he would prove it.

When it came time for graduation, Nassir chose to attend Turkish Military Academy in Ankara, Turkey. With high marks, being selected as valedictorian of his class and nearly all of the officers on the school staff gave him glowing recommendations he was easily accepted. After entering the TMA, he continued to excel and gain influence with his peers and school staff. As the years went on, he showed his prowess as a naturally gifted leader and military thinker. When other cadets went home on holidays, Nassir stayed at school and used the time to study more. When other students and staff returned back to school from holiday, they often found him in the library with books open around him and sheets of papers with notes scribbled on them. He was relentless in his studies and pursuit of absolute excellence. Nassir graduated from the TMA as class valedictorian with honors needed to choose a career path. His father was extremely proud of Nassir and knew that the young man was on the fast track to political stardom. He several of his close friends had been watching Nassir's development over the years. His father and several others managed to use a combination of business contacts and bribes to get Nassir posted to the Southeast command in Turkey where he would have a better chance for career advancement. The Southeast command was an assignment that would definitely jump start Nassir's career since he was practically guaranteed to see military action in the Southeast region of Turkey have the opportunity to distinguish himself by helping to defeat anti-government rebels..

In Southeast Turkey, the government, which was ruled mostly by the military elite by now, was bent on wiping out PKK rebels (Turkish Workers Party). Since 1990, The Turkish government had banned Kurdish political parties after the PKK separatist movement in 1990. As a result of being banned, the PKK responded with violence in 1992, announcing a war on the government and mounting and insurgency campaign that provoked Turkish military intervention, reprisals and human rights violations. Even back then, the Turkish military was large for a country it's size. This was due to global instability and the wars being fought around the world. Since then, the military had grown even larger and was now even more determined to end this insurgency as well as radical Islam. The insurgency campaign was exactly what Nassir needed to make a name for himself.

It was during the insurgency campaign of 2012 he met the love of his life, Narissa Elam. Narissa was born in London to a black Christian father and a white Jewish Mother. With long flowing black hair, olive green eyes, light bronze skin, and a charming English accent, she was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. At that time, Nassir was a Captain in the Turkish Gendarmerie responsible for maintaining order during peacetime in rural areas not under regular military forces. His unit was stationed in Diyarbakir in Southeast Turkey near the Tigris River assigned to take part in the new campaign the government had announced to put down the PKK insurgency there. Narissa had come there as a reporter for World News Network (WNN) to interview Nassir about the campaign. When she arrived at his command post to interview him, she was immediately struck by how handsome he was. At 6 '4, he was tall and athletically built. He had stern, dark features with bronze skin, dark wavy hair and deep blue eyes that somehow drew her in.
"Ms. Elam, I'm told we have an interview."
She had been caught of guard. "Yes, we do. Thank you so much for your time Captain Berezovsky. My name is.."
"I know who you are, Ms. Elam. Please, I don't have much time. Let's get started. As you know, my men and I are very busy and we have much to do here."
"Yes, well, sorry for the interruption. Your English is very good Captain. They told me that I would not need a translator, but I still thought that..."
He interrupted her. "Yes, I speak six languages, all fluently. As I said, I don't have much time. Let us just get this over with so that I can't finish what I came here to do."
"I'm sorry Captain, maybe we got of on the wrong foot. I don't mean to inconvenience you but I'm just a reporter here to do an interview that your government approved. The world wants to know what.."

He interrupted her again. "What abuses and human rights violations are taking place right? They are terrorist Ms. Elam.. No more, no less. We are here to stop them so that you people can continue to have your freedom of the press. You people in the Western media sympathize with these terrorist so that you can have a nice story for your six o'clock news bites right? Do you know what will happen if we don't stop them and if these people are allowed to win? Do you remember the Taliban in Afghanistan? That is what they would like to do here Ms. Elam? Well, I can assure you that we here in Turkey will stand up to these radicals, even if we are the lone country in the Middle East to do so. We do not tolerate radicalism in politics or in religion."
Nassir was very angry by now. He became angrier when he saw Narissa standing there smiling at him.
"We want peace and prosperity. That is my job Ms. Elam. To ensure the peace of my country as well as yours. You think this is amusing don't you? What do you think that these people would do with someone like you if they caught you today?"
She leaned over his table. "Well, what would you with me?"
His mouth wide open and he was speechless as he continued staring into her eyes. Nassir grinned and then started laughing. He leaned forward in his chair and then looked at her smiling. "I'm sorry. You got me Ms. Elam."
She leaned forward onto his desk. "Lighten up. You take things too serious captain."
"Let's start over again. I'm Narissa Elam from WNN."
"Yes ma'am, you certainly are."
From that moment on, they were in love.

