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TITLE: Carly's Life
By Meredith Siskron

I would love to know how to make this skit better so I can p8ut it in a little skit book that I am thinking about putting together. Every little hint would be helpful. Thanks for reading my skit.
Carlyís life

Carly: (Looking at the pills and crying) My life is over. (Cries harder) My life is over. I have never done anything right in my life ever. All I do is get myself in to more trouble. (Cries and holds a pill in her hand) I should go ahead and end my life now, before I end up killing my parents with to much stress. (Cries and God and an Angel appears in the distance watching)

God: (Starts to cry)

Angel: Whatís wrong boss?

God: (Cries) One of my children is thinking about killing herself.

Angel: Why? What did she do that was so bad?

God: She got into a car wreck.

Angel: Doesnít she know that the devil is doing this to her?

God: (trying to stop crying) I guess not. All this time I thought she loved....

Angel: Boss look! (Carly is bringing a pill to her mouth but the Angel waves his hand to make her put the pill down)

God: (Cries harder and fells sick) I need you to go and talk to her and tell her if she kills herself then she will kill me too.

Angel: Anything for you boss (Flies over to where Carly is) Carly (Is invisible to Carly at first)

Carly: Whoís there? (Tries to find where the unseen voice is coming from)

Angel: Its me your Guardian Angel.

Carly: (Still crying and holding a pill in her hand) I donít have a Guardian Angel.

Angel: Yes you do.

Carly: No I donít! If I did then where were you when I needed you.

Angel: (Waves his hand which knocks the pill from her hand) I am always with you. (comes visible)

Carly: (Finally sees him) Then why did I wreck my car? Tell me that Guardian Angel!

Angel: Only you know why you wreck your car. (Devil appears watching in the distance smiling)

Carly: I do huh?

Angel: Yes and if you kill yourself then you will never know how your life will turn out.

Carly: I already know how my life turns out? (Puts a pill in her mouth and starts to drink)

Angel: (Waves his hand again and knocks the pill out of her mouth) No you donít! Only God knows that and if you kill yourself then you will also kill God too.

Carly: I thought God never dies! (tries to drink more)

Angel: (Waves his hands again and knocks the drink out of her hand) What people canít see is that every time we drink, take drugs, smoke or even talk about killing ourselves it hurts Him. What else is when we do end up killing ourselves by whatever means, then God gets wreaker. (Angel shows Carly how wreak God looks)

Carly: So God can end up dieing? (Devil appears again looking worried)

Angel: Yes. Remember what you learn in Church about how Jesus died so that we could get into heaven?

Carly: Yes. What about it? (Devil waves his hand to get Carly to pick up a pill)

Angel: God loves us so....(Looks over and sees the Devil and the Angel waves his hand to get Carly to drop the pill)

Devil and the Angel wave their hands back and forth and on the fifth drop Carly realizes what the Angel has been saying. There can be music here doing all this.

Carly: Stop!!! (The Devil and Angel both stop and looks at her and Carly looks at the Devil) Devil you have ruined my life one to many times an it is time for you to leave for good. All this time I have listened to you because you told me that I am better off without God. (Angel starts to smile and God reappears in the distance and starts to look stronger) Well, you are wrong!! I am no longer going to listen to you. (Turns to the Angel) How do I get God to forgive me?

Angel: All you have to do is pray to Him and He will always forgive you. (As Carly reaches out for the Angelís hand the Devil gets wreaker while God gets stronger and they start to pray together)

God holds his hand out to HIs side and bends His head down while the Devil falls down died. Fade to black.
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