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TITLE: An Interview with an Alcoholic
By Meredith Siskron

I would love to know how to make this skit better so I can put it in a little sit book that I am thinking about putting together. Every little hints would be helpful. Thanks for reading my skit.
Amy:(Walks in with the reporter reading her bio)

Reporter: (Starts to stand up to shake Amyís hand) Thanks for meeting me on such hort notice. My boss just told me that I have to do an article on alcoholics and why they start to drink.

Amy: (Some what smiling) NO problem. I always wanted to have my name in the paper. By the way, when will this article come out?

Reporter: (Looks on her calendar) It should be out no later then Monday. Are you ready to start? (Gets out her tape recorder and notepad and pencil)

Amy: (Looks somewhat confident) Yes.

Reporter: O.k. First of all, I would like you to state your name and where youíre from. (Turns on the tape recorder)

Amy: (Leans forward to make sure the tape recorder is picking up her voice) Well, my name is Amy Wright and Iím from Kinder, Louisiana.

Reporter: Now when did you first notice that you had a drinking problem?

Amy: (Sighs) Well, it was when all my Crhistian friends started to refuse to hang out with me in high school.

Reporter: Amy, when did you start to drink alcohol?

Amy: (Looks down) I canít remember when.

Reporter: (Looks determined) May be its because you donít want to tell me. Right?

Amy: (Looks at the reporter mad and starts to cry) Why are you asking me to bring up something so horrible. It took me years to forget what I did. (Gets up and walks to the door) I guess Iím not ready to tell my story after all. (Opens the door and walks out)

Reporter: (Opens the door) Amy, wait. (Walks to Amy) Iím sorry, but you told me that you were ready for this. Didnít you tell me yesterday over the phone that you hoped that what you tell me today would help other people like you?

Amy: (Mad and confused) Yes! But I thought it would be easy to tell you (Opens the door) I was wrong! I gotta to go! (Walks out)

Reporter: (Sighs) I pray that God will give me the strength to help Amy. I know in my heart that she wants to tell me but someone or something is making her hold back. (Walks to her office and gets out Amyís bio) Maybe if I talk to her family and friends they will tell me some more about her. (Fade to black)

Fade in with the reporter sitting at his/her desk

Reporter: (the phone rings) Hello.

Becky: (Sounds mad) Is this the reporter that tried to interview my best friend!

Reporter: (Looks confused) Yes it is. Might I ask who this is please?

Becky: Becky, my name is Becky. Because of you Amy tried to kill herself yesterday.

Reporter: (Looks surprised) She did!?

Becky: Yes!

Reporter: Where is she now?

Becky: (Sounds confused) Why do you care! All you care about is getting your name in the paper so that you can make some money.

Reporter: (Looks sad) Taht is not true. I care a lot about her. (Sighs) Everybody gets the wrong idea about reporters; they think that all we do is go around making everybodyís life miserable. Iím not like that. I want my readers to learn that if someone has changed their life for the better then they can too. (Pleads with Beycky) Becky, where is Amy?

Becky: (Sighs) If you promise not to hurt her again I will tell you.

Reporter: I promise.

Becky: She is at her house, but I donít thik her parents will let you see her.

Reporter: They wil if you talk to them for me.

Becky: I donít know if I should.

Reporter: I just want to explain to Amy that Iím sorry if I pushed her to soon. Becky, it took a lot of courage for Amy to tell me what she did.

Becky: Alright. It might take me a while so please be patient with me.

Reporter: I donít care how long it takes but please help me out. Becky thanks for calling me. (Fade to black)

End of Act 1

Fade in on Mrs. Wright sitting at her desk on the phone

Mrs. Wright: (Looks mad) Becky, I donít care what he/she told you. She/He made my daughter try to kill herself again. So you just call him/her up and tell him/her to forget it. Amy as nothing more to say to him. (Slams the phone down)

Amy: (Walks in) Mom, I do want to talk to him/her. I was wrong to walk out of that interview. I feel that God wants me to tell my story so that other people can learn from my mistakes.

Mrs. Wright: Amy, you just tried to commit suicide. I donít think you are ready yet.

Amy: When will I be ready, Mom? Every time I start to tell my story to someone I start to remember how you told me that it is better to keep some thinks to yourself. Well, I think that Iím ready to tell my story. I donít care what you say anymore! (Fade to black)

Fade in on the outside of the reporterís door

Amy: (Knocks on the reporterís door)

Reporter: (Talking on the phone) Who is it?

Amy: (Opens the door) Itís me, Amy.

Reporter: (Hangs up the phone) Come in. ( Stands up to shake Amyís hand) Iím glad that you came back. I just wanted to tell you that I do understand now why you
walked out on me. It took a lot of courage to tell me what you told me. So if you donít want to continue I will understand.

Amy: That is just it. I do want to continue. I prayed about it and God told me to go ahead and tell my story to you. I think what I have to tell you will help other people learn from my mistakes.

Reporter: I think so too. (Gets the tape recorder out and notepad and pencil) Whenever you are ready just talk.

Amy: My name is Amy Wright and I am an alcoholic. I started to drink six years ago and within those years I tried to commit suicide many times. I drank because my friends pressured me into drinking, even though I knew it was wrong. When my friends didnít want to hang out with me it drove me into the deep end were I wanted to kill myself. I though that if I killed myself all the pain would go away, but I was wrong. I regret now giving into them like I did. I know now that they were not really my friends. (Looks at the crowd) I want the readers to learn that if it wasnít for God telling me what I was doing was wrong and the only person I was hurting was myself, I might not be here telling you all this. If God can help me conquer my alcoholic years and my suicide attempts, then He can help people conquer whatever demons are in their lives. My advice to your readers is to pray to God and tell Him that you want those demons out of their lives. God is the Almighty and no matter what you have done, He will help you through you troubles if you ask Him to.
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