Six months had passed and Nassir had all but wiped out the PKK in Southeast Turkey. In fact, he had been promoted to Colonel due to his spectacular military success. The speed and surprise that he used to strike his enemies was astounding. He was a master at using spies and stealth to locate the rebels, speed to quickly surround them and overwhelming force to destroy them. His forces seemed to be everywhere at once, showing up in places no one thought they could be. When the PKK thought they were secure in the mountains and they could only be struck by cruise missiles and artillery, Nassir's Special Forces would somehow sneak in, scale the mountains by night and destroy their entire base by morning. He was deadly, he was daring and he was always victorious. Soon, even the hardened PKK and radical Muslim groups began to lose heart fighting against his forces. Victories at Sirnack, Otlak and Uludere in Turkey forced the enemy into northern Iraq. They withdrew to there believing that the Turkish military would not follow them there. They were wrong.

Times had changed and the world was a different place now. The former superpowers of United States, Britain and France no longer had the economic and military clout they once did and chose not interfere in global politics like they once did. Lack of money and changes in public opinion about foreign policy now kept their armed forces at home. This meant Turkey was free to pursue the PKK wherever they pleased. Factors such as the recent global economic meltdown, huge national deficits and war weariness help to usher in a wave of new political leaders in the world's democratic nations who were elected on their campaign promises of keeping their countries out of wars that did not concern them. America and her allies had pulled out of Iraq in 2013 and left Afghanistan in 2014, causing both countries fell apart and degenerated into chaos. Nassir took his troops into Iraq and soundly destroyed the PKK, as well as a few other radical Muslim groups like Al Assam in Iraq and El Alaqin who decided to interfere. With the additional military forces he had been given due to his earlier military victories, Nassir could have taken over the entire country. Zakho, Dah?k and Mosul in Northern Iraq all fell quickly to him. He almost took over all of Iraq until Iran threatened to get involved in the conflict, causing the Turkish government to step in and stop his advances. Nassir tried to argue that Iraq needed to be fully invaded to prevent a backlash of radical Islam from threatening Turkey, but to no avail. The government was happy with the did not want war with Iran. He gave in to the political leaders and withdrew his troops, for the time being. Nassir swore to himself that he would strive to one day be free of such short sighted leaders and one day return to finish what he started.

Before Nassir withdrew, his intelligence network tortured the enemy combatants they had captured and forced them to give up the names of the families of the leaders at the top of the PKK. He then ordered cruise missiles and UAV drones to carry out attacks on their homes as well as ordering his special forces to carry out secret missions to kidnap and torture the family members of the PKK leadership. The PKK were not used to this kind of unrestricted warfare. In the past, the Western countries they fought with concentrated only on the men fighting. Nassir had no such limits and went after their friends, families and loved ones. Even the terrorist groups wondered, "Who can fight with such as man." His unorthodox methods were enough to bring the PKK to the peace table.

In seven months, the campaign was over. The military had predicted at least a year, maybe more to defeat the PKK. Not only had Nassir soundly defeated them militarily, but he had brought them to the peace table and instilled a deep fear in the PKK and other potential insurgent groups. The politicians were so pleased that they asked him to negotiate a trilateral treaty between the Turkey, the PKK and Iran, who promised to no longer supply arms to terrorist groups in Turkey and Iraq. Nassir became a national hero and was becoming known around the world for what he had done. Time Magazine and US News and World Reports both did articles on him. With the kind of fame and notoriety he had achieved in Turkey around the world, the Turkish military felt that they could not let Nassir negotiate as a colonel, so they promoted him to brigadier general. He was elated. The whole world was watching as Nassir led the negotiations in Ankara, Turkey. The WNN sent Narissa Elam there to interview Nassir since she was familiar with him and was guaranteed to be the only one to get an exclusive one on one interview. When she arrived, she easily convinced Nassir to let her have the only exclusive one on one interview about the campaign in the world with him that the world would see.

