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TITLE: The Movies
By Christian Stafford

To young Christians - teenagers and upwards re decision making about what it mean to " be in the world but not of it."
The Movies


1: Christina Ė control freak.
2: Josephine Ė needs to be right
3: Julia - a romantic Ė dreamy, blonde.
4: Morgan - addicted to movies etc. Very smart.

1: Letís go and see a movie.
4: Yeah. I feel like some visual stimulation.
3: I want to see something romantic
2: I donít want to see anything suspect.
1: Like a detective movie, we couldnít see one of those, that would be really suspect I guess.
3: Or a relationship movie because there might be a break up and on of them might suspect thereís a secret lover.
4: And I suspect you two are extracting the Michael.
1: What?
4: taking the Mickey.
1: taking the mickey out of 3? Sheís got no Mickey left to extract.
2: Are you saying thereís someone inside me called Michael?
3: Oh how romantic! Michael Keaton. You could talk to him anytime. All the time. All nightÖ
4: This is getting unhealthy. Your imaginationís getting you frothy at the mouth 3. Stop mixing your metaphors or youíll get in trouble.
3: In trouble? Pregnant? To Michael! Oh how wonderful!
1: Stop this right now. Take your pills please 3.
2: Sheís the absolute limit. Iíve never been with anymore so conversationally unsafe.
4: Sheís wide open. Very broad minded.
1: Yeah thatís why her brains fall out if you corner too fast!
3: Thatís an insult! My head is screwed on very tight.
4: But to what? Your cell phone?
2: Donít criticise her anymore. Itís not right. 3, we all apologise. We behaved in a wrong way.
4: I donít, sheís being a dork.
1: I unreservedly apologise as long as she stays on track for twenty minutes.
3: Iím always on track.
4: Thatís the trouble, youíve got a one track mind. Girlís magazines and Mills and Boon. O.K. O.K. Iím sorry.
2: We should all speak nicely to one another. And we should go and see a wholesome movie.
1: Yeah like the Sound of Music. Good one.
4: No way! Letís see the new Star wars Movie.
2: The power be with you! I mean what is that all about? Itís very New Age. Thatís spiritually very suspect.
4: Whererís the suspect. I thought we werenít going to talk about detective movies.
1: No one else has a sense of humour here 4. Itís waste of breath.
2: You guys think youíre so smart.
1: Look greater is the spirit within us than the spirit of the world. What have we got to fear from some kooky New Age ideas?
2: Theyíre evil. They take you over.
3: Then what are we going to see?
1: Well detective movies are out, we canít see a romantic movie unless 3 is blindfolded and put in a sack, 2 wonít watch anything nothing unwholesome, I dunno whatís left.
3: Thereís only one film left. Star wars episode number whatever.
1: yeah.
4: O.K.
2: Iím not going to see something that wonít edify me.
1: Come on. Itís O.K. My father thinks itís fine and heís a pastor.
4: yeah my mother does too and she makes Pasta.
2: Oh everythingís just a big joke. Itís no good. I wonít come.
1: Well what can you see that wonít taint your pure mind? Mary Poppins?
4: Pleasantville?
1: The teletubbies?
2: I canít see what I want to see. Why should you all get a choice?
1: You know very well why youíre restricted. Your parents have told us to stop you seeing that stuff. We are under strict orders. You are a romance addict and you have been told not to see anything that will start you off.
2: Youíre probably all as bad as me in other ways. We should all have to see something we all hate. At least itís fair.
1; You know thatís a very good idea. I mean letís think of the most bland wholesome movie that we would least like to see and go and see it and really enjoy hating it.
4: I agree. Letís entertain ourselves by seeing something extremely un-entertaining. We could gnash our teeth and vomit everywhere.
2: Thatís disgusting.
4: I agree.
1: Letís just accept thatís everythingís bad for us except things that are boring. Then we can all live safe boring lives and do nothing that we enjoy in case we get excited and start to breathe.
2; Youíre purposely misunderstanding what Iím saying. Iím just worried that something might corrupt me.
4: Hey donít live in fear. We do not live by the spirit of fear by the spirit of love and something Ö and a sound mind.
1: Yeah for it is for freedom that we have been set free.
3: Wow is that in the Bible?
1: Of course.
2: Then I should be able to see romantic movies.
4: All things are permissible but not all things are good for you. Thatís a paraphrase.
3: You guys really know the Bible. Maybe it is O.K.
1: Look itís your conscience. But it would be nicer to go together. And see something we all donít mind seeing.
4: Iíll stuff peanuts in your ears if I hear anything naughty.
2: Oh thanks. O.K. Hey letís go. I donít have to feel so afraid anymore.
1: hey look there is one really dangerous thing about scene three. The animals all wear braces. Thatís really dangerous, itís giving them human characteristics..makes you think theyíre human beings, my little brother went around talking to dogs and cats for weeks after, we had to put him on Ritalin.
2: really! Thatís creepy, like a conspiracy.
4: Yeah the animals are taking over, at night they crawl onto the roof of my house and call down the chimney to us, telling us theyíre going to take over the house and put us all in the kennel and feel us dog biscuits.
2: Thatís a real worry.
4: yeah itís called animalism, itís really New AgeÖ.(Curtain)
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