He was happy to see her again. It had been more than seven months since they last saw each other. They kept in touch through video mail (VMail) and letters. VMail was a favorite his since his father had made billions getting the world to embrace the new video phone that his company has invented. By now it was almost unheard of to write letters and send plain email. Even though they spoke often using VMail, He still enjoyed taking the time to write to Narissa at the end of the day. He felt that he was a modern day Napoleon and Narissa was his Josephine. He was deeply in love with her and she was in love with him. They scheduled dinner the next day after the peace negotiations at the exclusive Al Qasin hotel in downtown Ankara. He and his men arrived an hour early and took time to search the restaurant. He was unusually excited about meeting her and for the first time in his life, he felt a bit nervous. He has never felt this way about anyone in his life, except his mother. Military school had taught him to be to be stern, disciplined and only show emotion when needed to perform his duties. He never had time for a woman in his life until now and he looked forward to exploring his feelings.

When she arrived, Narissa was radiant. She had on a long white dress, a thin black belt, white shoes and her hair was tied upwards with small white flowers in it.
He stood up to greet her. "Narissa, my love."
"Nassir, my prince. You know, that's what they are calling you now. Prince Nassir. They're calling you the prince of peace after getting Turkey and Iran to help bring peace to Kurdistan and Iraq."
"Let's not talk about that Narissa. We have not seen each other in so long; I just want to talk to you about you. You look beautiful. If I am the Prince, then you will be treated like a princess today."
"Nassir, you are so sweet. Does the world know that this great military man has such a soft side?"
"No, they don't. That part of me is just for my dear Narissa. What they don't know is that while I have conquered men, you have conquered me."
He hugged here and then kissed her on the cheek.
She began to cry.
"What's wrong my dear?" He asked her.
"I'm so happy right now. I never thought that I would ever be so happy. You are like a dream come true Nassir."
He grasped her hand. "You as well my love. Narissa, I have missed you so much. Let us skip dinner and go to my apartment. It has been so long and I love you. We can..."
"Nassir! You know I am a Christian and I can't do that! I take my beliefs serious. We talked about this before.
His guards looked at each other and signed heavily. They looked uncomfortable.
"Narissa, those are the old ways. I don't understand that."
"Nassir, you are a sweet man, the most wonderful man in the world, but there is a man that I love more than any other man. I love my God too much to do anything to hinder my salvation."
She reached over the table, grabbed both his hands and gave him a sad and persuasive look. "Please understand that for me Nassir."
"I know you love your Jesus Narissa. You have told me that it is like you are married to him. I know you love him, but could you ever love anyone else as much as you love him." He reached into his coat pocket.
"Nassir, you know I love you more than any man on this planet."
"Good Narissa, that is what I wanted to hear."
He fell to one knee."
She shouted so loud, people in the restaurant began staring at them.
He lifted the box, smiled, took the ring out and placed it on her left middle finger.
She was already crying and began wiping tears from her eyes.
"Narissa, I love you more than anything, more than life itself. I cannot spend any more days apart from you. Will you make me the happiest man in this world? Narissa, if you love me, then please do me the honor of being my wife."
She put her hands on her heart, stood up and stumbled backwards.
"Yes Nassir!! Yes...One thousand times Yes!"
He went to both knees, reached out and pulled her back in close to him. He put his head on her stomach and hugged her. She put her hands on his head, removed is red beret, rubbed his hair and then kissed him on the top of his head.
"You have made me so happy Narissa. I am the happiest man in the world. More than anything I have ever done, this has made me the happiest."
A tear began to roll down his left eye.
"Narissa, there is a Christian minister ready to...I have a church. My men are ready to.."
"Yes. Nassir. Let's do it. I'm ready. I have been ready for you all my life."
The restaurant erupted with clapping and shouts. They had been unaware of the other patrons staring at them before, but now they hugged each other and smiled as everyone there shared in their joy.

Nassir was overjoyed. He looked at Kassim, the head of his security and nodded. Kassim nodded back, touched transmitter button on his wrist and called the security detail outside. "It's a go. We are exiting now."
Narissa grabbed Nassir's hand and said, "Come on, I can't wait. Let's go."
"Narissa my love, we have to wait for my men to give us the all clear signal.."
"Nassir, everyone loves you, they love us. Come on. I have waited over seven months to become Mrs. Berezovsky. Remember what I told you when we first met?
"Yes I do my love." He said as he smiled at her.
"I told you, Lighten up. You take things to serious. The sooner I become your wife. The sooner we can..."
"Kassim" Nassir yelled, "We are coming out now."
"Sir, we have not yet cleared the street"
"Kassim!" He yelled.
"Yes sir. Get ready, they are coming out now."
Narissa grabbed his hand and pulled him to the restaurant door. The patrons in the restaurant were all smiling and laughing. It was a beautiful moment. When they got outside, Nassir's convoy of three Hummers were waiting along with the photographers and media. They heard the "Prince of Peace" was at the hotel and many came to get pictures of him. They also heard that there as a woman with him and everyone wanted to know who she was. The crowd was thick and Nassir and Narissa needed the help of Nassir's security help push through to his vehicle. With all the screaming, yelling and loud noises, they almost did not hear the man scream out.
"Allah Akbar! There will be no peace."
Kassim heard the man, drew his pistol and turned to the sidewalk on their right to fire. The man's hand was already on the detonator trigger.
"Sir!" Kassim yelled as he drew his pistol towards the man. "Protect the general. Get him out now", Kassim screamed as he fired at the man.
Two of Nassir's guards quickly grabbed and pushed him back through the hotel doors, onto the ground and then laid on top of him.
Nassir was screaming. "Narissa! Narissa! Let me go. Is Narissa Ok?"
The explosion was loud. It shattered the hotel windows and turned two of the Hummers over. Nassir pushed the guards off of him and ran outside to look for Narissa. He found her under several people, covered in blood barely breathing. "Narissa my love! Don't die! Narissa!" He was screaming at the top of his voice. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. "Na...Nassir."
"Yes...yes my love. I'm here for you."
"Na...Nassir." She could barely speak and was coughing up blood.
"Nassir. Please forgive them. You have to forgive them."
He was shocked and became furious. "Forgive them. Look what they did to you. Look what these animals did to my love! No. I...I cannot. I...they must..."
"Nassir...please...Pro...Promise me that."
"No Narissa! No...I will not!" He screamed.
He was screaming so loudly that he did not hear the paramedics arrive. "Sir, you have to get back and let us work with her."
He grabbed one of the paramedics. "You must save her. You cannot let her die."
"Sir, we will do our best."
"Your best is not good enough. This woman cannot die. Do you hear me?"
"Yes sir, we understand."
The two paramedics worked furiously on her. Nassir's guards came and grabbed him. One of them looked down at Nassir.
"Sir, we have to leave now. It's not safe here."
He looked the man straight in the eyes. We are not going anywhere until they save her."
"But, sir, they are trying to kill you."
"They cannot kill me. They cannot kill Nassir!" He stood up and screamed, "Do you hear me! Do you cowards hear me? You will never kill Nassir!"
The paramedics finally stabilized Narissa. "We have a pulse. She is breathing now, but barely. We have to take her now."
Just then, the army and police arrived with a special security detachment for Nassir. He directed them to escort the ambulance to the hospital.
"I am riding with her and you will escort us there." He told the sergeant that just arrived.
"But, sir, we have orders to."
"Do you know who I am? You will do as I say now!"
"Yes sir, as you order. To the hospital! Hurry, on Prince Nassir's orders."

They arrived at Al Saladin hospital within five minutes and the staff was ready to receive them. Narissa was whisked down the hallway to the operating room immediately. The doctors tried to check Nassir for injuries, but one stare from him and they knew to step aside. Although they were too afraid to check his injuries, they insisted that he could not go into the operating room with her. He and his security stayed in the waiting room. After two tense hours, the doctor came out to talk with Nassir. With bloodied hands, he pulled his mask down and said, "General, she is asking for you."
"How is she? Will she live?" Nassir asked
The doctor breathed heavily and looked at the floor, too afraid to speak.
"No. No. This is not happening!" Nassir screamed. "Not now. Not today!"
"Sir...I....understand...but...there is not much time. She is asking for you."
Nassir pushed the doctor aside and walked into the room. He grabbed Narissa's hand and caressed it. "Narissa. It's me. Nassir is here for you."
"Nassir. I'm glad you are here." She put her right hand on his cheek. "I'm glad you are safe. They...they say.." Tears began to stream down her eyes, causing Nassir to cry as well.
"My love, I will not let you...I will go and get better doctors. It will not happen this way. This..."
"Nassir, can you do something for me?"
"Yes, my love. Anything you ask."
"Can you pray with me right now? Please."
He was surprised, but willing to give her what she wanted considering the situation.
"Nassir, do you remember what we talked about before? About you becoming a Christian?"
"Narissa, please, not now. This isn't the time"
"Yes, Nassir, it's the perfect time. Please. Take my hand and pray with me. Promise me that you will get to know Christ. That you will go to church"
Tears streamed down his face. "OK. I will pray with you to your God. I will ask him to save you. If he saves you Narissa, I will serve him. I will give him anything he wants from me if he saves you."
"Please don't say that Nassir." It was getting harder for her to breathe now.
"Please just promise me that you will get to know my savior."
"If he is your savior and saves you. I will. Nassir will serve Jesus Christ."
"Nassir, I want to see you again in heaven. I...I want you to be there with me."
"Please Narissa, don't say that! You cannot leave me. You cannot leave Nassir!"
"Shhh. Calm down my love. She put her had on his cheek again. Remember what I always tell you."
"Yes my love. I do."
She smiled. "Lighten up."
Her hand began to slide down his face and into his hands. He looked up as the machines began to beep. The doctors and nurses came running. They worked on her for over ten minutes until they stopped.
"No. This can't be. No!" he screamed loudly.
"5:23 PM. Time of death." The doctor said mumbled.
"We are sorry sir. Her injuries...they were just too severe.
Nassir simply stared and the man for a few seconds, then slowly backed up and walked away.
"They will pay for this. All of them. They will pay!"

In the waiting room Nassir was inconsolable. There were many people coming to the hospital now due to the bombing and even though they knew it was dangerous for him to be there, his men dared not speak to him. Another hour passed and then his father arrived.
"Father, what are you doing here?"
"My son, are you OK? I heard they tried to kill you."
"Yes, father, they...they killed Narissa, not me."
"They are animals, these people. Their religion makes them mad. You promised them peace and look what they do."
"I know father, they will pay for this."
"Nassir, I...I have someone that I would like for you to meet. He is a friend of mine"
"Father...not now. I cannot.."
"No, no, it's not like that Nassir. It's not like before. This is not business...it's more personal."
"Right now father? This is not the time."
"Nassir, it is the perfect time. This man will help you through this. Please, trust you father. Have I not always done what is best for you?"
"Yes father."
"Good. Then meet this man my son. He has helped me and he will help you."
"Please walk with me Nassir."

They went down the hallway to the elevators. A special guard from hospital security met them at the elevator and took them up to the hospital roof where a man was waiting for them. Nassir looked at his father and asked, "Who is this man. What does he want with me?"
"Nassir, I told you, he is a friend and he has helped me. He will help you as well. Talk to him. You will see."
The man was tall and handsome with Arian features; blond hair and blue eyes. He was well dressed in an expensive dark, pen striped suit and stood smiling. He opened his arms.
"Nassir, welcome, I have waited so long to meet you."
Nassir did not understand why, but he felt something warm when the man hugged him and gave him the traditional Arab kiss on both cheeks.
"Have we have met before?" Nassir said. "You...look familiar.
"I knew you when you were a child Nassir. Also, I am good friends with your father."
Nassir turned around to look for his father, but he was gone.
"Its just you and I right now Nassir. I am sorry to disturb you under these circumstances, but we have some things to discuss."
"Things to discuss? Do you know what has happened to me today? There are people who must pay for what just happened."
"Yes Nassir, there will be plenty of time for that. In fact, that is part of what I want to discuss with you. I can help you with that."
"What do you mean? I don't need your help."
"Oh, but you do Nassir. You see, there are limits to what you can do, where you can go. How would you like it if I removed those limits?
"Who are you and what do you want?
"I want what you want Nassir...power. Power to destroy people like those who killed your beloved Narissa. Power to stop these god crazed fanatics...power to change this world.
"And how will you do that?"
"With you Nassir. From the time that you were born, you have been prepared to be a great leader of men. Your intelligence, your education, you positions, all given to you so that you would be ready to lead this world one day."
"This world."
"Yes Nassir. I said this world."
"This world needs a man like you. Someone who is fearless and able to solve problems. They need a man of action. You have felt it all of your life haven't you? That feeling that you were meant for something great. Have you not always felt that you were somehow better than those around you? Well, guess what, you are. The man stepped closer, grabbed Nassir's hands and stared into his eyes.
"These hands will reshape the world."
Nassir stepped back. "How can I trust you? I do not even know who you are. How do I know you can do what you say? You have helped my father make billions of dollars. Ok. That is one thing. But you are talking about changing the world."
"Yes Nassir. I know you are a man who believes what he sees. I understand that. Let me show you something. What we are going to discuss now is not for anyone but you and I to hear."
The man turned his head and looked at each of Nassir's five guards. As he looked at them, they all closed their eyes and slowly slumped to the ground.
"My men, what did you do to them?"
"They are fine Nassir. They are just sleeping."
"How did you do that?"
"Do you really want to know?" he said smiling. "Come now Nassir, you know who I am. You know what I am. I guide men, I protect them. I make them better so that this world can be better. I have done this for many years now."
"Who have you done this for?"
"All those who have let me."
"Names, give me names."
"Alexander, I made him great. Napoleon, Caesar, Ghengis Khan, Attila. Anyone that is great, I have made him great."
"These men are long dead. If that is so, then you must be..."
"Very old. I do not die Nassir, I exist. I exist for you." He put his hand on Nassir's shoulders.
"I exist to make you great. Let me be your father and guide you. I have given men countries, nations, power and dominion. For you Nassir, I will give you the world and all that is in it. And when we have taken all that is in this world, we will take another!
Nassir was stunned, but intrigued. He wanted greatness. He needed something to fill the void that was now in his heart from losing Narissa. This is what he wanted.
"Some in this world would call you...the Prince of Darkness, the Devil, Satan...a jinn. Is that who you really are?"
"Names. That is all they are. Some call me Lucifer, Son of the Morning. The truth is, I am a god. It is not what they call me so much as it is what I do. They fear what they do not know. Do you wish to know me Nassir? Do you want me to make you a god?
"I need to know that I can trust you. Narissa told me that her Christ was god. Now you say that you are a god. Why should I serve you and not her god?"
"That is easy Nassir. Her god let her die. Her god allows suffering and misery in this world. He does not have what I have and cannot do what I can do. You know his story. They killed him and he is dead. I am here before you now. Do you know that I offered him the whole world as I am offering it to you now? I offered him the power to stop evil men. I wanted him to change this world...for the better. He refused me. He believed that he did not need my help and look and what he has accomplished...nothing. His followers are weak hypocrites. They change nothing in this world. I can give you the power to change this world.
Nassir smiled. "How?"
"I was hoping you would ask that." the man replied. "Let me show you."
There was a bright flash of light that nearly blinded Nassir. As he opened his eyes and slowly regained his sight, he looked down and saw the city far below under his feet. As he looked above, he saw clouds and sky. He frantically stretched his arms out, to trying grab anything, but there was nothing to grab. Somehow, he was miles up above in the sky.
"Nassir!" the man yelled to get his attention.
"How did we get here? What has happened?" Nassir nervously asked.
"You wanted to see what I could do for you and now you will. Look...there below."
Below him, Nassir saw Ankara, then Istanbul...all the major cities of Turkey. He saw the army, the air force and the navy.
"It will be yours Nassir, they will serve you." the man said.
Suddenly, it vanished and he saw the great cities of India; New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and others. He saw their army, navy, and air force as well. He saw their people, the richest and wealthiest among them. He saw them in factories, in buildings, in businesses working hard.
"It will be yours Nassir, they will serve you." the man said again.
Suddenly, it all vanished and then he saw the great cities, wealth, riches and militaries of Russia, China, the European Union, the South African Alliance, all the major world powers flashed before him.
Each time he saw the great powers, the man would say, "It will be yours Nassir, and they will serve you."

Nassir could barely believe what he was seeing, but he knew he wanted it. When it was over, he was still there, in the sky floating. He turned to the man and looked at him. The man smiled.
"I want it. I want it all." Nassir yelled.
"What do you want Nassir. Tell me."
"The power, the glory, the honor, the riches. I want it all!" he shouted
The man laughed loudly.
"What must I do? What do you want from me? What must Nassir do for you?"
In an instant, the man moved from ten feet away to within inches of Nassir's face.
"You want this, you want all of this?"
"Yes! I want it all!" Nassir screamed.
The man laughed loudly again.
"Nassir became desperate. Please...please tell me what do you want?"
"You Nassir! I want you." the man screamed as his voice changed to something dark and vile.
Nassir did not care how his voice sounded. He only cared for what this man could give him.
"Yes. Anything that you ask of me, I will do it for you."
The man laughed louder than before.
"This I ask of you Nassir. This one thing I ask of you then. Bow down and serve me and you will have all that you have seen. It is mine and I can give it to you."
"Yes!" Nassir shouted. "Yes. I will serve you." Nassir fell to his knees repeating the words.
The man looked down at him. "You will do what?"
"I will serve you."
"You will do what Nassir?" the man said louder.
"I will serve you, my master."
"Yes....that is it. You will serve me. Rise Nassir." The man put his hands on Nassir's shoulders.
"They will call you a prince. They will call you a king, but you will be greater. There has never been anything like what you will become and there will never be anyone like you. The world will be yours...it will be ours. I will be their god and you will be their master and you shall be avenged of all your enemies. No one will be able to stand before you. No man, no god. I give you this power. This is what I give Nassir for giving himself to me."
Nassir smiled, held his arms up high and breathed deeply, basking in the moment.
"Go Nassir. Go into this world and take all that now belongs to you."
"Yes my master. I will not fail you."
In a flash, they were back on the roof of the hospital and Nassir's guards began to wake up. "What happened? Sir, are you OK." one of the guards asked.
"Yes, I'm fine." Nassir answered. "It is time for us to go.
"Sir, what about that man? Where is he?"
"Do not concern yourself with him. He was not here for you, he was here for me. We leave now."
As Nassir reached the ground floor and was leaving the hospital, one of the doctors came and asked him what he wanted done with Narissa's body.
"She is with her god now; let him take care of her."

"The master is back!" a large ogre over fifteen feet tall with green and yellowish skin screamed up to a very high wall.
"Quickly, open the gate. The master is back!"
"Hello Shakir. How are things?" Lucifer asked.
"Good now that our Lord has returned to us safely."
"Now why would I not return safely?"
"No reason master. There is no one greater than Lucifer in all the worlds. There is no one that could ever harm you.
"Quite right. Quite right. You take care."
"Yes my Lord."
Lucifer was met at the gate by another large demon with brown and black scaled skin.
"Welcome master, He is here, just as you asked."
"Take me too him."
As he entered the throne chamber, he was met by his second in command, Tar-shalá who came running and them bowed."
"Where is he?"
"Jeqon, come out. The master wishes to see you now." Tar-shalá yelled.
A large demon with pinkish reddish skin and a face that resembled a pig came out to from a side door.
Lucifer walked up the stairs to his throne.
"Jeqon, I have a special assignment for you."
"What is your bidding Lucifer?" Jeqon asked..
That instant, Lucifer became angry and rose up quickly, and began staring at Jeqon. The demon grabbed his throat, began gasping and then fell to his knees. Lucifer stretched out his right hand and clenched his fingers into a fist as he began walking down the steps of his throne towards Jeqon. The other demons in the room stepped back and began looking at one another. Several of the smaller ones ran away.
"Did you forget who I am?" Lucifer asked him.
"Did you forget how to address your master? Who you think it is that you are standing before?"
"I'm sorry...I'm sorry, please forgive me my master."
"What did you say filth?"
"Please forgive me...my lord and master." Jeqon screamed.
"That is more like it", Lucifer said as he smiled and released his fingers and put his arms behind his back.
Several of the larger higher ranking demons began laughing.
"We have business to discuss you and I."
"We have our man now and our plan is coming together. Now it is time for us to make our move. We don't have much time left."
"Sir, with all due respect and admiration for you, if God starts His plan, it will happen the way he wants it to. How will we.."
Jeqon was knocked clear across the room and into a rocky stone wall after Satan hit him with a strong backhand fist.
"You don't ever mention that name in here. Understand? I am god here, not him"
Because of the severity of the blow, Jeqon could not speak to say yes, so he bowed his head down to show his approval.
"Good. Now we have an understanding. This is what we will do. You will go to our man, to Nassir and possess those around him. I want not room for error. Take some of my angels and lead Nassir and those closest to him deeper into sin, depravity and wickedness. Make Nassir forget that he has ever loved anything or anyone. As I recall, you were good at that once. Make him love me and what I can give him. When the time is right I will posses him. He is already mine but I will take control of all of him and I will stop the plan from happening. I will use Nassir to destroy his people so that it cannot happen. He is weak now; his love for the men of this world has never been lower. It will be just like in your time. We will get men to become so wicked that he will hate them and destroy this world again in his anger. But, this time, there will be no preacher to save them, no boat, nothing but us. Do you understand?"
Jeqon nodded his approval.
Lucifer looked around and asked all of those around him, "Do you all understand?"
"Yes my master" they all replied in unison
"Good." Lucifer said as he let out a loud laugh.
"Then what are we waiting for? Go get started. We have a world to destroy!"
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